The rules of weight loss

The basic rules of weight lossIt would seem that you can take any diet and the result should be stable and fast. But there it was. There are many justified rules of weight loss and dieting.

Firstly, it is impossible to go on a diet spontaneously. For example, today you eat everything, and tomorrow get on a diet that dictates the consumption of certain foods or just the exception of junk food. So you are forcing your body to get nervous and will gain even more weight than you had it. The body after such a diet begins to «worry» that tomorrow you again will remove important products from your diet, and begins with even greater force to accumulate fats «in reserve».

Secondly, it is desirable to pass certain tests and to consult a specialist to avoid negative effects from the diet fall in a swoon, the emergence of allergies, the opposite effect – weight gain and others. A nutritionist will help to make you your own diet prescribed for you.

Thirdly, the effect of diet will be more stable and faster if along with the limitations in food you’ll exercise. Simply shake the press, or use a skipping rope for weight loss or Jogging to quickly get in shape. Thus, when the enhanced diet you can avoid sagging skin and firm muscles.

Fourth, if you have already ventured to indulge in some treats, then it must be precisely accurate and simply a failure, so you decided not to eat more sugar, so on any pretext «can you drink coffee with sugar» or «eat a little dolecka chocolates and then kilometer» should not be. You chose not to eat something — so in no case do not eat. Because in this case if you eat a slice of chocolate does not mean that it will run one kilometer. Our brain is designed in such a way that he is trying to find an excuse, and try to avoid Jogging.

Fifth, don’t try to diet during some holidays. It is necessary to reflect before their arrival, as during them you can afford the extra. Someone from acquaintances, relatives or friends may try to persuade you to eat a little piece of cake or something, and then all go and go…

Sixth, in no case do not drink alcohol. Alcohol causes severe hunger and diet when the body lacks nutrients and adoption of alcohol will want to eat even more than usual. On an empty stomach alcohol begins to be absorbed faster in the blood and you will quickly tipsy. And in this state it is not possible to forget about diets.

Thus, by using these simple tips rule losing weight quickly and without harm to health to lose weight.

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