How to lose weight child

Currently, there is a General tendency to overeat resulting from the consumption of poor quality food and low physical activity. Often victims of a modern lifestyle become teenagers who spend most of their time with computers and prefer «fast» food healthy nutrition.

Causes of obesity in adolescence

A teenage boy with obesity

A feature of recent years is the displacement of the lower age limit of obesity towards children and adolescents. Teenagers experiencing a variety of precipitating factors leading to the recruitment of extra pounds. Sedentary lifestyle, fast food, hormonal changes, stresses – all of these negative aspects do not give to a teenager to lose weight.

How to reduce weight by 5-10 kg without harm to health

Metabolism in adolescents occurs with greater intensity than adults. For this reason, to lose about 7 pounds in the month (before the summer) will not make the child easy. First of all, the teenager need to determine the amount of extra pounds and create a personal nutrition program. It is important to know that nutritionists recommend children to reduce the weight of not more than three pounds per 1 week. How to lose weight Teens:

  • compliance with the diet;
  • refusal of food, soft drinks;
  • the allocation of time for physical activity.

Both boys and girls to help you to lose weight without dieting

Boy choosing between an Apple and a hamburger

An important role in the whole process of weight reduction is played by the parents of the child. Adults should help to reduce overweight your child, to be in solidarity with him in this issue, to show an interest in the success of a teenager as you move through the program. How to make lose weight of a teenager? You can’t call a child fat and cause it to constantly exercise. Parents can take steps to help your teen lose weight:

  • to balance the child’s diet;
  • to support the teenager personal example;
  • explain to the teenager the harmfulness of overeating.

How to eat to lose weight

Kids Teens with food for proper nutrition

A balanced diet prevents the development of gastritis in children and helping Teens safely lose weight. As a healthy alternative to fast food you can offer your child a functional food «energy Diet» that consists of smoothies, cereals, and other products. How to lose weight the lazy teenager? The following simple tips will help even the most phlegmatic child to avoid obesity:

  • the teenager must eat strictly according to the schedule;
  • do not consume food after 19:00;
  • teenager should abandon fast food, sausage, smoked products with fat;
  • a child needs to consume more fruits and vegetables.

Sample menu teenage diet for a week

Restrictive measures in the period of puberty of a teenager should be administered with extreme caution. The main condition of the correct organization of dietary nutrition of the child is usefulness. The accelerated pace of development of the teenager require a large amount of energy, so it is important to provide the growing body with all essential nutrients. Sample menu for each day for teenagers looks like this:

Age Menu
Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
11 years Cheese or oatmeal (160 g), egg, hard-boiled, tea Vegetable soup, chicken breast (140 g) Apple or pear Boiled fish (160-170 g)
12 years Low-fat yogurt (160 g), tea without sugar Veal (150 g), 2 tomatoes. Boiled chicken without spices (150 g), compote of dried fruits
13 years Omelette, tea Vegetable soup, cabbage salad 200 g of any low-fat dairy product Poultry fillets (150 g) or fish (180 g)
14 years Millet porridge (160 g) or 2 eggs, tea A piece of boiled beef (160 g), 2 cucumbers
15 years Yogurt (200 g), a handful of dried fruit
16 years Buckwheat or oatmeal, tea Vegetable soup, boiled beef (150 grams), tomatoes Kefir or yogurt Jacket potatoes (2-3 pieces), coleslaw, unsweetened fruit compote
17 years A plate of vegetable soup (200 ml), vegetable salad Boiled Turkey fillet (160 g), 2 cucumbers

Effective exercises for weight loss

Obese adolescents

With regular exercise you can forget about the extra pounds without taking pills and severe limitations in food. Medications this plan is not a panacea for obesity. Pale skinny girls have recently become the standard of beauty, but teenagers should not succumb to these imposed standards. To lose weight at home quite easily by performing the following exercises:

  1. Squats will have a great pull up the ass, if you need to adjust the hips (thighs) then you should exercise 3-4 approach, alternately turning the toes inwards and outwards.
  2. To remove belly fat you can exercise with the load on the press.
  3. Fast Hiking with a speed of 2 steps per second will make the body of a teenager to lose the accumulated pounds at an accelerated pace.

How-to videos on losing weight for teenagers 13-16 years old

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