Japanese diet for 13 days

Powered by the canons of Asian cuisine specifically, even if it is not completely traditional, and involves removing parts of products. However, even in its classical form because of the large number of plant foods and spices Japanese cuisine is not conducive to weight gain. This took advantage of the professionals when making a meal plan for weight loss based on it.

Features and rules of dieting

Products for diet

Classic Japanese technique is a highly truncated version of a Country kitchen of the rising sun in the original. If while studying the menu, you think nothing Asian among the products left, you can be sure – called «Japanese diet for weight loss,» you trying to give a random diet. How he will act and will act – I can’t say. Real Japanese diet for 13 days, will save you a significant amount of body fat, which will be expressed in kilograms and in centimeters.

Benefits of Japanese methods:

  • the lack of hunger, due to the presence of nutritious foods in the diet;
  • no adverse effects on metabolism, because you are not hungry;
  • there is no failure of the digestive system with a balanced diet.

Some important rules:

  • foods should be eaten raw as far as possible;
  • the Japanese diet is forbidden in peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, heart diseases, during pregnancy and lactation.

What you can and can’t eat

Japanese diet for 13 days requires you to follow strict food plan in which invalid standard junk food (e.g., fried, alcohol) and some menu items, unusual Asian cuisine. The full list can be found in the table. Keep in mind that in addition to a ban on certain foods and there is a ban on certain cooking methods. Ideally, you should only boil or cook for a couple if necessary.

Permitted foods Prohibited products
fish; bakery products;
cabbage, carrots, zucchini, celery; pasta;
Fig; any cereals except rice;
bean; fatty meats, poultry;
fruits; bananas, figs, grapes;
green tea; bean;
yogurt; oil;
beef. sugar and any sweeteners.

The menu options for each day

Japanese girl eating a salad

Professionals advise to buy a special Japanese chopsticks and try to eat with them: this will allow you to get into the spirit of the East, eating to be slow, eat a lot, you can not. If you do not consume fish, you can replace it with chicken (fillet), although this will lead to a shortage of omega-3 in your diet, you need fill medical way. The Japanese diet on days looks very monotonous, but the following menu options blocks can be swapped. For example, using a diet on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Classic Japanese diet for 13 days

The weekly menu is repeated twice, 14 day with him just gets deleted, although you can continue losing weight for a full 2 weeks. Longer to comply with low-carb Japanese food is not recommended. To accelerate metabolism, you can increase the number of meals, but a set of products for the day remains the same, just broken into a few times. Fresh vegetables can be collected in salads or eaten alone. Permitted instead of milk kefir.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 day Cup of black coffee. 2 hardboiled eggs, 200 g of cabbage with olive oil, 200 ml tomato juice without sugar. 200 g fish steamed 150 g white cabbage with olive oil.
Day 2 A Cup of green tea, boiled egg. 200 g fish steamed 150 g carrots with olive oil. 200 ml of kefir, green Apple, rye toast.
Day 3 Cup of black coffee. 150 grams of lean cooked beef, parsley, cucumber. 170 g of steamed brown rice with soy sauce, 100 g of cabbage.
Day 4 A Cup of green tea, boiled egg. Boiled egg, celery, a slice of bread. 200 g fish steamed 150 g white cabbage with olive oil.
Day 5 Cup of black coffee. 200 g zucchini, 100 g steamed rice. Boiled egg, green Apple.
Day 6 A Cup of green tea, boiled egg. 150 grams of lean cooked beef, 100 g of cabbage. 200 g beans, cucumber, carrots.
Day 7 Cup of black coffee. 200 g grated carrots with olive oil, 2 boiled eggs. 150 g steamed brown rice with soy sauce, a bunch of greens.

Japanese salt-free diet for 13 days

Absolutely identical to its classic version on the menu, but you need to cook without salt. This applies mainly to fish and beef, egg. Add some salt salads are also prohibited. As a flavor component, it saves the dish from vapidity, can be a lemon. If you want to make a diet Japanese strict diet, use the following option menu is repeated every 3 days:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 day The soft-boiled egg, a Cup of green tea. 200 g of boiled rice, 70 g of any vegetables. 100 ml of milk.
Day 2 A glass of green tea. 120 g boiled fish with lemon juice. 200 g of any vegetables.
Day 3 A glass of green tea, Apple. Hard-boiled egg, lettuce. 60 g of any beans, tomato juice.


The hardest and the most demanding of the health diet. It has a powerful cleansing effect on the body, so it is prohibited in case of failures in the work of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and GASTROINTESTINAL tract. This simple Japanese diet for 13 days in the morning makes you eat uncooked rice, cooked in a special way. After 3 hours, you can drink water at lunch and dinner allowed the use of any products from the approved list for the classic Japanese diet plan. When the portion of the Cup is eaten, it makes a new one. Scheme of the preparation of rice looks like this:

Food preparation
1 day Pour into a glass 2 tablespoons of rice, if your body weight less than 65 kg or 3 tbsp rice – if more than 65 kg. Pour 100 ml of water.
Day 2 Reset in the morning, rice in a sieve, rinse and re-fill. To do the same in the second Cup. Repeat for 2 more days, increasing the amount to 4 cups.

Diet in diet

Healthy vegetables

Wondering about how to lose weight at home in a couple of weeks, the girls pay much attention to diet during the diet, but you don’t care about how will him to leave. Doctors remind: competent completion of a stringent diet is equally important. Use the following rules:

  • start adding fresh fruit and vegetable salads;
  • gradually introduce cereals, pasta;
  • the term out of the Japanese diet is equal to its duration.

Reviews and results thinner

Anna, 30 years:

Japanese diet 13 days is able to survive only in a strong body – I barely lasted 5 days, and then another week out of the diet. To clean the intestines, disappearing cravings for sweet foods, but meat and pasta I wanted with a vengeance: cakes even dreamed of. Lost 3 kg in 5 days is a good achievement. To repeat the Japanese diet will not.

Cyrus, 24 years:

Tried everything effective diets like the magic wand took 13 days: not really hungry, not too strict, the set of products like. Only instead of milk, drinking yogurt, because of lactose intolerance. Lose weight fast – photos in reviews don’t lie! Are Japanese diet, when an urgent need to fit in an old dress.

Tatiana, 32 years:

Lose weight in Japanese rice diet – the enemy does not want this food. However, the effect of crazy: all the jeans fall began, the belly was fading away. However, the rice in the morning, I choked and barely forced myself to swallow it «dish». But, there is a plus – lunch and dinner I am free to choose for herself, albeit within certain limits. The result is worth it, but I will not repeat.

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