Scheme of interval running for weight loss on a treadmill

Any person who is interested in the question of how to lose weight, knows that it needs to follow a proper diet and exercise. Doubt does Jogging to lose weight, no one, but few people know that the most effective for burning fat is interval training. It is used both professionals and Amateurs.

Running promotes weight loss

Girl on a morning jog

For successful rapid weight loss it is important to give your body the cardio. When their heart rate (heart rate) increases, the blood accelerates its movement, thereby increasing the metabolism in the body. Because of this, the body has to recover lack of energy due to the «reserves (body fat). Therefore, the main objective of interval running for weight loss to create a deficit of energy that is replenished at the expense of extra weight.

Cardio have a positive effect on slimming the belly, legs, thighs, exercises are equally beneficial for women and men. Interval running for weight loss can be done in the gym or outdoors. Both options have their positive side. Often people are interested in, whether to eat Breakfast before a morning jog. If the food is not there is discomfort, it is possible to eat, but not eat. Well, if between food intake and exercise is a 30 minute break.

Types of interval running and their features

  1. Interval sprint. More suitable for professional athletes to develop speed qualities of the body and endurance. The principle of the run – in constant alternating fast and moderate-speed lap. In the classical case it is divided into 150-200 g. the Strong athletes with experience breaking a distance of 1-2 kilometers. At moderate distances the person jogger, to give the muscles to rest, recover breath.
  2. The tempo run. The most complex method of interval training. When this distance is divided into several sections, each of which has to be solved with speed higher than the previous one. To perform a tempo run should be only trained athletes. This option not only stimulates the burning of fat, but also muscle growth, stamina and speed.
  3. Re-run. This option is designed for long distances, which are divided into sections of 1-2 km, Run a segment on the need specific to the person level, to able to breathe the air at maximum lung capacity. Next comes a short period of time for relaxation during which heart rate should drop to 120 beats. After you overcome the next section.

How long should last the training

She runs on fresh air

The complexity of interval running for weight loss is that an untrained person might not cope. Therefore, an important factor is the duration. Each person can independently determine how much to run to lose weight, depending on food consumed. The challenge was to spend a day more calories than to. It is worth considering that the first 40 minutes the body’s energy breaks down carbohydrates, then fat. This fact does not mean that workout in 20-30 minutes you will not lose weight, will, only slower.

The main condition for weight loss negative calorie balance, so during interval training an adequate diet. You should not combine cardio with strength training, because in the end neither one nor the other will not work properly make compliance with the equipment and duration. Before working with weights, you can use the running for 8-12 minutes just to warm up.

Program interval training for fat burning table

People who enthusiastically start to lose weight, wondered whether it is possible to run every day. To ban this, no one can, but you’d better not be overstrained, considering that interval running is very heavy physically body. To lose weight at home, you can adhere to the complex, which are presented in the table below:

Day of the week Beginners Experienced athletes
Monday Additional cardio for 20-30 min Cycling, swimming. Not necessary to run Interval running 30 minutes strength training
Tuesday Interval running Interval running
Environment Rest day Rest day
Thursday Running with a slope uphill 20 minutes Running uphill
Friday Extra cardio Repeat Monday
Saturday 15 minutes interval running The long run is 40-50 minutes
Sunday Rest day Rest day

The scheme runs for beginners

People Jogging in the Park

To get real results, not to cause harm to their health, must comply with schemes for beginners. This will enable to prepare the body to more serious stress, increase endurance, to begin the process of weight loss. Scheme for beginners as follows:

  • 5 minute warm up walk;
  • 30 seconds at 70% of maximum running speed;
  • 90 seconds of moderate Jogging or walking;
  • 30 seconds 75% of the maximum speed;
  • 90 seconds of walking or Jogging;
  • 30 sec. 80% of speed;
  • 90 sec. walk;
  • 30 sec. 85% of speed;
  • 90 sec. walk;
  • 30 sec. 90% of speed;
  • 90 sec. walk;
  • 30 sec. 100% speed;
  • A 5-minute walk.


Scheme running in the gym or outdoors is no different, time intervals and distance remain the same. The difference is that the street is harder to track its speed, but it is much easier to breathe, and it is helpful for the body. To properly measure the distance you can run in the stadium, 1 lap is equal to 400 n of If to train on the street, try to run on the ground or the grass but not on asphalt. This will remove some of the load with the calf muscles and joints.

On the treadmill

Husband do interval Jogging on the treadmill

You can’t always run in the street in winter, have to get to the gym. On a treadmill it is much easier to track the distance traveled, speed, heart rate, incline (running uphill). Another plus, the track can be put at home and do it daily. In addition, the coating and the damping is much better for calf muscles, joints than asphalt. The scheme is run remains the same, too.

Are there any contraindications

Load interval running is quite high, so it is not for everyone. Should listen carefully to your condition and serious diseases to abandon this type of training. Well, if the first time your classes will be held under the supervision of a coach or friend. Obvious contraindications for training interval running are:

  • diseases of the spine;
  • a cold or the flu;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage.

Video: how to run to lose weight

Feedback about the results after regular exercise

Vladislav, 34 years: I Decided to try interval training when I saw the photo results before and after. The first 6 workouts thought I would die. Chest burned, stabbed, it was hard to breathe, but each time became easier. Now I can run freely for 20 minutes according to this procedure. For 2 months lost 8 kg. Adhere to a low-carb diet.

Elena, 27 years: This is the most difficult type of racing, which I just tried. No Jogging Jogging do not go to any comparison. But to lose weight helped me just such training. I dropped in a month from 5 kg for the next 2 months another 3 kg. Now I feel much stronger and hardier.

Katya, 23 years: I find interval training works best, because to hold enough 20 minutes. I don’t have a lot of time in the morning, so this is an important indicator for me. To perform interval running is hard in the beginning but if you stick to the scheme, to increase the load gradually, it all happens in the end. I lost 4 pounds in a month and a half.

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