How to quickly get rid of the belly at home?

How to quickly get rid of the stomach on their own, without the help of a beauty salon? Some exercises will not be enough, and if you just «sit» on a diet, the result will also be long. At home it’s possible your chubby tummy to turn into flat, you only need to adjust the diet and drinking regime, to properly train, there are allowed foods and beauty treatments, what tell more.

The rules of weight loss

  1. Proper nutrition. The success of weight loss is 70% dependent on him.
  2. Moderate and constant exercise.
  3. Massage and wraps.
  4. Planned and systematic in their desire to lose weight.

Food: what to pay attention?

First of all it must be said that the appearance of the belly is the result of improper or excess food. If our body receives more calories than it needs for normal functioning, then of course he puts them in reserve. And the most «convenient» place for this is our stomach. It’s like «lifeline» in case of unforeseen circumstances. Hence the conclusion: to quickly get rid of the belly at home, you need to normalize food.

The average woman needs to consume at an inactive sedentary lifestyle no more than 1500 Kcal.

Armed with a pencil and piece of paper and count how many of these calories you eat per day. It is not difficult to do, on every packaging products, write their number. Considering guide the appropriate adjustment. But you need to adjust not only the quantity but also the quality of the food. There is a very simple rule: the fats in the body can turn into carbohydrates, and the carbohydrates into fats, but proteins can only come from food.

Useful and unprofitable products

Now, make a rough menu eaten per day and per week. And then count calories. You have in your hands a guide to action: adjust the meals so as not to go beyond the limit of calories. But remember, there are some important rules that must be considered in the case of rapid elimination of stomach at home:

1. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body should flow in the correct proportions.

  • Protein (1G of protein contains 4кал) should be in the daily diet from 58g to 87g for women and 65-117g — for men
  • Fats (1G of fat 9кал), respectively 60-102g and 70-154g
  • Of carbs (1G of fat 4кал) — from 256г to 586 norm one.

2. Proteins must enter the body in the norms, necessary for normal functioning, or instead fat will be burned proteins that make up muscles», and even weaken the immune system.

Fats and carbohydrates in any case should not exceed the norm.

3. Proteins contain lean meats: chicken breast, rabbit meat, fish, seafood, eggs, and nuts, legumes — these products must necessarily be in the diet. Moreover, please note that vegetable proteins our body needs 2/3 of the total number of 1/3 animals. This means that most should be beans and nuts and less meat, fish and eggs.

4. Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and other members of the fast feet contain large amounts of fat and carbohydrates (sometimes a hamburger is the daily requirement of calories) and contain almost no protein, so the amount of their consumption should be kept to a minimum. Undoubtedly, in some conditions – is an essential food product, but revising your habits can be quite some of them to abandon in favor of saving his health.

5. A little about the diet. There are different opinions how many times you need to eat: some nutritionists say that 5 times in small portions, others, many, but a few times two or three. Each one in its own right. It is better to eat on my own time, convenient to our body and relevant to our way of life. But one thing is certain – definitely need to eat in the morning, 1-2 hours after I woke up. And the food must be hearty, because a rested body requires food.

If there is no possibility to have Breakfast, let it be a full lunch, but Breakfast should be mandatory. You can’t eat later than 3 hours before bedtime, and this time the food should be very light and diet.

6. To make the menu better for the week ahead, considering in each dish the number of calories, so it will be more convenient to buy products and to adhere to the diet. Many meals to make diet, but a diet can be turned into calories. After all, our main desire. Cook the green peas and chicken breast, making cucumber salad — we get a great diet meal, unless you dressed the salad with mayonnaise and meat do not use oily sauce.

7. What is desirable is:

  • Vegetables and unsweetened fruits: cucumbers, cabbage of all varieties, onions and garlic, tomatoes, carrots, beets, zucchini and eggplant, but be sure to limit the amount of potatoes. Among fruit — apples, grapefruit, pomegranates, all the berries, but no sugar added;
  • Fish, better river, or other low-fat varieties. Welcome to the seafood and especially seaweed;
  • Mushrooms (be careful when cooking). They are very well absorb the fat;
  • Meat: chicken, lean pork, rabbit meat;
  • Peas, beans, corn, chickpeas;
  • From cereals – oats (oatmeal), buckwheat, barley;
  • Dairy products should be low fat milk, very well at night yogurt or yogurt cheese;
  • Walnuts, hazelnuts, prunes;
  • Spices – parsley, dill, turmeric, chili;
  • Sugar should be replaced with honey or to eat in very small quantities (1 tsp per day);
  • Rye bread or flour, but the cookies and other sweets should be limited and at the stage of losing weight and not eat. The exception is dark chocolate.

