How to lose weight in legs and thighs? Diets, remedies, treatments, exercises

A fitness program or diet to lose weight in legs and thighs, for example, to keep unchanged the size of the breast does not exist in nature. All claims to the contrary — commercial products, whose primary purpose is the financial well-being of their sellers. If the legs and thighs — the main «storage» of fat in the body no other options, in addition to changes in body composition do not exist. Call it what you want, though «losing weight», though burning fat. The meaning is the same — you need to get rid of fat. So, how to lose weight in legs and thighs?

Browse people’s weight loss methods

At home is good are, as a rule, the so-called folk ways. Let’s talk.

Unbalanced diet

Often offer to sit on low-carb diets. The arguments are simple — the deficit of calories and carbohydrates fat burning faster because the body almost immediately goes to the use of own fat reserves and takes nothing from glycogen. However, the Protocol shows only healthy people who are using weight training can provide a «disable» other source of energy.

The few who writes about this, but at the same time on a low carb and low calorie diet great «burn» and our muscles, so the first the body is taken not for fat. And not for «bulk» in your opinion, legs and buttocks. And, for example, arms and shoulders, or other «zone» where muscle less. In the end, a fan of low-carb diet with less than two squatting your own body weight for 5-6 reps usually looks sad. Flabby thighs with «ears», pits on the buttocks and thin pen-twigs. But quickly getting rid of 10-12 kg nizkouglevodna takes about one and a half months. Weight, by the way, comes back also very fast. This is especially true for those who have little, and who loses weight just below the physiological norms of weight gain.

What to do to lose weight legs and hips and do not lose health? There are other people’s diets against hips — mostly on vegetables, fruits, vegetable soups or other foods with critically low protein content. In fact, all this leads to the following effect:

  • first, muscle mass declines, and the volume of the legs and hips are also somewhat reduced. Husband is happy, and continues to mock the body;
  • then suddenly there are hands, shoulders, chest and… fat on the legs and thighs and the constant feeling of hunger;
  • reflection frustrating to the common man it is difficult to obtain such results, as promotional articles about diets, it turns out that all of this leads to a breakdown.

What is? Diet

See plate of healthy food that helps to lose weight in legs and thighs during the week. Take a simple 15 cm for the second vessel, half filled any vegetables. The more colorful foods the better. Pepper, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, Basil, zucchini, eggplant — whatever you want plus a teaspoon of quality cold-pressed oil. The rest of «the void» on a plate, divide in half, and fill half of porridge on the water whole grain or rye bread, and a quarter piece of meat without visible fat.

  • Cook this off for a couple, in a slow cooker without the fat or the grill or the oven.
  • Abandon roasting and stop eating dessert.

Three such reception, plus plenty of vegetables and a couple of fresh fruit and a couple of cups of natural cheese or yogurt, and you’ll be fine.

Eat well while losing weight and switch to calorie counting as soon as you reach a plateau.

In order not to strengthen the cellulite phenomenon, refrain from heavy prisalivaya your food, stop add everywhere Chinese seasonings with sodium glutamate, and pour soy sauce. You will notice an almost instant decrease in the volume, if you just salt the prepared food with high quality sea salt.

Desserts and your favorite foods do not eat more than once a week, and one serving. Set yourself realistic goals like to lose about a pound a week and not exorbitant like minus 20 kg per month.

Effective supplements?

Americans believe that they know what to do to lose weight legs and thighs. In the United States a special line sportpit even there, it is said that their fat burner promotes weight loss in this part of the body. In fact, it is far from the possibilities of the human body. And no way help green coffee, Garcinia extract, no cinnamon, no tannins weight loss in the legs.

The same can be said about many Chinese Supplements that we see on store shelves. No such drug is not know how precisely to burn fat where it was not, and generally does not affect the metabolism of fat.

Body wraps for weight loss legs and thighs

Take finalgon, 3 grams, and any base oil. Does not bother anything or you just don’t know what helps? Then continue. Spread with full force the problem areas the obtained composition and wrap with cling film. Let it burn… the Irony is very appropriate, most of these recipes came up with those persons who sincerely believe that pain is an indicator of the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.

Any «warming» wraps only work one way — they accelerate blood circulation and increase perspiration. As a result, the one who makes them usually gets only one effect — propotevaet. And of course pungency of pepper or ointments does not mean that they get to fat and melt it.

If there is a desire to maintain the beauty of the skin wraps, look to milder recipes:

  • mix half a Cup of peach and sesame oil and apply under the foil for 40 minutes;
  • RUB well the body with a dry brush and apply to the skin a simple olive oil with a drop of orange oil and wrap with cling film for half an hour

You can try and pharmacy clay wraps and oils, but be careful, test them on allergicheskie reaction on a small area of skin.

Helps fitness?

actually, this is a very controversial topic. Newcomers often take a slight swelling, which naturally change the shape of the foot after the first strength training for the terrible pumping. Begins — I will not squat, lunges are not doing the barbell on your shoulders and not take it, and actually, let me swing in the simulator.

Now, there are no special processes in the body that would have forced you to abandon the basic exercises. What you need to thin hip and legs, and to not «inflated»? Be careful what you eat. Most of the problems with «pumped muscles», in fact — the problem with excess sugar in the diet, and edema from it and salt. And even with the inability of the diet to build up overeating and fat mass set.

So do conventional power program for beginners 3-4 times a week, add all possible cardio, and eat right. And you will have, including the notorious slender hip and legs.

How to lose weight in legs and thighs? Exercises

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