Jillian Michaels: flat stomach in 6 weeks

Build quality the body and make a flat belly in 6 weeks will help the technique of Jillian Michaels. Famous coach gives recommendations of daily training. To learn about the performance techniques and to study two levels of intensity of training of gaining a slim waist you can, after reading the article.

How to build a press in 6 weeks with Jillian Michaels

The townsfolk got used to that when it comes to the press, the whole exercise boils down to the twists, lifts the torso or legs. Gillian offers something more. Fat burning exercises for every day for any fitness level. Will not just engage in, and intensely to sweat and fat in the waist will not remain a chance. Program Jillian Michaels flat belly in 6 weeks – productive method of struggle for a slender figure.

The program consists of a course of daily workouts which allow you to lose weight and bring the body back in order. Each woman is able to find classes half an hour a day. The program combines two levels of intensity. The first stage is designed for training, after which, the body is trained to move to the next set of activities. In the second level classes will need accessories: dumbbells weighing 1-3 kilograms, and a gym Mat.

Exercises that are presented in the methodology designed for 15 minutes, then repeat them again a second time with more complexity. The intensity of training the first level is not suitable for beginners who have not passed basic training. Read the techniques coach Michaels for beginners, they do not cause discomfort, but will help on the road to losing weight and toned belly.

Jillian Michaels

Exercises first level

For reference, we present several motions proposed by the American coach. To start exercising you should warm up exercises to warm up the muscles:

  1. Intensive steps in place with lifting the knee. Limb at the knee when lifting bent at 900. When lifting the right leg, lift up left hand and Vice versa. Walk for 1 minute.
  2. Spread your feet hands on the level, lifted up, folded together. Give up and lift turns to left and right leg as high as possible. Touch the hand to the raised leg and return to starting position. Repeat for 1 minute.

Continue performing the following movements:

  1. Feet apart. Move your right foot back, both legs bent at a 90 °C. raise your Hands up. Repeat the exercise on the right and left limb at a time.
  2. Feet apart at shoulder level. Lift straight arms up over your head. Right leg set aside, then tilt your torso to the same side. Repeat the movement on the left leg. Continue for 1 minute.
  3. A detailed list of the exercises you find in course Jillian Michaels: flat stomach in 6 weeks.

Girls perform exercises

Exercises second level

The second level is characterized by the weights of 1-3 kg, depending on the degree of training of the muscles. Complex start with warm-up movements to warm up, then proceed to the main. Exercises both levels are similar, but the second amplified using dumbbells. So the load on the waist area increases, which leads to rapid fat burning.

The exercise aimed to remove fat from the abdomen, the second level include:

  1. Stand in a stable stance. Take the dumbbell and lift them up, over his head. Right leg set aside, and then tilt the torso to the leg. Repeat the movement on the left leg. Complete turns within 1 minute.
  2. Lie down on a gym Mat, direct hands pinch together and behind your head, one bent leg put on the floor, and the second lift up. Hands raise simultaneously with the leg, then right, then left. Duration of 1 minute.
  3. Lie down on your stomach. Stand leaning on hands and toes, lock the position of the body. Rhythmically arranges the legs and again bringing them together. Exercise perform 1 minute.

A girl performs an exercise strap

How effective workouts with Jillian Michaels

The effectiveness of training with the American coach depends on motivation and persistence in achieving goals. To obtain a stable effect, follow the recommendations:

  • don’t miss a daily workout;
  • do at least 30 minutes;
  • stick exercise technique;
  • to follow a proper diet;
  • follow the drinking regime: 1.5-2 liters of water daily;
  • do not engage in the health problems.

Video: how to make a flat stomach with Jillian Michaels


Ekaterina, 27 years

To the method of Jillian Michaels I went after his son’s birth, when the fat around the waist was not. Self-weight is not managed, excess weight remained in place, and I decided to try a set of exercises for 6 weeks. The result came after a month of systematic training and on vacation I allowed myself to wear a bikini with my head held high.

Anna, 30 years

Passive way of life forced to think about additional physical activity. Fitness classes give a positive result, but the pack was far away. I bought the program American coach Michaels, who promised to make the stomach flat. 6 weeks of daily workouts and my abs have gained, and the fat on the sides disappeared.

Julia, 32 years

Before my wedding was 2 months, I wanted to look perfect. In the gym I lost weight and dropped 5 pounds, and waist has remained a troubled area. For reviews on the Internet I found a program for getting a flat belly from the American fitness trainer. Half an hour a day does not pay more for a wasp waist, which I received in time!

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