8. Now about the dishes. Undoubtedly, they should be healthy and tasty. But it is necessary to limit and minimize the use of fried foods. It contains a lot of saturated fat. Food should be easily digestible and calories in it should be no more than our bodies need. Eat what you like, suggest a diet, but remember the calories!!!! Someone who likes soup liquid, and someone like porridge – everyone has their own preferences.

No need to try to do the impossible, removing the belly in 10 days, and then 8 «having grown» it back. Accounting menu and selecting the products you need to remember that this is not a temporary action for weight loss and figure correction, and the constant vital necessity.

Pick foods and meals that you can eat for a long time.

Someone who likes to eat a lot- they need to choose products that are low in calories – cabbage, zucchini, mushrooms, cucumbers, be sure to lean meat and dairy products. Others prefer small portions – and more calories of the dish to eat. It is important that the amount of calories per day is not exceeded.

Drinking regime

A little about drinking. A banal truth that the person on 80% consists of water, has an iron base. Limiting the consumption of water is impossible to burn fat and especially to remove the belly, this method is dehydration of the body, this practice may reduce the stomach, but it can harm our health. Drink must much. With the fluid output from the body toxins and unnecessary waste products and the kidneys are cleaned. Limiting fluid intake, we condemn your body for the «blockage».

Drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day. This includes the liquid, the incoming liquid dishes, but it is to drink water — at least 1, 5L. May it be juice, black, green or herbal tea, coffee, but plain water should be as much as possible. The only exception is soft drinks, it is desirable not to drink at all.

Lifestyle: what should be?

The rules are simple and almost always and for all easily doable:

  1. Sleep should be 7-9 hours per day, a specific number of hours each person has his own. Who sleep 7 hours and feel rested, and the other — for this you need at least 9 hours.
  2. Sleep must be no later than 24 hours.
  3. Many people today lead a sedentary lifestyle. It must be «diluted» with additional physical exercise. In our case they are required.
  4. Get up in the morning and goes to bed should always approximately at the same time. So our body gets used, and no harm will succumb to stress.
  5. You need to eat the same number of times on different days: three, four, or five, but every day the same number of times and at the same time.

Exercises from belly at home

A separate item in the matter how to quickly get rid of the abdomen in the home are physical exercise. They will eventually lead to a beautiful flat tummy. Immediately, we note that it is only by taking special training, you can achieve minor results, that is the efforts will be large, and the results are very minor. According to the statics, flat stomach only 30 percent depends on exercise.


the most effective and easiest method to remove belly fat at home is a hula Hoop. Buy it, or any other Hoop, and spin every day for 15-20min. It will be a great warm-up before exercise. Follow a few simple rules:

  • The Hoop must be heavy for you
  • Need to twist in both directions
  • The amount of time you need to increase: 5 -7 -10 min.

Don’t do first large amplitude motions, so as not to harm the spine.

For exercises with a hula-Hoop there are a number of contraindications: diseases of kidneys, female genital organs, the liver.

By the way, the exercises with the Hoop can be replaced with a jumping rope. Doing these exercises, start with small amounts and increase the load. They should be tangible only in this case will benefit from them.

If these exercises are not enough (in more advanced cases) you can access the following:

  1. Well-known AB crunches: hands behind the head raising and lowering to its original position the torso. A variation: lift your legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Exercise can be difficult, lifting legs 45 degrees and drawing them in the air the numbers 1, 2, 3…, when he reached a hundred, consider yourself as.
  2. Very effective twist: lie on back raise knees to elbows and return to starting position. Starting position: lying on back, hands behind head, knees raised, while the feet remain on the floor. Exercise: pull knees alternately up to the elbows of the opposite hands, left knee – right elbow, right knee left elbow. Move the knees, but the head and the elbows remain in place. Start with 7-10 times for three sets. As fitness increase every 10 days 1 times.
  3. Reverse curl: now the feet remain standing in place and moving the arms and torso. The number and combination of exercises are the same.
  4. Leg swings can be of several types. Mahi lying down, lying on side, hand behind head, the second along the body, or (if hard) front legs extended, raise the leg up to the possible height. The foot is straight (not pulling straight). Back back, hands behind your head and do a turn each leg swings to a height of 90 degrees, then turn on the other side and swing the other leg similarly. Each type of swings should be done 15-20 times for three sets, increasing their number every 10 days for 2-5.
  5. Mahi can be done on his knees and leaning his hands on the floor, that legs alternately to the level of a straight line with your back. These exercises should be done at least 20 times each leg for three sets, increasing the Mach number by 5 every 10 days.
  6. If possible, it is desirable to make the lifting of the torso. Starting position: lying on back, hands behind head, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, on my stomach athletics pancake weight of 2kg (you can also use any heavy object of the weight). Feet remain on the floor. Raise the torso (pelvis) and return to starting position. Do exercise at least 20 times in three sets. The amplitude increase of 2-3 for 10 days.
  7. You can do exercises or some of them, whatever you like. Mandatory rule of the foot is not drawn (by pulling the foot train completely different muscle).

