How to tighten buttocks at home?

actually, you can train anywhere. The short answer to the question of how to tighten buttocks at home — strength-training. You just have to fulfill all the conditions — the progression of the load, the right combination of basic and isolation movements and proper nutrition. Don’t forget about the other muscle groups, besides the «center of the Universe».

That’s just the Internet «for the house» we usually read are the «butt exercises», which in the best case, increase our endurance. And at worst simply promote fast injury due to the huge number of incorrectly performed jumps and swings. Fortunately, the correct information in the Network very much. It only need to be able to look.

A little motivation won’t hurt))

Guide on General physical preparation

In order to tighten the buttocks, we need to abide by the same conditions as the more active part of humanity:

  1. to establish the training mode, i.e. to run classes periodically. Home workouts are generally less intense (in sports under the intensity of the understand not the number of swings the limb in a moment of time, and the amount of weight lifted. What you have there, rubber shock absorber and children’s weights?), and therefore can be performed up to 3 times per week per muscle group. You should write down which days train your buttocks, and be sure to train them in these days. So simple and difficult at the same time;
  2. How to tighten your buttocks and thighs? to work with your calendar so that training was the priority. Someone who likes to do in the first place early in the morning is advisable during the busy schedule, who may not miss classes only in the evening. It is a matter of personal choice, looking for something convenient for yourself;
  3. as you don’t want to read anything on technique exercises, theory and methodology of training, go straight to the hosting;
  4. enter in the search «Fitness Blender Butt Workout with Dumbbells» and carefully watch the video. Why is this channel? There’s just a girl does squats for weight loss, makes attacks, and various forms of squats in the split step with proper technique and on a white background. For understanding so clearly, than to consider models, which are recruited from nowhere with zero experience in the gym, but on a colorful background and music;
  5. select a 3 workout a week with what I have found and forward to harmony and beauty

You can choose any other channel where you do lunges, squats and different variations of plies and the deadlift with dumbbells. To tighten the buttocks for a short time, these exercises in the first place, and many «ballet» leg swings to the side in the second. Buy dumbbells heavy enough yet, we have a strong pop, so focus on that-not less than 5 kg, not baby colored dumbbells.

If you tired to squat and do lunges every other day, complete your plan at any videothreesome system Barre is a special class of body ballet, which is designed to work the legs and butt first. Alternate through the day and you will achieve your goal.


Guide to home pumping buttocks for thoughtful fans of weight training

What do we know about the buttocks? First of all, the following:

  • the gluteus muscles can be toned through regular workouts, but change their form no. So many courses «Brazilian buttocks in 2 weeks» or something like that- just a promotion not a very informed consumer on financial aid;
  • to pump up the buttocks «big and round». But you need to be well fed, about their need for energy, plus another 200-300 calories for muscle growth. It is necessary to eat not cakes and peanut butter, and coarse cereals, pasta and low-fat sources of protein;
  • while you swing big and round, the rest of the surface is inevitably slightly lose the relief;
  • and finally, the muscles grow, you need not to «achieve a burning sensation, and skillfully combine heavy database in the power style and isolation exercises. Here is their something and should be done before burning, and squats and deadlifts — slow and controlled no more than 8-12 repetitions

And now remember, how many weight you squat and how many reps. Search the web for any calculator odnoprovodnoi maximum (1 RM). And calculate how much you need to take the balance that you could carry, say, only 6 repetitions. For most women with a secondary level of training is something near its own weight as the weights.

The conclusion is obvious. Want to gain weight? We need power rack. Fortunately it costs less than a variety of clever devices for pumping pop from teleshopping. Runs and squats and deadlifts without a hitch. A small remark — you should be able to squat and pull, if you want to do it at home. And learn this video is quite traumatic occupation. So first 10-12 personal training with a trainer for strength training or power triathlon, and then swing.

Even as an option)

Win-win «home plan» to tighten the abdomen and buttocks

Let’s say you have three months until you can cut calories and begin to work on relief — to remove tabs on the hips, and «generate curves», so to speak. We «all» as follows:

1 month — power

Take only three exercises «how to tighten the buttocks is squats, a classic wide-deployed setting stop and post back deadlift «Romanian» or tilt over the bar with the conduct of the fretboard at the front of the thighs and shins and «gluteal bridge» or lift pelvis off the floor, drawing the shoulder blades on the bench. Doing so in the first week, the procedures should be performed in 4 sets of 10 reps.

The goal is to remember how all this is done. If you start to forget video athletes in powerlifting to help you. And Yes, don’t look as squat bikinili. Of course, not all of them do it terribly, but almost all advocate their individual technique as the only correct one.

Second week — «cut» repetition in 8, approaches increased to 5, the third is 6 reps, 5 approaches, and finally, 4 — I — 5 reps in 5 sets. Rest between sets from 3 to 5 minutes. Work on the quality of each repetition. And remember that the story calculated by the weight calculator is a rough standard to which we aspire, but do not put it above their own health;

Month 2 — hypertrophy

Time to add some isolation movements. Bring your three strength exercises for 8 reps, 5 sets and «freeze» them there for 3 weeks. But to complement the training sasakianime on the bench with dumbbells, Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells and abduction legs back in stand on all fours with shock absorber Make these movements in a bulk style, 4 to 15 reps with each leg, light weight;

3 month peak of hypertrophy

Now we share training days. In conventional training And are doing the classic squat with a barbell and superset — Bulgarian split squat and hip abduction with the previous month, and the second Romanian deadlifts, gluteal bridge, sasakianime, but combine cities and sasakianime in superset. The first exercise of each day — a 6 reps for 5 sets, slowly but superset «kill» of 15-20 reps. Accordingly falls and the weight.

Remember that home training in the format of physical training is only available to those who already know how to perform basic exercises. So you should still aspire to this skill.

How to tighten buttocks at home? Video

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