Jumping rope for weight loss: rules, details of the training table, video

Usually jumping rope for weight loss not help everyone. As well, they also burn up to 900 kcal per hour? Have you seen at least one person who can really with normal amplitude and appliances to jump the same time, and not to be a professional boxer? That’s what it is, often we choose to overwhelm, believing that only they can help. But with the jumping, as with any cardio, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules.


Who can and can’t jump for weight loss?

Jumping rope for weight loss contraindicated in obesity. If a BMI is greater than 30, sports medicine strongly recommends to limit cross-trainer, walking the walk in comfortable shoes or swimming. When jumping the load on the joints and ligaments, and it looks as if we squat with 2-3 of their body weights on their shoulders. Generally if the excess weight is caused by prolonged physical inactivity and overeating, the jump is not worth it. Work out other types of aerobic exercise for 2-3 weeks, strengthen joints and ligaments, and you will be able to take up the rope.

A clear «no» to jumping rope for weight loss in the following diseases:

  • degeneration and retinal detachment;
  • injuries to the ligaments, joints, tendons, the rehabilitation period after bone fractures;
  • pregnancy in the first trimester. In the future, consult your doctor. In the United States and Canada sometimes allow such loads pregnant, in Russia the General recommendation is not;
  • high and low blood pressure, problems with heart and blood vessels. Hypotensive as a General rule you can jump, if they are in good physical shape and condition is not progressing with the application of high loads;
  • all types of viral diseases classified in life as «cold». Even if there is no temperature, you can easily «overload» the heart and get more harm than benefit from exercise.

Jump rules for weight loss

Jumping rope for weight loss results most effective if you carry them according to certain rules. Be sure to warm up, starting with a joint warm-up:

  1. run 9-10 spins in the one and in the other direction in all the joints, moving from the feet to the shoulders;
  2. complete 20 deep squats, push-UPS with a full range, and just stand in the bar to include the work of muscle — stabilizers. From this in the future depends on the health of the spine and joints, so do not save time;
  3. then within 5 minutes jump «from foot to foot» or in the technique of a low jump, gradually increasing the tempo so that the pulse reached the operating values;
  4. track your heart rate. For an age range 20-30 years «stop»-area of 185 beats per minute, range from 30 to 40 — 175 beats per minute, and then every 10 years — minus 10 beats per minute. You can also use more advanced calculators, for example, by the formula Karvonen, it is easy to find on the Internet and considers himself. Recommendations information guidelines for coaches from ATSSM. Take the readings you need with the help of the heart monitor, so you don’t have to stop during a workout;
  5. the training duration should not exceed 30 minutes for beginners and mid-level athletes, and 45-60 minutes for the more experienced;
  6. if you don’t know what to do, you can find any lesson of skipping video and jump together with the instructor;
  7. the length of the rope should be large enough, if you step on it, the handle should be freely displayed on a level 10 cm above the shoulders, or even at eye level, if you practice wide spacing of hands during a jump;
  8. shoes the sport, preferably track and field (jumpers and runners hurdles), or cross-country, but not sneakers, Slippers, socks for yoga. To jump barefoot, according to the legend, helps build muscle, but that’s not true. For Amateur athletes is a provocation overloading the small muscles of the foot and a significant risk of injury;
  9. to turn into films, wear corsets and other gadgets to lose weight, you should not. Overheating can cause loss of consciousness, dehydration and irregular heartbeat. «Corset waist trainers» do not give breathing and cause hypoxia, with very severe consequences for vessels (water hammer, rupture of capillaries, hemorrhage);
  10. sportbra required. Take the one that for runners — hard, with fitted cups and a tight rubber band. Good options for fitness Express for less intense workouts. If you jump you have to swing the chest muscles to prevent mechanical trauma of the chest. At least 3-4 approach push-UPS in the training plan must be present;
  11. after a workout is necessary to stretch the calf muscles (stand straight, hands on the wall palms to skew to parallel spins with the floor, and drop your heels on the floor).

How to jump to lose weight if you do not have 30 minutes to perform the exercise?

Few people can jump half an hour, slimming doesn’t need to. So how much exercise jumping rope for weight loss is necessary and over what time? Use a simple interval Protocol:

  • Complete 5 minutes of jumping from foot to foot on the warm-up;
  • Hereinafter, alternate 1 minute of jumping with 10 push-UPS, repeat 3 times;
  • 1 minute of jumps in available technology, and 10 deep squats with no weights at a slow pace, repeated 3 times cycle;
  • 1 minute of jumps and 10 repetitions of the exercise «Bicycle» crunches (lie on your back, and in turn driven opposite shoulder and knee to the center of the body);
  • 1 minute of jumps and 10 repetitions of exercises Superman (lie on stomach, bring your hands forward and smoothly separates from the floor at the same time the hands and feet)
  • Now jump 5 minutes «feet up» and rejoice in the fact that not simply practiced the heart, but also strengthened the muscles throughout the body. Don’t forget about stretching!

You can also alternate between 3 minutes of work on your home mini-stepper or stationary bike with 1 minute of jumping, gradually moving to the minutes of 1 to 1, i.e. 1 minute of each exercise. Such jumping rope for leg slimming is a great option.

Try not to hold 2 training with a jump rope in a row, alternate different types of cardio to avoid injury to joints, ligaments and spine. If you are practicing heavy squats and wall thrust, jump rope on other days so as not to cause fatigue of the CNS.

For those of you who want to lose as much excess weight with jumping rope for weight loss a special table (the program), which can be used in a relatively short time to become slimmer:

Jumping rope for weight loss: video

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