Japanese method of weight loss with a towel: exercises to lose weight lying down reviews

Japanese method of weight loss

The ideal figure and the wasp waist is the dream of every woman but not all are willing to make at least some effort to get the desired result in the shortest possible time. Japanese method of weight loss Fukuzumi helps to quickly fix the problem areas without enhanced physical activity, sport and hunger strikes.

What are the methods of Dr. Fukuzumi

Girl friend Japanese method

Japanese method of weight loss is widely known in modern dietetics, discussed in detail in the world wide web on everyone’s lips. Effective exercise for weight loss with a towel was in development the order of 10 years, and after publication in Asia method has sold 6 million copies. This is a quick way of correction, which is based on the following rules:

  1. The problem of excess weight concentrated in the wrong position of the bones of the upper quadrant, and pelvis. When proper installation perhaps imperceptible get rid of extra pounds.
  2. For the implementation of the Japanese method of weight loss, you need a normal towel, which when you exercise turns to miracle cushion.
  3. Any movement should only be performed on a rigid Foundation (the couch). Before you start training, you must complete a preliminary measurement of height and weight slimming person.
  4. To achieve the planned result is important the regularity of the Japanese method: the manipulation of cushion for weight loss to take daily for 5-7 minutes of free time.
  5. Charge with a towel is perfect when problems with the spine and lower back, tightens the chest muscles, strengthens posture.

How to do the exercises with a roll of towels

Cushions towels

For the realization of the Japanese method of weight loss the first thing you need to prepare a towel, which you must roll a cushion and wiring harness. It is an integral component of the daily charge, without which to reduce the amount of figures will not work. As the rigid base may be a couch, but in the absence of such quite will fit the floor. The sequence of exercises Japanese method are as follows:

  1. To take the situation lying down so that the roller to lose weight under belly button.
  2. Feet in the implementation of the Japanese method to breed for wide shoulders, but to touch the big toes.
  3. Hands start above head and place palms to the floor so close together with fingers.
  4. In this not very comfortable position to have to lie for 2 minutes, gradually increasing the specified time interval is the Japanese method to 7 minutes.

If you daily do this exercise for 5-7 minutes, the result will please a straight posture, tiny waist, increase, fit the bust. Numerous clinical studies have proven that this method really works, and women of Japan have reached perfect forms, without any special efforts. The first time after your workouts are painful, but in the future the selected position of the body will not cause discomfort, will help relax.

Recommendations for gymnastics

The result of the Japanese method has provided the desired effect of weight loss, you need to choose the right cushion for your back. Its minimum length should be 40 cm and a thickness of 7-10 cm Visual roller does not protrude on the sides, but along the entire length to fit under the back without abrupt transitions and hills. Before training could use a warm-up, and duration of employment for the trained body can be increased. To accelerate the effects of the Japanese method and to remove a sufficient number of extra pounds, you need to adhere to certain rules of nutrition.

How to combine exercise with a Japanese diet

A dish of Japanese diet

To provide fast weight loss, it is important to reduce calorie daily diet. For women the allowable rate – to 1,400 kcal, for men – 1700 kcal. The Japanese diet is the most effective method in this case, and the proposed dietary diet is not only varied and rich, but also rich in useful vitamins, minerals, amino acids, minerals.

Contraindications for training

Japanese method of correction of excess weight is completely safe and effective, but prior to beginning daily training it is important to consult with your doctor. If you do not break regulations regarding contraindications, side effects and worsening of General health are not observed. We are talking about such constraints to rapid weight loss:

  • chronic diseases of the spine;
  • pathology of the back, the hip joint;
  • disc herniation;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • relapse of the underlying disease;
  • protrusion;
  • scoliosis.

Video: Japanese exercises for weight loss with cushion

Reviews of slimming and doctors about the effectiveness of the technique

Irina, 23 years: Sports and fitness I never, but the classic Japanese method ideally suited for quick weight loss. Last week was 4 kg, and the waist has acquired the desired shape. Very glad to such external changes, moreover, that no matter what the diet was not sitting. First exercise was a pain, but then the spine is stretched, with the sides gone the extra fat.

Anna, 33 years: I First in the Japanese diet lost 7 pounds in two weeks but condition of the figure is still left much to be desired. Then a friend advised me a simple exercise with a cushion at home. Nothing complicated, the main thing – the towels to create the desired shape. Now I use the Japanese method on a daily basis, especially after the working day comes relief.

Marina, 27 years: One is a simple exercise and in the end – minus 4 kg per week. Stunning result, the Japanese method, which I previously could not achieve even on a hard diet. Now further reduced the daily diet. Perform daily Japanese method, drink up to 2 liters of fluid and imperceptibly lose weight. For me it is not a method of weight loss, and lifestyle. Would recommend.

Ilona, age 31: I’m losing weight the Japanese method, but periodically fly with it, low back pain. When you start to severe pain of the back, just fall on this miracle cushion do not stand for 5-7 minutes. This time is enough the pain is gone, the long-awaited relief. The dietary effect from the Japanese method have not noticed, but will still leave this exercise is not going to work does not allow.

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