How to lose weight in my stomach and sides? Diet, what to eat, how to train

Usually how to lose weight and to remove belly and flanks don’t know everything. And what gives us the collective mind? Of course, to do the slopes, rock press, wrapped in plastic wrap, rubbing, smearing, eat only vegetables or only meat. Great? And not very much. Do to reduce weight such manipulation can be one, body fat goes reluctantly, and to download the press does not mean to make a flat stomach, if you incorrectly perform exercises. Fortunately, the situation is easy to fix.

How to eat to lose weight in my stomach and sides?

Dispel some well-established myths. Usually slimming abdomen and sides to offer:

  1. to restrict your diet only fruits and vegetables. Many write that it is very helpful to lose weight stomach and hips, but this statement has nothing to do with reality. Such an unbalanced diet lead to the deterioration of the hormonal system and «teach» the body to low calories. Most people after recovering them, and we are not talking about a modest 2 kg, and what kind of 5-7 kg, and it’s a clothing size. First kilos of fruit or vegetables may seem like a sufficient quantity of food, but on the second or third day comes a severe famine. So, increasing the likelihood of breakdown. In the end, fruit and vegetable diet and start again, going through the cycle again and again. But the goal is not achieved;
  2. to completely eliminate fruits, cereals, sweets and other carbohydrate sources. Eating only meat and vegetables in the form salads. The first time it works and you will lose weight rapidly. But after a week and a half has problems with digestion and bowel, constipation, worsens the skin condition and…increasing the weight because of edema and slow metabolism. Such diets are dangerous to the thyroid gland, and can frequent use cause hypothyroidism;
  3. to lose weight in the abdomen and sides, not to eat anything and only drink. It drinking diet often invited to «from the belly». Not surprisingly, it becomes flat, but the body is critical will receive less calories. In the end, drinking diet slipping into drinking large amounts of caffeine, which can be dangerous for the heart muscle, and huge doses of liquid. It overloads the kidneys, liver and can cause serious diseases. In addition, refusal of food able to provoke anorexia or bulimia, when a person is unable to stop and not just ruining your health and slowly killing myself.

Meanwhile, the scientific sources are no diets from stomachs do not offer. Nutritionists believe that if you follow a normal balanced diet, your belly will also weight, along with the sides and other parts of the body. And adjust the shape using strength training and not looking for another magical celery.

«Diet for flat belly»: the basic principles

Instantly improve the situation is the rejection of foods that cause fluid retention in the body and bloating. Each person has an individual list of such food, but can help you the rejection:

  • white bread, white rice, pasta of fine flour;
  • soy protein shakes and bars with content that is useful, but not suitable for prone to problems with the stomach people plants;
  • ready-made sauces from the supermarket, they contain thickeners, which retain water in the tissues and a lot of salt;
  • excess caffeine, including energy and when

Much easier to get a flat stomach if you spread the meals throughout the day. You should eat every 3-4 hours, portions should be average size, not «puppet», as you’ll need a lot of fiber, and not huge. It is best to measure portions using your own fist. Squeeze it and eat two doses of salad with any vegetable oil, one porridge of whole grains and one of meat, fish or poultry.

Lunch and snack make fruit-nut. Two «fist» portion of fruit and one with a third knuckle — nuts. Who so hard — a portion of nuts for women about 12 pieces. You can replace it with half an avocado or a little butter to your morning toast, then one of the snacks will be free from fat. So, 5 meals will provide you with everything you need.

Fat whether the stomach, if you have desserts? Depends on how much and what. Cottage cheese with a small amount of cinnamon, you can at least every day. But the products with sugar, flour, fructose and maltitol — should eat no more than 1-2 times a week.

You can replace the oatmeal in a dry portion of crispbread no added salt, but not on a simple bread with baking powder. Allowed consumption of rye «gostovskaya» bread with a short shelf life without sugar and margarine in the composition.

Faster to make a flat stomach will help salads with vegetable oil, preferably olive, extra virgin, pure and simple water.

How to train?

Thank you also a fitness instructor who «knows the secret exercises against stomach and sides». You’re just trying to spin money. To lose weight the belly and flanks of exercises that would burn fat aiming where we want, do not exist. You just need a good balanced plan for weight loss, and a pair of power exercises for abs at the end of training.

And to do crunches from the supine position — not the best option. Learn to socks to raise the bar on the bar and stand in the posture strap. These movements will help you become stronger overall, and «pump up» the transverse abdominis, which is responsible for the waist.

Do 3-4 weight training a week, working through each on all the major muscle groups — legs, back and chest, and press including. You will burn more calories than an hour thematic of suffering to the press on the Mat.

Cardio should add sparingly, not more than 30 minutes per workout. Perform exercises that involve the whole body — swing the kettlebells to chest level, rowing machine, and walking on the elliptical machine.

If «screen» activities you don’t like, it makes sense to look at sport climbing or pole dancing. In these types of training works the entire body actively involved the press and burned a lot of calories.

Effective creams and body wraps for weight loss stomach? Only if your goal is to skin care. No media for body wraps are not able to burn fat, the same can be said about the components of creams. It is better to twist Hoop hula Hoop for weight loss — the effect will be much higher and faster.

How to lose weight in my stomach and sides? Video

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