Jump rope for weight loss

In childhood, almost all of the girls loved to jump on this sporting equipment, there was a special game simulator. Now many women are interested in skipping rope helps lose weight. To achieve excellent and rapid results only need to properly perform jumps and to pick up a shell.

Benefits of jumping rope for the figure

Favorite childhood simple apparatus used by men and women to maintain the figure in good shape. Many people wonder, can I lose weight by jumping rope. Experts say that there is such a possibility. Skipping for weight loss useful for those that affects areas where there is most problems. These places include buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Jump rope helps to reduce the volume in these areas. While it is possible to jump long – about a quarter of an hour every day. Your legs will become slender, while the buttocks will get toned.

Jump rope for weight loss may not be a panacea. To achieve good results will have to combine it with other sports exercises. To fat burning was more intense, reduce the consumption of carbohydrate foods, because when doing first these substances are consumed. Skipping to warm up muscles before exercise and between exercises.

Regular practice of skipping not only help with weight loss. Exercises will successfully fight cellulite, improving lymphatic flow in the body. In addition, jumping rope helps in proper development of the vestibular system, the respiratory system. Exercises improve the functioning of the digestive system, heart and blood vessels. Jump rope can help improve mood, producing the required «hormones of happiness».

Girl with skipping rope

How much jump rope to lose weight

Jumping rope for weight loss you need to perform regularly. If you do exercise a one-time, no result you will not see. The recommended frequency of sessions – 1 every 2 days. It will not overtax the body. First, you will need to jump around for 15 minutes a day for weight loss. Then the time jumps should be increased to half an hour. It is known that 1 hour workout burns 700 kcal, but this time training should be approached gradually. To use the skipping rope for weight loss and cellulite reduction need more than a month.

How many calories are burned

To calculate how many calories spends a skipping rope for weight loss is required in accordance with the number of jumps you make in a minute and your body weight. The more movements of the rope you make, the more energy you spend. For example, if a person weighs about 60 kg, then 1 hour caloric expenditure of approximately 750 kcal. To achieve this result it is necessary to carry out ppm in average of 130 jumps. To do with the shell better for weight loss on an empty stomach, to exercise effect on body fat.

Jump rope

How to jump: exercises with a rope for weight loss

To help you jump rope, you need to properly prepare for the exercise. The first step is warming up the joints. To do this, they need to do rotational movements, do some sit-UPS. To warm up the muscles do the slopes of the body. Exercises start doing in a slow tempo, gradually increasing it. These manipulations will save from injuries. If during exercise you experience pain ankle, playing should stop. You may return to them in a few days when the foot rest.

It is important to form the correct stance. Stand still, watch the straightness of the back, both legs bend at the knees and the body weight transfer onto the socks. To provide slimming belly, pull it, straining a press. The blades should also be in a position: to bring together and lower. Securing the position, be trained to make jumps up, coming down at the same time on the toes, and during the jumping pull them.

Be sure to press to the body hand, when skipping should be enabled only brush. An important detail is proper breathing. In exercises with the rope mechanism of the inhalation and exhalation like the system when running. You should breathe smoothly, without delaying the flow of air. If you felt that your rhythm was off, or have shortness of breath, stop the class and wait until breathing is restored.

Exercise for weight loss legs and thighs, to the buttocks:

  1. Stand on the floor in a correct rack, the rope should be placed behind the back. Start to make jumps, the rotating shell. Lower yourself on your toes. One rotational movement needs to have one jump. The same motion you need to do, twisting the rope back.
  2. Take the same starting position. Rotating the rope, jump up, exposing forward alternately right and left leg bent at the knee joint. This element is an alternative to the lunges and runs, fit to shape of the buttocks.
  3. Try for every revolution of the rope jump twice. At the same time maintain a low pace. This exercise can be used to restore breathing.
  4. From the starting position to start the jumping movement to the left. Then make a series of similar movements to the right.
  5. Jump rope on one foot 10 times, the same number on the other.

A variety of load and tasks will help make the lessons enjoyable. Doing several different exercises, you will be able to create the shapely figure, lift your mood, get rid of monotony during exercise. Diversity is an important factor that will be an incentive not to throw classes to achieve the desired result. To improve the quality of classes can use other shells, such as the Hoop.


How to choose a jump rope to practice

There is a very simple method of selecting the optimum length of the projectile. To do this, fold the rope exactly in half, stand on it the bend, connecting the feet together. If the handles of sporting fixtures will be placed near your armpits – any tool. In shops it is possible to deal with the problem – not all retail outlets are allowed to extract the projectile. So before you buy measure the distance from armpit to floor. Choose a jump rope is proportional to this index.

For home practice can look after themselves jump rope the following types:

  • Electronic. On the handle shell has a special counter that displays the number of hops.
  • Speed. With this fixture you can achieve up to 5-6 rotations per second, which will help to increase the effectiveness of training.

Electronic skipping rope and pedometer

Are there any contraindications for skipping

High intensity workout with a skipping rope not suitable for everyone, the load has contraindications:

  • diseases of the spine and joints;
  • migraine or pain in the head (it is impossible to jump directly during discomfort);
  • you can’t start a workout with jump rope immediately after a meal, you must wait 1 hour;
  • high blood pressure or heart disease.

If during class you have in the body there is discomfort, stop. Such condition can manifest itself in dizziness, nausea, or General bad health. Negative manifestations causes too intense that your body cannot withstand. To go back to school will be about a week later, when the body recovers.

Photos before and after weight loss with jump ropes

To lose weight using skipping ropes can be very effective, if you combine the exercises with a shell and proper nutrition. Average weight loss results for a month of regular exercise make up to 5 kg. Should be taken into account that the fat is burned, but muscle mass increases, so should pay attention not so much on weight as on visual reduction of problem areas. In addition to losing the extra pounds, a person will acquire a beautiful relief of the body, gets rid of cellulite. The results of systematically dealing with the people perfectly displayed in the photo.

Photos before and after quick weight loss with exercise rope

Reviews and results after regular exercise

Juliana, 20 years

I really enjoy jumping rope. After a few sessions I noticed as I lifted the mood, there is courage. First, very sore muscles, but gradually they got used to the load and ceases to bother me. However, I bought a toned, slender legs you’ve always dreamed of. Achieved results by jumping for 30 minutes a day.

Olesya, 31 years

First workout on the skipping rope was very difficult for me. Every day I tried to persuade myself that I need to do. This was associated with pain in the muscles, but losing weight for me was more important. After some time, the discomfort completely gone, I began to get pleasure from loads. Positive emotions are fueled by the visual result of a fit body.

Maria, 24 years

Studied using projectile through the day. Very convenient schedule, because during the day, the muscles subjected to loads, have time to relax. Gradually increasing the duration of training, eating right at the same time, in a month I lost 4 kg Great way of getting rid of cellulite, weight loss, strengthening muscles and warm up after a day at the office.