How to remove the creases on the back

Scientists and nutritionists claim that to remove the folds of fat from the area of the back is very difficult, because the cause of them lies deep. To show off the photo, which shows a beautiful relief on the back in a dress with a long split back top, you need to put a lot of effort. In the course are diet, physical exercise in the gym, pool and at home.

How to remove fat from the back through diet

Any weight loss is carried out comprehensively, so the answer to the question of how to get rid of creases on the back, will begin with adjustments to diet. There is no specific diet aimed at weight loss only back, but there are General rules of reducing calorie intake. These include balanced diet, adherence to the norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, avoiding harmful foods and eating wholesome food.

What products should be abandoned

Junk food should not be present in the diet losing weight woman who wants to know how to remove the creases on the back. She should give up fatty, fried, salty. Banned:

  • potatoes, white rice;
  • sugar, confectionery;
  • mayonnaise, ketchup, store-bought sauces;
  • smoked meat, sausages;
  • sugary drinks, sodas, packaged juices;
  • fast food;
  • flour products.

White rice

What to include in a diet to remove the creases on the back

The basis of proper nutrition for a beautiful relief figures without fat is the inclusion in the diet of the following products:

  • products made of coarse flour, whole grains;
  • dairy products;
  • cereals, legumes, cereals;
  • vegetables, fruits low in sugar and starch;
  • lean meat, fish;
  • cheese;
  • dark chocolate in limited quantities;
  • clean water;
  • spices, can remove the fat: pepper, ginger, turmeric, garlic.

How to lose weight in the back with physical activity

When deciding on how to remove folds of fat on the back, the main rule will be a comprehensive approach to weight loss. If the total excess extra weight, you should start with weight loss body as a whole, and then proceed to the methods of local adjustment of the back. You can engage in at home or in the gym under the supervision of a fitness trainer. He will tell you how to adjust the load to «sculpt» the top muscles.

As the activity is perfect swimming, running, fast walking. These sports improve your posture, which leads to the elimination of the upper and lower body fat. Is to abandon the lift – it is better to replace it with a hike up the stairs, do water aerobics, a professional massage or use a massager at home. Posture corrector, reducing calories in the second half of the day will complement the physical exertion to remove the creases, so that the result will be noticeable faster.

She performs exercises on the gymnastic carpet

Exercises from wrinkles on the back at home

Women alone can complete a set of exercises that aims at how to remove folds of fat on the back. These include:

  1. Mixing and dilution of the blades. Clasping his hands behind his back, to try to reduce the blades to each other with straight back and outstretched Breasts. Kind of exercise is a quick note to owner – take them on dumbbells, pull forward, raise up to the maximum amplitude.
  2. The twists and turns. Loads of broadest muscle of back, pulling the lower side pleats. Place the feet shoulder width apart, take the shoulder with the arm back to the maximum, perform torso twists at the sides shaking movements with simultaneous stretching.
  3. Shuttle. Lie on the floor, stretch your arms forward, clench. To raise the arm with the shoulder at the maximum voltage of the back, parallel with the rise of direct legs. To swing in different directions.
  4. Cat. To bend the back, standing on all fours with maximum stretch arms forward. Stretch, concave stomach, arch your back arch. Is a kind of exercise when you need to climb in the same position under imaginary rope, stretched up to 0.3 m above the floor.
  5. Statics at the wall. To lean against the smooth surface of the buttocks and shoulder blades touch the entire back, without lifting the buttocks, return the torso to the side with your right hand touch your left. To do for different parties.

Girl doing exercise Boat

Exercises at the gym for women

No less effective to remove the fat folds on the back will help you exercise by using simulators. To perform their best under the guidance of coach in order to eliminate possible errors. Complex, which helps to remove the creases from the back:

  1. Deadlifts. Stand up straight with knees bent, raise the barbell from the push of the hips, simultaneously pulling vertically back into position with pivoted blades and outstretched Breasts. Lower by bending your knees and taking his buttocks back and lowering the back.
  2. The pull-UPS. Run on the simulator gravitron or independently by professionals. Grab hold of the simulator, push the muscles of the back, touching the bar with chest, straight shoulders.
  3. Hyperextension. Lie on machine with feet under the factory roll, the hip to put on the pillow, the pelvis is on the cutting edge. Keeping legs and spine straight, bend at the pelvis, descend with a straight back. To back up complicate dumbbells.
  4. Superman. Lie on the floor, simultaneously lift arms, legs, a chest, hold 2 seconds.
  5. Strap. Lie on the floor, leaning on toes, bend your elbows 90 degrees and go in the push-up position on your elbows, to straighten the spine without raising the buttocks and bending the back. To linger, to complicate the leg lift.

Anti-cellulite back massage

An effective way of addressing the question of how to remove the creases on the back, is cellulite massage. It can be easy to use, but it is better to save money and clean it yourself manual roller massager made of wood or plastic. His videos effectively improve blood circulation, stimulate and tone the skin by breaking down fat. To massage can be bare back or through clothing, as replacement is the torsion of the Hoop.

Massage combined with exercise – after it is necessary to move the massager on your back for 10 minutes and then 3-4 hours for another 15 minutes. Technique:

  • stand up, feet shoulder-width apart, place the massager on the lower back, to carry out transverse movements on the back to the armpits;
  • to put on side, quick movements to massage the lower oblique abdominal muscles, the broadest muscle of the back;
  • during the procedure you can return to do the bending, straighten up to cover all of the back muscles.

Girl doing a back massage

Water aerobics classes

Classic swimming or water aerobics will load your back muscles, contributing to weight loss. Because of the increased water pressure and resistance of flow during exercise is well loaded muscles. To remove folds from the back, you need to do twice a week for half an hour. A set of exercises in the pool for the back:

  1. To stand breast-deep in the water face to the land, back to straighten, hands put on the waist. Raise your right knee to its maximum height, take the leg back, lift without bending the back. Repeat on the other leg.
  2. Stand in water at chest and keep your back straight, feet slightly set. A hand pressed against his chest, the second to pull ahead. Beat the outstretched hand through the water with increased frequency and strength. Repeat for the other side.
  3. To stand in the water chest high, feet apart at shoulder width, hands stretched along the body. Straight legs to push off from the bottom, put one on and one ago. In parallel to work bent elbows, imitating the motion of the skier.

Video: how to remove folds from the back

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