Japanese exercises for weight loss with cushion

Just 5 minutes a day because it’s so little! Almost everyone can devote that much time. It would seem that actually make in such a short period? One option to achieve good weight loss, waist reduction, to form a good posture. The main thing – to perform the following exercises regularly and correctly.

What is a method Fukuzumi

Girl doing exercise with cushion

Japanese Dr. Fukuzumi long monitors the status of their patients and concluded that the cause of wide or «floated» waist – unnatural position of the bones of the upper quadrant, and pelvis. If you hold their correction, the skeleton is to take a natural form, and unnecessary amounts of leave. How to perform Japanese exercises for weight loss with a cushion? The instruction is very simple. Under the back to put the cushion, stretch your legs, hands and stay like this for 5 minutes. The process has some subtleties, but they are below.

Favor of the Japanese gymnastics figures

Japanese woman doing gymnastics

Are the back training effectively corrects posture, lengthens the growth, spreading the chest. Losing weight using this method – not the classic fat burning, and bringing the spine back in order. The process is accompanied by useful bonus – reducing the volume of the waist. Already for a month you can become in this area of the body 4-5 cm less. You will not need to exhaust your body physical exercises, however, you should follow a proper diet.

Japanese method of weight loss with a towel

Devuschka doing gymnastics for weight loss

To reduce the waist without harm for health, exercise must be performed correctly and be sure every day, with no gaps. Japanese exercises for weight loss with cushion includes only one task. The stages of exercise for rectifying posture and body shaping:

  1. Make sure there is a Japanese cushion (rolled towel) and a solid surface on which you will lie.
  2. Do light exercises to warm up the body.
  3. Sit on a hard surface. This can be a massage table, couch, fitness carpet, spread out on the floor.
  4. Across the back just over the buttocks enclose the roller.
  5. Slowly take the prone position, moving the cushion so that it is directly under the navel. Check the position of the towel, two index fingers, near the navel. Then lower them down the sides to the back, not moving from the navel line. If the fingers came across a roll, he took the correct place.
  6. The feet at shoulder width (not less than 20 cm). Five touching the floor, feet deployed inside. Thumbs must link up with each other.
  7. Extend hands behind your head, straighten the elbows. Palm deployed to the floor, and little fingers touching.
  8. Relax your body, lie down in this position for 5 minutes, longer is not necessary. If you practice Japanese exercises for weight loss with cushion, do the exercise for 1-2 minutes. For the first time will be uncomfortable, as long as for you to such an unnatural position of the body.
  9. Do not rush to stand up abruptly. Turn sideways, lie down for about 1 minute. Then go to sitting position, wait 2 minutes and come on up.
  10. Repeat element of Japanese gymnastics through 24 hours.

How to make miracle cushion for back alone

Cushions of towels

Correct selection of auxiliary equipment will help to achieve good results. Cushion under the lower back for weight loss is a tightly twisted towel wrapped with strong thread or ribbons. Roll length is 40 cm, but he does not act on the sides if it to put under the back. Ideal – towel equal to the width of the waist from the back. The thickness of the cushion is 7-10 cm, but if you have back pain, use a thinner inventory.

To make a Japanese cushion for weight loss is very simple:

  1. Take a suitable width a towel.
  2. Roll it into a tube.
  3. Grab the ends of the ribbons, or wrap a tight thread throughout the area. Importantly, the roller does not spin.


This exercises for the spine are shown not all. Even if you are healthy, consult your doctor. Hidden diseases and chronic pathologies of the desire to remove a few inches off your waist often leads to serious consequences. Japanese exercises for weight loss with a sack for the first time can cause severe discomfort and may cause pain. Under normal condition, these phenomena quickly pass.

Contraindications to exercise:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • protrusion;
  • weak stabilizers of the hip joint;
  • scoliosis of all types;
  • herniated disc;
  • any other problems with the spine, even a slight;
  • pregnancy, a period of less than one year after childbirth.

Video tutorial: how to do exercises for weight loss

Reviews on the effectiveness of weight loss methods

Michael, 35 years:

I tried the Japanese gymnastics no longer in order to lose weight, but to slightly lengthen in growth. I noticed a pattern: after the lesson, the growth and volume of the stomach is really good vary (plus or minus 2 cm), but after 2-3 hours everything is back to normal. Just so slimming and increase growth you get, for this to work, not lie on the cushion.

Anya, 26 years:

Doing a very short time – a week. At first it was very difficult, because not easy still lie even 5 minutes in this position. After running Japanese gymnastics I thought I worked for about an hour in the gym. The muscles very quickly come to a tone and remain tense. I have lost 2 kg, waist size was less than 1.5 cm Will continue to do.

Angela, 18 years old:

As a way to strengthen posture exercising is an effective thing. However, what weight loss say people do not understand. Fat can’t go from lying on the floor. Maybe the skeleton is anatomically a little stretch, the waist will seem not as wide. The effect of the «diet» ends. I use the Japanese method only for health improvement.

Martha, 27 years:

In 4 days my waist girth was less than 1 cm! Don’t know what this is: real weight loss or the mechanical stretching of the body, but the result pleases me. Before that jumped in the gym like crazy, and such a nice drawback in such a short period is not observed. Made themselves a small cushion, do every morning. Then the whole day is full of positivity and energy.

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