How to run to lose weight? The main rules, tips trainer

I think the experts have a common opinion on how to run to lose weight? No! Specialist in sports medicine S. Strukov writes that running you do not need. Just need to go for a balanced diet with a small caloric deficit. But move quickly — the enemy of the human joints, which are overweight. A textbook for coaches ATSSM indicates that customers should «drive» of at least 30 minutes at a low heart rate.

And the expert in the field of strength training and weight loss G. Cosgrove personal example proves slow running promotes fat gain. So Rachel dropped as much as 5 kg and «draw» the press, when he began to sprint instead of training for a long distance. Fortunately, for a regular visitor of the fitness center are quite different rules. So is it possible to lose weight, running?

Running to burn fat — the basic rules

Running can burn 4 to 6 calories per minute. Provided that the practitioner is really running and not goes fast and almost shaking, gasping for breath. Significant caloric expenditure — a bonus for excellent physical training. You should be able to at least at a speed of 8-9 km/h run on the treadmill, or to finish the distance in kilometer in 7 minutes. If training is still not very good, endurance is not enough, and the breath goes astray, you must train the heart.

Engage in regular cardio exercises — elliptical machine or a Stairmaster or walking uphill on a treadmill. Perform a minimum of 30 minutes 5 times a week and let the heart rate will be quite low — from 120 to 130 beats per minute. This will help develop fitness and easily navigate to run.

The second point you should be fairly «easy» to do no harm to ligaments and joints. The harsh truth is that short-term desires like immediate weight loss in the calves of the legs go, and pain in my knees and ankle joints remain. Now if a BMI is greater than 30, can not be run. Choose gentle aerobic exercise — swimming or an elliptical trainer. It will also help to lose weight.

How much to run to lose weight?

The types of running for weight loss

There are two types of running, and both must find their place in your training plan:

  • «aerobic» running, or the track is not the best way workouts to burn fat. This type of training helps only the «emergency» liquidation of excess energy for example, burns 450 calories per hour. But it does not affect our metabolism. After an hour in the Park or on the track, the body spends calories at the same rate as before. But increased appetite and beginners after a workout can make your muscles sore. Many people can not lose weight with Jogging for this reason;
  • «anaerobic running» or sprints — is another matter. Such run — real strength training for the whole body. Working on the ability to run fast, we «untwist» the metabolism, and spend 50-100 calories more at rest in the next 48 hours! In addition, the «anaerobic» running is not conducive to loss of muscle mass. Which means you’ll weigh less but look gorgeous. And, to be honest, at a sufficient density training, you do not get too zealous with the diet. With sprints girls weighing about 70 kg lose weight on humane 1800-2000ккал a day, and not at 1200-1500, which will sooner or later be the lot of any woman, not practicing power.

Why to alternate sprints and distance?

You may ask: «why do I need to run the distance, if it does nothing for my metabolism, and even increases appetite?». All of the energy deficit. You have to create it, only if the body gives the body fat. And the sprints at the Amateur level only then meet the condition of «promote metabolism» when they fast. Translated into available — you will just leave it out completely faster than you can burn significant number of calories. Here comes to the rescue and alternating types of workouts.

All schemes circulated on the Internet, actually — a product of someone’s personal experience. You must determine the acceptable load levels, only then classes will be effective and not traumatic, and you will lose weight, running.

How to start Jogging to lose weight?

The way of the training plan for the month, you can use this:

  1. start to run 5 km in a free, but pretty fast paced. Monitor pulse, it should not exceed 150 beats per minute, if you are 20-30 years old, and 140 — if more. If you missed less than 20 minutes, there’s no point in running this distance. Think about something like 10-12 km for the «long» run. Those who are «worth» between 20-30 minutes, can run 5-7 km distance. Others need serious work on fitness and endurance. They needed one additional session of cross training per week, elliptical trainer or swimming sports;
  2. now take a week to find out how you recover. Monday run 3 cut for 800 metres at a pace more rapid than distance. Try to rest to full recovery between sessions. Tuesday will assess the condition of the muscles of the legs, and most importantly — the feeling in the feet and joints. If you feel pain in the joints, you should run shorter distances. Start with the «explosive» running fast on 40 meters. Perform 10 reps, gradually increase to 40 cuts in 1 workout. Rest a minute between «explosions». Muscle pain is, but you can walk? Well, once a week you can run 3 at 800, working up to level 5 for 800 at a rapid pace. The pain is such that you can’t stand? Run 400 meters at a moderate pace, doing 4-5 reps per session;
  3. conditional environment we run 5 lines at 400 m. Further, the scheme of assessment is the same. Paralytic pain in joints and ligaments? I only run 100 meters 5 reps, 4-5 minute rest between runs. You can replace any plyometric training (jumping rope, jumping from squats «scissors», and so forth). The pain is mild, you can move? Leave. The pain is severe, but muscle? Work 200 m, for 3-5 repetitions;
  4. conventional Friday-run distance. And Saturday of the estimated recovery. If it is good, we can add another easy run on Sunday, or work out for 30-60 minutes on any cardio equipment

The correct running is controlled by exercise. Buy a heart rate monitor and track heart rate. During these cardio for weight loss you don’t have to «go» over 150 beats per minute range, and 16-170 during the sprint. Also, measure the heart rate at rest immediately after rising from bed. If the heart rate is above 69 alone, you should skip the workout in the day to avoid heart problems.

To lose weight, however, you can only respecting the rules of nutrition, and regularly practicing the power load. Choose the most convenient method of monitoring the diet — the Principle of Plates, counting KBZHU or diet Tag. Be persistent and do not expect quick results. You will definitely reach your goal.

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