How to speed up metabolism for weight loss? The truth and myths. The right approach

With the question: «How to speed up metabolism for weight loss?» is worn if not most women. Meanwhile, the answer is very strange for most. For weight loss have to speed up metabolism, but simply to increase energy expenditure. Preferably, not only during the active part of the day, but at rest too. Only then to lose weight will be easy and pleasant, because this is what we all seek here, right?

What is metabolism and how it accelerate?

This term is understood as normal metabolism, a process, a chain of chemical reactions. Its aim is the transformation of those nutrients that we eat from food into energy, and expense it to the needs of the body, restore muscle tissue, to reactions of the immune system and other needs. By and large,

metabolism is the lifestyle of our body. And not a magic wand for weight loss.

Imagine a fast metabolism. What does it mean? It’s just the fastest possible nutrient uptake and the same «instant» costs. If you have talked with the elite athlete in weightlifting at home, you would understand what it is. This constant need to eat every 2-3 hours the person actually feels hungry. And candy-cookies are not enough. Coarse cereals, meat, quality fats — that saturates in such cases. It would seem, why, then, in this sport there is a heavy weight category, where good girls weigh 90 kg?

It’s simple. Our weight is determined not by the rate of metabolic reactions, and how we receive and spend energy. In sports usually eat a «recovery» and a little more. That is, to fully satisfy the body’s need for nutrients, and give him a «pocket» of extra calories that he can «climb» in the case of physical overload. But we must understand that with this diet, no dry presses does not happen. What happens? So the average amount of fat. Plus quite a lot of muscle. Therefore, the representatives of the «heavy» category from the point of view of the layman is huge.

Now let’s be honest. What you want to be? Big and strong or just slim and relatively toned? If you want the usual harmony that is present, for example, the cinema and theater stars, not the state that is in sports, you want a specific Protocol of diet and training, and the proper choice of diet, not program how to speed up metabolism for weight loss.

To promote the metabolism makes sense only power athletes, who overcame the level of Amateur sports. There is a direct benefit. Faster than absorbed energy, the faster you recover, the better is protein synthesis, the more muscle we. All of this contributed to good performance of strength, not to press cubes. And certainly shouldn’t be wishing to lose weight for women in the age of «40».

A little bit about sports beauty and metabolism

Now it became fashionable to look like athletes fitness bikini or fitness model. To achieve such promotion of one’s metabolism will not work. You have to go through the cycle of «weight» when you’ll accelerate metabolic reactions, increase the energy demand. This is achieved usually by a combination of:

  • frequent, every 2 hours food consisting of equal amounts of protein and carbohydrate foods, with little amount of fat. The typical food is «mass» — it does not cake and the chocolate, and 6 tablespoons of rice, 120 g chicken breast and some nuts. Just need to not eat 4 times a day, and somewhere around 8. The goal is to continually «feeding» on such a low carbohydrate diet, to exceed the limit, you need of the body, and create energy «pocket» for the future, for muscle growth;
  • heavy intense training. When we say «heavy» we don’t mean your favorite squats in the Smith 3 for 15, and talking about something Sedov on the low box with the bar 1, 5 self-weight and heavier. Can’t? The mass is, alas, not yet for you. Otherwise you’ll just gain a lot of fat. Well, or you can select an alternative mass. When the anabolic response is created using certain drugs that very ambiguous impact on the hormonal background of women. But that’s another topic.

After reaching the desired level of «musicnote» she starts «cutting». And then it starts working hyped metabolism for weight loss. Are usually skimp on caloric intake due to the volume of available carbohydrates, and 12-16 weeks present to the world beautiful muscle and minimum fat. The training Protocol for «natural» athletes is not much different from training for mass. Only runs smaller quantity of lifts of the bar (approaches). And added aerobic work, not to bring to a too restrictive diet. By the way, about the diet for drying the body, we wrote in detail here.

The stereotype ideas about a fast metabolism and weight loss

Probably, you have such a girlfriend. She eats like a fish, and cake, too, and not fattening. Metabolism fast! Nothing of the sort. Modern studies prove that people who are not engaged in power sports, the difference in the speed of the processes is around 4-10%. This, if translated into food, half the usual plate of soup or a small portion of the cake. It is clear that this is not the volume at which you can eat as much as necessary.

What is the secret of these women? Not in speed of a metabolism, and not fractional power, and not even the fact that they do not eat after six. They just focus on the signals of hunger and fullness in their own food. For a person with no connection to the «iron sport» is ideal. Nature has given us a powerful method of control. When we feel real, physical hunger, the best solution is for us to go and eat. When you do not feel pass. Most likely, you just don’t see how these girls are limited to a modest serving for Breakfast or lunch if not hungry.

Current research in the field of dietetics allows to make a conclusion. «Metabolism» and its speed absolutely does not affect whether we are thin or not.

The use of myths about metabolism

On the other hand, those which usually offer for starters of the metabolism — nutrition adequate calories in equal portions throughout the day and strength training — are good in themselves. And here’s another:

Power boost power consumption in idle state, on average, between 40 and 100 kcal. A lot or a little? Well, a couple of random sweets helps to eat with impunity. And for more» in need of control. And this problem just solves a fractional power. If you follow all, as the doctors advise, especially the amount of servings, you just have no chance to eat more than 1800 kcal per day. Even if you «forget» to count the sauce or a couple of times move.

What to spices, herbs and seasonings, ginger, pepper and turmeric is useful for those that contain antioxidants. But unfortunately, in practice, they have minimal metabolic effects, so no need to eat to lose weight fast. That is, their thermogenic «force» allows to remove approximately 10-30 kcal per day. They «have no idea» how to speed up metabolism for weight loss. But if you want to still learn about how to speed up metabolism, see the video:

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