Now on the frequency: in the ideal doing exercises for weight loss belly and sides every day, but here the rule lies in the regularity. Can two or three times a week – the result will be that only the less to do the more time it will take to achieve it. Duration of training 15-20min a day.

Wrap vs belly fat

The result of all measures taken, the stomach will decrease, but it will contribute to appearance of stretch marks and folds. To eliminate them at home, it is advisable to apply the wrap. It will help to restore skin elasticity and make it smooth and moisturized. At home the most effective method is the body wrap.

Process. Apply on the skin of the abdomen of honey, diluted with mustard, chili, or a specially prepared composition. Wrapped in cling film, warm towel and rest for 15-20 min. Then wash off the remainder under a warm shower and apply on the skin of the abdomen cellulite cream (but you can just nutritional). The procedure is finished. Here are some effective formulations for wraps:

  • vinegar (Apple, wine , but in any case, not a regular table!);
  • organic coffee (can be brewed without additives thick) is applied in the form of a slurry; it is possible to add a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon and a spoonful of honey;
  • a couple of spoons of honey and one spoon of cinnamon powder to melt in water bath;
  • a couple of spoons of honey and a teaspoon of mustard powder, you can add a spoon of olive oil or thick cream;
  • three tablespoons milk, one spoon of cocoa powder, pinch of chili pepper. Mix hot, apply a warm.

You can turn around and for a few hours – to do it well with cocoa powder or natural dark chocolate. Recipe: dissolve 4-5ложек cocoa powder in warm milk to make a paste, add a few drops of oil of cinnamon or honey. The mixture is applied to the bandages that wrapped tummy. On top of the already known food wrap, and under a blanket for a couple of hours. Then all wash off with warm water.

Do wrap in a day or three times per week, duration of treatment 4-6 weeks, then discontinue for a month. It would be nice to alternate any trains.

Important rules

  • before doing a wrap — make sure you have the components of the mixture are not allergic;
  • you have no diseases that exclude a particular component or wrap in General, for example, cinnamon can be applied to those who have varicose veins, benign tumor, just a high pressure;
  • do not apply on damaged skin;
  • if you bake much, you need to stop, even if the time has not yet emerged;
  • don’t keep the mixture longer than the recipe recommends.

Massage against belly: secrets

Massage is one of the effective and pleasant procedures for the rapid disappearance of stomach at home, it can be a substantial help in the fight against belly. This massage has a number of features to consider at home:

  1. The massage is done only on an empty stomach
  2. The body before the massage must be well heated with a hot bath
  3. Hands, unaccustomed to such exertion quickly tired, but the procedure should last at least 15min. Since it’s the desired result.
  4. You need to massage in a clockwise direction.
  5. When properly performed, massage should not remain bruises, they only reduce the effect.

How to get rid of belly fat the man?

According to the characteristics of physiology, men to cope with their growing belly easier. But there is a problem which for many men is almost irresistible – restricted diets. Any man will say that a diet is something out of science fiction. There is only one piece of advice: to fight belly men need to help increase physical activity. Jogging in the morning (the more distance, the better), strengthened by gymnastics, exercises for the muscles of the back and shoulders.

Will help any physical activity, just don’t increase the amount eaten. Can increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits which will also give your results. Do not neglect massage, body wraps.

And last: the first results will appear after three to four weeks after the beginning of active actions. This is the best and harmless to our body chart. After all, we want to be pretty, not sick. But if there are no results so incorrectly counted the number of calories or nutrition is a space, for example, missed coffee with a hot dog during the break, or favorite candy.

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