How to remove fat from the back

Beautiful woman’s back is one of the attractive objects for many men. With that body you can wear tight clothes and things with deep necklines. However, with age, the folds on the back and sides of the hamper to look perfect, so it’s time to think about how to cope with the problem of excess deposits.

How to remove the creases on the back

First pay attention to the lifestyle that you lead. To remove fat from the back, tighten the skin, look fresh and fresh, to prefer physical fitness in the fresh air. It is necessary to move, to walk outside, active rest. The basic walk will help you lose weight. Try to climb the stairs, do not go home a few stops to walk around.

Be sure to sign up for a sport based on personal preferences, fitness, aerobics, yoga, gym or swimming. An effective option would be the pool at least twice a week. This option helps to give the figure of a woman graceful and slender. Posture will be smooth, while the back and sides – groomed, without the presence of body fat, cellulite, sagging skin areas. A comprehensive regular physical activity will help:

  1. remove fat from the back;
  2. to preserve youthfulness of the body;
  3. to improve health in General;
  4. to strengthen the immune system.

Another way to remove fat from the back, is the hula-Hoop. Unusual Hoop will help get rid of wrinkles on the back. Regularly it’s cool. Over time, to endure pain will be easier. However, not every girl is going to exhaust itself with trainings, so the rich ladies often do not seek the reason of excess weight, radically solving the problem. They do a liposuction – surgically is the easiest way to remove fat from the back.

Another way to remove fat or lose weight is diet: eating healthy foods, non-starchy foods, salty, spicy, sweet, smoked. Forget chips, crackers, Coca-Cola, French fries, hot dogs, cakes and other Goodies. Fill your menu lean meat, cereals, low fat dairy products, plenty of fruits, greens and vegetables. Pay special attention to how much fluid is consumed per day, strive to two liters of water.

The girl is training with a hula Hoop

How to lose weight in back training

In combination with a diet to remove fat will help regular exercises that are aimed at weight loss, muscle strengthening problem areas. Special strength training will help to give a perfect shape hard to reach areas – the back, shoulders, sides. One of the conditions for successful training is using dumbbells, but with a weight of no more than two pounds. Exercises uses weights, push-UPS, ball work or expander – each of the options of exercise for their own good for the back and waist.

How to get rid of back fat with easy exercise

Training with dumbbells is the easiest way you can quickly and easily remove fat from the back. With the right approach, these kinds of activities will help to get rid of excess deposits, purchase, beautiful, strong and elastic muscles without fat:

  1. Line, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the arms bend at the elbow part. The exercise is meant to dissolve hands in the parties and out to its original position. Do several sets of eight times.
  2. Stand up straight, place the arms along the body, taking dumbbells. Lift loads by bending your elbows. This exercise will help not only strengthen the back but to bring in the beautiful form of the hand, shoulder. Do every time not less than 12 repetitions.
  3. Put your feet up at shoulder level and arms parallel to the floor, bending at the elbow. Without stopping, raise your hands with dumbbells (4 repetition).

Girl does exercises with dumbbells

How to remove folds of fat on the back with push-UPS

Simple exercises that you can do daily at home will also help in resolving the issue, «how to remove fat from the back.» The first would be to bench press from floor:

  1. Position the body parallel to the floor, shifting all the weight on the hands. Bend your arms at the elbows fully touching the surface. The number of times you do this, which allows physical training, but it is desirable in one approach to do twelve to twenty push-UPS.
  2. If you do push-UPS on a horizontal surface is difficult, the exercise can be simplified while maintaining the effect. In this case, bend the knees, leaning his arms on the floor. Raise, then lower body 20-25 times. Knees off the floor impossible. Effective exercise is rowing on a horizontal surface: it relaxes the hands, but it helps to keep the body in good shape, remove excess fat from the back. Row at least three to five minutes.

The girl pressed by the floor

How to get rid of wrinkles on the back with the ball

Better if all the exercises are designed to burn extra folds, will be able to do in the complex. Classes with a rubber sports equipment is a great way how easy it is to remove fat from behind the woman. Do this:

  1. Settle belly down with straight feet, socks resting on the floor. Hands locked, lock behind the head, leaving the back straight, but slightly inclined down body. Start lifting your body up, with legs forming a straight line. Hold at the top for a few seconds, take an initial position. You can take an extra weighting in the form of dumbbells – so you can quickly remove excess fat.
  2. Lie on the exercise ball, belly, Breasts and hips, with emphasis feet in the corner. Hands fold in front of chest, sitting like schoolchildren behind a Desk, lying on the ball with your elbows. Pull coccyx, and the case cut from the ball, raising the arms forward turning the palm of your hand and dropping the blade. Hold this position several minutes, returning to the initial figure.
  3. Place the ball under the lower back, feet shoulder-width apart with the way to the floor. His knees bend at an angle of 95 degrees. The shoulders try to position below the chest and hands support the head. Exhale and lift the body, to the limit of the cutting press and a locking position for a few seconds. When you inhale return to your starting position. Perform each exercise at a slow pace: the speed will not help remove fat.

Girl doing exercises on the fitball

How to remove back fat with body wraps

To reduce the amount of several sizes, remove fat from the back and to get rid of cellulite will help the algae laminaria and fucus. After each procedure, the fat from the back and sides will dissolve and the skin becomes toned and elastic. Algae can be cold when the material is soaked for a few hours at a water temperature of 18-20 degrees, and hot (whether due to a half-hour exposure). Seaweed is applied on the skin, then wrap the body with cling film, warm blanket, leaving for 40 minutes.

There are plenty of other wraps, but the most effective is chocolate with cocoa powder. Importantly, this component was not allergic. Take 50-100 g of chocolate, a spoonful of water. Place all in a saucepan and heat until smooth in a water bath. Warm warehouse smudge on the back, wrap film, a warm blanket and wait a couple of hours. Instead of chocolate in sessions use cocoa powder with water, bringing it to the consistency of thick cream. Wraps will help to remove fat from the back even for one period of 8-10 treatments.

Video: how to remove the creases from the back using dumbbells

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