How to overcome the feeling of hunger when losing weight

How to overcome the feeling of hunger when losing weightDuring the diet the question of how to overcome the feeling of hunger becomes most relevant. If a strict diet, and you are not used to such a meager diet, the desire to eat is stalking everywhere. But, first, this is a great way to test their willpower, and second, there are methods on how to muffle feeling of hunger, and today we shall acquaint you with them.

The main thing in all this topic to know what diet suits you and will not harm your health or your normal physiological processes in the body.

If you are starving on the advice of a doctor, feel free to use all of the following recommendations on how to suppress appetite for weight loss.

Dieticians and psychologists in one voice say that the fight against hunger and the refusal of food it is necessary to use as seldom as possible. Much more effective for weight loss to divide the ration into smaller portions and eat «like a bird», but often. Our recommendations are aimed at those people who even observing all the rules of sparing diet, I cannot deny myself the pleasure to eat something else. At night, for example.

10 ways to beat hunger

  1. Stress

Hunger is a strong sense aimed at survival. To force the body to switch with him required even more strong emotions. For example, fear. You can create a nice stress matter how unusual it may sound. Ways to weight: remember that soon summer/wedding/birthday/photo shoot, and you are still far from ideal. Scrolling this idea in my head again and again, and also consider yourself in the mirror.

Another option – let’s see some spine-chilling horror movie. Preferably with disgusting scenes, so you will feel fear and aversion to food.

  1. Hungry – drink some water

This is perhaps the most effective way to fight hunger. Often people confuse hunger with thirst, consequently eats his fill, consuming quite unnecessary calories. To avoid this, keep constantly on hand a glass of water, especially during the diet. Water fills the stomach, slake the appetite. There is one «but»: it is much quicker digestive path, and also easily out of the body as he entered. Conclusion: water you need to drink a lot, not allowing the stomach to empty.

Drink a glass of water is very useful before each meal, for 20-30 minutes before him. So less likely that you’ll eat for dinner whatever you find in your fridge, because the stomach is already partially full.

  1. Separate food

To hunger is not pinned to the wall, eat throughout the day evenly. If you, for example, ate lunch, got mad at myself and decided that until the next day not a crumb in a mouth will not take, it is unlikely to work. But if the next day you eat 5-6 times, but portions the size of a fist, it’ll unload your digestive system and not have to look for methods on how to satisfy hunger in the evening.

  1. Eat on a schedule

Our body is quite possible to tame, and people is much different from Pavlov’s dogs who responds in a certain way to the same signal. What we’re trying to say: start eating at the same time, and every day the body will feel hungry only at these moments. For example, take food is strictly 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 o’clock, the gastric juice will begin to stand out only shortly before the set time, and you’ll be ready by the time we get famine. Even if you do not have time to adjust to the schedule of a hectic day, eat at least a banana and even Apple.

  1. Make friends with oils

These little vials of essential oils can help in almost any situation: if you need to, calm, cheer you up, lull, distract. We are interested in the last of their property. The question of how to overcome hunger during weight loss, it helps the smells of vanilla, citrus, patchouli, mint, oregano, dill, lavender, rose, etc., of course, only if you find it pleasant and does not cause negative emotions.

There are even special inhalation to satisfy the constant feeling of hunger!

Take a piece of Apple and a piece of peeled banana, sprinkle with the vanilla and add peppermint oil. The entire mixture is heat in vegetable oil, covered with a lid. After you begin to stand out aroma, remove from heat and inhale the vapor. Hunger dulled 5-10 minutes.

  1. Eat Breakfast myself!

That’s when you can not indulge in food – so this morning, of course, if the morning starts you do not the afternoon.

This gives you several advantages: first, instead of looking for options how to beat the evening hunger, think about how wonderful you will have Breakfast tomorrow morning, you will be grateful to me for being not off diet, you will become closer to its slimness for another day! By the way, when the evening refuse to eat, in the morning hunger is not felt so much. Think about it, when you look for a way to fight hunger in the evening.

Second, good and hearty Breakfast in the morning, you reduce the chances of being hungry throughout the day. Especially if you love cereal and don’t be lazy to cook them for Breakfast. Cereals are digested in the stomach long enough, and it means that hunger will not disturb you.

  1. Chew carefully

During meals insufficient time and intensity of chewing food can affect what you absorb much more and hungry much faster. Hence, questions arise as to remove the feeling of hunger when dieting. The slower and more carefully you chew during a meal, the sooner will come the feeling of satiety. Besides, this is a very attractive way to make a new taste of food and every meal to make it special.

  1. Meditate

Many people think that meditation is something complex and incredible, to what Buddhist monks strive years. In fact, meditation can be very simple. For example, sit for several minutes, focusing only on your breath, release all thoughts and feelings and follow only one breath. Doing so for some time (even 10 minutes will be enough), you calm down, stop thinking about food and how to overcome the feeling of hunger in the evening.

  1. Choose foods

Not all of the foods on the diet are equally harmful. If you want to experience the feeling of hunger for a while, to eat fat burning foods, or foods with very low caloric content. For example, a’s get cracking celery or fresh cabbage leaves. Cut and eat a grapefruit, if you have no diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Even fresh strawberries solved! Moreover, in General contributes to how not to feel hungry.

  1. Can diet not for you?

Think about it, what is the reason for the constant feeling of hunger? Maybe you have started too abruptly or wrong? Maybe the products that you use, not enough to saturate the body. In this case, we recommend you add food Chia seeds. They have very low calorie content, but long to digest and well satisfies hunger.

In the end, even if you are broke and no effective ways to overcome appetite, did not help, don’t beat yourself up and do not do from this tragedy. It is also not a reason to discontinue to adhere to the chosen diet. Nothing wrong with that. Remember that you are not doing this for someone, and for myself, and no frustrations with diet or other minor woes don’t deserve your worries and nerves!


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