How to make a flat stomach

For most people, the problem in achieving a perfect figure becomes the waist area. Excess fat can be removed, if diet, to go to training. Beautiful and flat stomach in a week is impossible, so be prepared for waist reduction you will need from 1 to 3 months.

How to make a flat stomach

To begin to solve the problem, you need to find out the cause of the growth of the abdomen. Sometimes even the skinny guys and girls, he sticks out even in the absence of excess weight. It is logical that the diet a woman or a man is not needed, but then what’s the problem? Sometimes this effect appears due to weak abdominal muscles, internal organs like a «bulge». In this case, it is necessary to bring the press tone and strengthen muscle fibers. If the cause was the excess fat, you will have to work more in the direction of weight loss.

Often people trying to achieve a beautiful press, will immediately begin to perform the twisting. Without nutritional intervention the effectiveness of such events is zero. The volume on the sides and abdomen can be eliminated only with the right selection of healthy foods and excluding harmful. The first task for those who are thinking how to make flat belly diet. On the second place there are special exercises that will not increase your waistline (this happens when building muscle) and strengthen muscles, making them elastic.

Another important factor for the goal to make a flat stomach – posture and healthy sleep. Stress and nervous feelings sometimes become the reason of growth hormones, which affect the accelerated deposition of fat on the sides and belly. Try to avoid unnecessary worries, time to go to sleep, avoid drinking alcohol. Posture greatly affects the appearance, so slouching or excessive deflection in the lower back will make the belly bigger.

Girl with flat stomach

Food for a flat belly

Fat accumulation in the waist tells about the predominance in the diet of fast carbs, which are often transformed into excess weight. You should exclude from your menu, buns, pizza, cakes, pastries and other food with high calories. You can not use fried oil food, better meat to cook on the griddle pan or cooking. With a strong thrust to sweet for a day, eat a piece of dark chocolate.

Diet to maintain a flat stomach involves the consumption of fruits and vegetables, but in small portions, because they tend to stretch the stomach. Because of this, often experience the feeling of hunger. Drink more water, green tea to maintain balance. Stop salting your food, it is better to use soy sauce. Salt tends to hold fluid in the body, which provokes not only overweight, but cellulite. To speed up the excretion of water from the body, you need to eat potassium-rich foods:

  • papaya;
  • avocado;
  • melon;
  • mini-bananas.

Per day should be 4-5 meals in small portions. When you feel 80% full, stop eating, the remaining 20% saturation will come within 10 minutes. This will protect you from overeating. During the meal, carefully chew food. This will facilitate the task of the stomach and not allow any air, which sometimes leads to bloating.

Girl holding a melon

How to get a flat stomach with exercise

Along with a diet for a flat stomach, you should perform workouts to tighten abs and other muscle groups of the female or male body. Every morning is recommended exercises to strengthen the body processes to improve metabolism. It doesn’t have to be a complete fitness workout, 10 minutes will be enough warm-up. Your program flat tummy is a must, cardiotraining: running, work on the bike etc. It will speed up the process of weight loss. If excess fat on the flanks and belly not, then you should immediately go to crunches.

It is important to note that the load on the press can give static and dynamic. The first strengthens the muscles without increasing the volume. This is the best way to make a flat stomach, no «cubes». If you need relief, you need to perform dynamic load, for example, twisting all parts of the abdomen. Most athletes combine both of these exercises.

How to make a thin waist and flat stomach with aerobics

The most effective way to burn fat – cardiorespiratory training. Is any load that loads the cardiovascular system, raising your pulse rate up to the upper line. Such exercises include aerobics. Dynamic classes, in which very little time is given to rest between exercises, stimulate the process of losing weight, the figure becomes slender and toned. During exercise involves all muscle groups, but exercises for the abs are no different from conventional crunches in the gym. The main feature of aerobics – high intensity.

Group classes aerobics

Exercise for a flat stomach on the top of the press

Many athletes separated into upper abs, lower division. Such a division is conditional, because the proper technique of performing exercises all parts of the abdominal muscles act at the same time. Various options of exercises designed to accented to work on the part of the press which works to a lesser degree. Here are a few effective options for the upper division:

  1. Starting position – lie on the floor. Hook feet for something, for example, sofa, battery, wardrobe. Put your Hands behind your head, elbows spread out to the sides. Drag the chin forward to lift the trunk completely not necessary, because the load to shift on the lower back. You should curl (from this the name – twisting), slightly propped. Imagine that you are trying to touch the chin to the navel.
  2. For this exercise you will need a bench with a negative slope. This type of twisting is intended for advanced athletes who have already strengthened the press and need additional load. Follow the same twisting, but due to the negative tilt this exercise becomes 2-3 times more difficult.
  3. One of the variants of static load – at the same time, lift the enclosure 30 degrees and legs. The body will take position resembling the letter «V», hold it as long as possible.

Effective flat stomach exercises for oblique muscles

Those stomach muscles the girls should be trained very carefully. If the pump much «bokovuhe», they will increase the waist, and it will not make the figure slender. Men about this issue you should not worry about this «side effect» solved by increasing shoulder girdle muscles that balances the figure. You can use such options exercise the lateral muscles:

  1. Lay on the floor, something soft. Lie on his back, raise legs, bending them at the knees. Put your Hands behind your head. Start, move your legs as if you pedal a Bicycle, reach the opposite elbow to the knee. Do 15-20 repetitions.
  2. The side plank. Exercise creates a static load, which is great if you need to strengthen the oblique muscles without enlarging them. Lie on side, raise up on your elbows so that he was under the shoulder. Hold this position as long as possible.
  3. Take the stamp, put it on the shoulders. Feet slightly apart, turn right and left. Additional weight at the extreme points will cause the body to strain the side abdominal muscles.

Girl does exercise Side plank

A set of exercises for a flat stomach on the lower press

Many men and women problem is the lower part of the abdomen, which in everyday life receives little natural load. To tighten this area, you can do the following exercises:

  1. To make a flat press will help lift leg raises. Grasp hold of the bar, without swinging, raise your legs up, then slowly lower down, not throw them. This version of the exercises too complicated and suitable for advanced athletes.
  2. Twisting the focus. In gyms there is a special trainer, as a rule, it includes uneven bars, horizontal bar and armrests with backrest. Need to get him to take up the pen, his back firmly pressed. Need to raise not just the legs, try to pull the pelvis to his chest. Only by doing so, you will have to load the lower part of the press.
  3. If you train at home, then do the above exercise you can lay on the floor. Hold hands on the sofa, the table, to lock the case. Raise legs, straining the lower part of the press.
  4. If you want to give a static load to make a flat stomach and avoid the increase in muscle mass you can perform this option. Starting position described above, raise the legs to 30 degrees from the floor and hold as long as possible.

Girl doing abdominal exercises in the gym

How to make flat stomach in a month with the help of respiratory gymnastics

To remove excess fat will help breathing exercises. To obtain a slim figure not only using physical exercises. The most effective way to do abs is the exercise «Vacuum.» It is regularly used by Arnold Schwarzenegger, he was able to achieve amazing results in building muscle but unlike modern bodybuilders, he had a protruding belly. Running exercise in the following way:

  1. Get on all fours, slightly rotten back.
  2. Exhale, then take a sharp, deep breath and release the air completely.
  3. At this time you need to suck in her stomach and flexing.
  4. At the same time involved all departments of the press, working on muscle fibers, even the deepest.
  5. Hold such as 10-12 seconds. Be careful, that you don’t start to feel dizzy.

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