How to tighten ass

To be the owner of a beautiful, resilient «the fifth point» the dream of every girl, because it is very popular with the men. To tighten it will help only by constant training, performing special exercises. If you too are among the women who dream to get seductive forms, read how to do it.

How quickly pump up the ass

First of all you should understand the physiology of the female body. The gluteal muscles are three pairs of small, medium, large. Last in the body the largest and most powerful. It starts at the pelvic bone, attached to the inner surface of the thigh. All the gluteal muscles are used for bending and deviations of the thigh, gives a person the opportunity to keep the torso in an upright position. They sometimes lose their tone, then their needs to be tightened. If you want to have a beautiful buttock, you should do exercises to swing the above-described muscles.

Remember about the General principles of training, if you want to achieve real results:

  1. Owners of small pelvis, which I think how to tighten your butt, need to pay attention to exercises with big weights. You need to train twice a week with a 48-hour break.
  2. If the priest is not just limp, but very large, do focus on exercises with small weights, pull-UPS. However, training will need to make 6 consecutive days, with one day off.
  3. Be sure to hit the ground running to pull up the ass. Add in the training program cardio.
  4. Make a diagram of the classes for a certain period of time. Periodically fix the photo results of how you managed to pull ass to compare them and see the progress. This will help you to stay on track.
  5. You need to do 30 minutes to an hour to pull up the ass. Can start small and then gradually increase the duration.
  6. If you just sit on the couch, for example, reading or watching TV, tense, and then relax your buttocks, it will also help to tighten.
  7. Eat right, avoid sweets, fried and fatty treats. Eat small portions six times a day, drink plenty of fluids to pull up the ass. Otherwise all the efforts will be in vain.

She runs in the city

How to pump ass squats

Very simple and effective method that is ideal for tighten the buttocks. There are General rules of performing sit-UPS, which must be adhered to:

  1. Be sure to strain the stomach.
  2. Back hold still during the squats, the lower back should be in its natural state, without excess deflection.
  3. During the exercise, firmly push your heels to the floor.
  4. The breathing should be slow and measured. On the squat – inhale on the lift – exhale.
  5. The wider you place the feet, the more strain is placed on the gluteal muscles.
  6. Squat slowly and deeply.
  7. Keep your head straight, do not point looking at the floor.

A set of squats in order to pump the ass at home:

  1. Standing with a straight back and feet placed shoulder-width apart, begin to gradually descend until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Do not push the knees forward strongly, allot ass. Do the day three sets of squats 15-30 times (lower dose).
  2. Plies. To pull up the ass, spread your legs slightly wider than shoulders. Try to maximize the foot in side to one sock looked to the left and the other right. With your back straight begin to squat. Go down until the hips will not be located in the legs at a right angle. Slowly rise up. Do 10 sit-UPS 5 sets with five minute breaks.

Girl shows how to properly squat

How to pump up the buttocks with leg swings

The types of exercises that will help tighten up the ass:

  1. Hold onto the back of a chair. Flap in the side and back alternately for one or the other leg to pull up the ass. The back should be kept straight. The knees of both legs should not bend.
  2. Get on your knees. Leg swings from this position, perform ago. Do 3 sets: 15, 10, and 15 repetitions for each lower limb. The muscles of the buttocks should be as tense.
  3. Lie on a Mat on your side, prop head with hand to elbow contact with the floor. Inhaling, raise the leg to pull up the ass, watch the straightness of your knees. The lifting angle must not exceed 70 degrees. Repeat 15 times on both sides.

How to pump up the ass tendencies

Remember and do at home the following:

  1. Become exactly. Legs spread to the sides, hands rest on the waist. Inhaling, tilt the torso forward. Tighten your abs and follow the straightness of the back. Slowly exhale, tighten your glutes. Return to starting position with the same smoothness. Repeat 15 times twice with 10 minute interval.
  2. Become exactly. Legs crossed. Grab a dumbbell or other weights. Lean forward, keep your back straight. Pointe, keeping arms extended in front of him. Do 20 exercises, putting forward different legs.
  3. Dead lift. Spread your feet wider than shoulder width. With dumbbells in hands, bend down, putting your buttocks back. Repeat 4 times for 12 exercises. Gradually increase the weight dumbbells.

A girl performs an exercise with a barbell

How to download ass leg lifts

Try these exercises:

  1. Bend your knees lying on the stomach. Hands interlock lock under the chin. In turn, raise the knees from the Mat as you can. This should be done slowly. Hold a few seconds, the knee above the floor, and then slowly lower. Repeat 10-15 times on each leg.
  2. Standing on all fours, lean on her hands. One leg pull parallel to the floor. Lift it, much straining muscles of the buttocks. Lower slowly feeling the tension. Make each leg 25 times.

How to tighten your buttocks lunges legs

Effective exercises at home:

  1. Hands with dumbbells lower down. Capture sharp, wide lunge foot forward. My hands spread them apart. The body should remain straight. The knee of the leg you leave behind, you need to touch the floor.
  2. Become straight. Keep your hands at waist. Make a dramatic lunge forward with one leg, second knee touch the floor. Do not take the original position. From this position, slightly rising, take another lunge forward, but the other leg.

Girl doing lunges with dumbbells

How to pump up the buttocks by lifting the pelvis

How to tighten butt with exercise:

  1. Lying down one leg pull up and keep straight. Tighten your muscles and lift your pelvis, hold for a few seconds. Do each leg 20 times.
  2. Lie on the floor. Bend your legs and pull up so close to the Pope as I can. Keep your arms stretched along the body. Slowly, feeling the tension of every muscle, raise the pelvis. Wait in this «bridge» for a few seconds. Lower the pelvis slowly. Do 3 sets: 15, 13, 10 times.
  3. Lie on the floor. Extend one leg, and the second bend in the knee. Lift your pelvis higher. Feet must not leave the starting position. Each do 15 exercises.

Video: how to tighten ass


Tanya, 24 years

I’m trying to watch my figure and for many years engaged in the gym. I’m not full, but pop me hanging, it’s too heavy. Struggling with this lack of sit-UPS, claps and strap. Constantly doing photo. During the month of training form has improved, but better still. I want to go to the beautician and to try wraps for skin.

Irina, 33 years

After giving birth my body was not to know, looked at photo before pregnancy and roared. I really wanted to understand how to tighten sagging buttocks and thighs, because they looked terrible. Village on a diet and started to do at home: squats, was looking for exercises on the Internet and repeated. Through the month of training began to look better, but still continue to do.

Mary, 27 years

I have too big and round ass. Trousers or jeans it looks very unattractive. In the gym I was recommended the option of charging for strengthening muscles, with the aims of to reduce buttocks. Engaged for six months. The figure began to look more spectacular, however, there are still many things to work on.

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