How to lose weight quickly through diet kefir and apples

Today nutritionists recommend a number of health systems of power. Which one should stop, you decide. Often the benefits due to the duration of restrictive measures and the number of extra pounds. So, daily consumption of apples and yogurt promotes weight loss a couple of pounds.

The benefits and harms of yogurt and apples for the figure

Girl sitting on the Apple diet

It is known that kefir-Apple diet is a great benefit for human health. Fruit component saturates the body with essential vitamins, macro — and microelements. Coarse fiber of Apple helps fight hunger during weight loss programs, cleanses the GASTROINTESTINAL tract from excess fluid, harmful deposits. Be aware that high acidity of the fruit may cause irritation of the gastric mucosa.

This influence of Apple on a digestive organs are recommended to compensate for the consumption of yogurt. The fermented milk product has a shielding, choleretic, anti-inflammatory effect, helps replenish iron deficiency, calcium in the body. In addition, kefir normalizes lipid decomposition, contributes to a better absorption of nutrients, is a good probiotic.

The basic rules of kefir-Apple diet for weight loss

Yogurt and apples for weight loss

Any restrictive measure that is used for weight reduction, has clear rules and algorithms of the implementation. Successful completion of the program of weight loss completely depends on their exact implementation. Effective option Apple-kefir power system is a strict diet 3-3-3. This hard mode is to eat a healthy milk beverage with other low-calorie products. The basic rules Apple-kefir system include the following provisions:

  1. You must use only fresh fruits with a hard rind.
  2. It is recommended to purchase a dairy product with a small shelf life.
  3. Yogurt does not contain artificial additives or preservatives.
  4. Uncontrollably one should not eat Apple seeds, they contain cyanide compounds.

An effective method of fat burning nutrition is an energy-intensive cocktails energy diet, which can be successfully combined with kefir-Apple diet. Products from the company NL International are not sources of «empty» calories. Yogurt with fruit and functional food line energy diet allow you to quickly lose weight without grueling workouts.

Menu options and recipes for losing weight

Duration of slimming program may be 3, 7, 9 days. Should not too carried away by the diet and continue to keep it more than 9 days in good health. With such a rigorous diet, the body loses essential nutrients that can adversely affect health. Contraindications for weight loss using Apple-kefir diet the following:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • allergic reactions;
  • trouble digesting casein.

A Cup of yogurt

3 days

This short-term program is well suited to familiarize with the rules of the system. Diet 3-day diet monotonous. Menu every day for the entire time weight loss involves drinking 1.5 liters of yogurt and 1.5 kg of apples. In addition, nothing more can not use. Diet for 3 days has been used successfully handling scheme. With such restrictive measures, it is possible to lose 2-6 kg.

7 days

Weekly starvation will help to lose about 7-8 kg This variant of the diet involves the consumption of apples and yogurt in the algorithm: a three-day kefir three days apples. One day is given to add variety to the diet. Perfectly will do the job easy vegetable soup that you are permitted to eat once a day. For its preparation should be finely chop your favourite vegetables, pour kefir.

For 9 days

This version is an Apple-kefir diet will help to lose 9 kg in 9 days. In this case, dieters are urged to enter into the diet protein foods to not lose muscle mass. It’s necessary to eat according to the prescribed scheme, but for Breakfast or lunch you need to eat, for example, 250-300 g of cheese. To use a new product as a separate meal.

Girl diet

How to get out of the diet

In order to reset the weight didn’t come back in twice the size, it is necessary to organize proper diet. Is strictly prohibited from to absorb high-calorie foods and to consume a large amount of «empty» carbs. It is recommended to drink about 2 litres of clean water a day, avoid fast food and late dinners, soft drinks.

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Reviews and results thinner

Olga, 28 years: I Decided to lose weight at home with Apple-kefir diet. Chose her 9-day option. I must say that hunger did not feel. A bit heavy was at the end of the program: starting to feel tired and wanted to finally eat normally. To withstand the tipping point helped vegetable soup. A week of fasting to lose 10 kg

Elena, 35 years: I Saw a photo of a friend after kefir-fruit diet and was honestly surprised by her results. Without thinking twice, bought everything needed for a 3 day program and began to lose weight. The first 2 days was very hard: there was a strong desire to eat well. The last day was spent in anticipation of the long-awaited end of the diet. In 3 days I lost 2 kg of excess weight.

Elena, 20 years old: Tested the 9-day diet. For the entire period of the program lost 9 kg were Fed according to a 3-3-3 formation. Kefir days were the most difficult. Apple absolutely didn’t feel hungry. At the end of the diet introduced a diet of cheese, eating it instead of Breakfast, lunch. At the end of this «test» very tired from apples and dairy products.