How to lose weight in calves of legs? Consider «healthy ways»

If this area is massive it is because of body fat, we should remember that their local incineration still does not exist. And start to lose weight with a balanced diet and adequate physical activity educational format. And it would be great if people heard these things and believed them. But no, here and there we see martyrs on the rope with contraindications to diving, wrapped in plastic wrap like a sausage runners and girls who don’t eat. Almost. So how can you lose weight in calves healthy ways? Working out these muscles to lose weight if you run? Or is it better to Assosiate yourself?

Why is it sometimes so hard to lose weight in calves?

The reason is simple. Not all caviar is still «fat», sorry. Some have a large amount simply because it is that your calf. Here it is worth remembering that even renowned Hollywood beauties sometimes are forced to pay for implants in that zone to look good. And calm down about the fact that the full calf — sentence your beauty.

However, many people want it «dry muscle». So — forget about the treadmill for weight loss calf forever. Sorry, you will have to perform activities like lifting on socks with a barbell on the shoulders in a searing mode. That is 50-60 repetitions. And vulture 20 kg is not an assistant. You need something about your weight as your calves strong. They raise your body on your toes, work when walking and a slight neck they are not surprised. Such sets should be about 10, rest in between and 30 seconds. Can? Congratulations, you’ve just been selected to the Olympic team in basketball. And you do not need to waste time reading these articles, go train as it is your profession.

For fitness enthusiasts such protocols training is fraught with rapid fatigue of the Central nervous system, cramps, muscle aches and possible injuries. Fitness scientifically sound these things do not apply.

Likewise, do not apply there:

  • jumping rope for clients with excess weight more than 4-5 lbs. This is a dangerous strain on the ligaments of the knee and ankle joints;
  • outputs on socks without weight for 5 minutes;
  • walking in socks on a treadmill or stepper. It is in principle dangerous even for a trained person, and especially should not be used in the training of newcomers

in General, the fitness industry nothing to offer you, in addition to a balanced strength training 3-4 times a week, each of which will treat the whole body, strengthening the large muscle groups. They will increase the calories at rest and help you to get rid of excess weight. And the rest must be done by the diet.

Why no special diet for the calves and how to eat?

Sometimes on the Internet you can find the opinion that diet for calves is a restrictive diet is practically no protein. Like, if it is exactly so, you will lose in the volume of the muscles. Yes, it is, but the consequences in the form of increased brittleness of the bones, slow metabolism, risk of thyroid diseases are not worth your efforts. Most likely, you will torture yourself in vain, and then another, and get a «reward» in the form of the inability to eat normally and not gain weight for a long time.

So the diet should be balanced, at least 1 g of protein per kilogram of body weight, 1 g fat and 3 g of carbohydrates. And try to keep the meals were uniformly distributed on the day. Different «doesn’t eat after 6» if you go in the morning only provoke overeating. Set realistic goals.

What causes excess weight in addition to calf doing?

Sometimes all the problem is much deeper than weight loss and getting rid of fat. Some diseases cause a pathological swelling, which gives the calves a distinctive look.

If you notice an increase in calf volume to evening, and feel that the shoes are tight at this time no need to guess themselves and consult a doctor. Usually causes fix it easily enough.

And to help yourself you simple methods:

  • reduce salt intake to 5 g per day;
  • eliminate «hidden» sources of salt, for example, seasoning with her and prepared sauces;
  • consider the amount of sugar. Under any circumstances you are not dawn to eat more than 100g of sugar together in a day. To control yourself is usually helped by simple measures like reduction of this agent in the dishes.

You should establish the drinking regime and drink at least 20 oz of water per 1 kg of body weight. To consider or not to consider juices, teas and coffee? Doctors do not have consensus on this issue, many believe that these liquids derive water from the body, and therefore should not be considered.

Cosmetic treatments against the fullness of the calf

It should be understood that no cosmetics, home, or cabin, is not in itself burns fat.

Wrap film only care for the skin, if they are oil-based and can it hurt, if they contain too many bright components.

The most effective in terms of swelling showed themselves regular baths with sea salt and massage the scrub in the shower. Therefore, they should be carried out 2-3 times a week.

In General, to balance the body and to improve proportion of will help and reasonable «paging» hips, usually once a person starts to swing the whole body and not only problem areas, it looks better, therefore it is necessary to develop the whole body as a single organism.

How to lose weight in calves of legs? Video

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