How to lose weight in arms and shoulders fast

Most women have extra pounds suffer the legs, buttocks, abdomen, but in some cases, the extra deposits appear in the bicep area, shoulder. It does not make the figure of a girl more beautiful, so the question arises how to make the hands thin? You can get the result only with an integrated approach to the problem.

What to do to lose weight hands

For those interested in how to lose weight in arms and shoulders fast, you should be prepared to attack the extra fat on all sides. You will need a low carbohydrate diet, moderate exercise, and additional treatments. Each direction separately is not as effective as the use of them. Read more about each part of the complex that will help you lose weight:

  1. Power. A common problem in the matter of correction of body weight, food intake, selection of the correct products and menu planning. As a rule, have extra pounds deposited with overeating, large quantities of carbohydrates. The diet should balance these moments force the body to burn calories in greater numbers than they come.
  2. Exercise. Blood circulation is an important factor in the process of delivery of elements within the body and excretion of «waste material». Sport promotes metabolism, improves blood flow, leading to better food breakdown, energy release, not the accumulation of fat.
  3. Wraps, massage. Cosmetic treatments that improve the blood circulation in the specific area, performs a similar role with exercise. This is not a mandatory part of the program, but they help to bring the desired result, quickly lose weight in shoulders and arms.

Girl with dumbbells in hand

What are exercise for weight loss arms and shoulders

One of the main parts of the program for weight loss workout. Focused work on problem areas will help to improve blood flow to the muscles, to stimulate weight loss. The main task is not to pump up biceps and triceps and stimulate the breakdown of excess fat, so working with a large load is not necessary. You can perform home exercises without weights or with them.

One of the fears of novice female athletes – they are afraid to pump their hands like men. These unjustified fears, to gain muscle mass you need to increase the amount entering the body of the protein. For this you need to buy protein, make a special sports menu. Otherwise muscle growth will not be causes of female physiology (lack of predisposition to building muscle).

Exercises for arms without dumbbells

In the absence of weighting you will be working with its own weight. It is advisable to perform a training of the whole body, but it is possible to load only the arms and shoulders. Here are some simple exercises that you can do at home to lose weight:

  1. Reverse push-UPS. Install a chair behind him, lean on his hands. Legs pull forward. Lower yourself by bending your elbows until your buttocks touches the floor. Then went up again to the starting position, straighten your hands completely. This movement will involve the triceps, the front beam of the muscles of the shoulder.
  2. The bending of the arms with resistance. Take up your arms into the lock, one of them bent at the elbow, and the second hold to create resistance. This will be enough to strengthen the biceps in girls.
  3. Lift the arms up. This movement will be suitable for shoulders. Stand up straight, arms fully down. Lift them up by hand, without bending. Perform at least 30 to 40 climbs. Training should be done 3 sets on shoulders.

Girl doing reverse push UPS from a chair

Arms exercises with dumbbells

This shell is the most convenient for practicing at home. Additional weight when working on arms, shoulders will help them more to load, but be afraid of muscle growth is not worth it. Exercises with dumbbells will be more effective than without weighting. It is necessary to conduct 3-4 classes in arms and shoulders with dumbbells in a week. Here are some examples of exercises to lose weight:

  1. Sit on a chair, legs spread wide. Take in one hand a dumbbell, lean forward, elbow set on the inner side of the thigh near the knee. It will act as a retainer. Bend the arm at the elbow, raise the dumbbell to shoulder. This movement will train your biceps. Repeat the movement on the second hand.
  2. Place left knee and hand on the bed, the body should be parallel to the floor. Second hand, take the shell, squeeze your elbows to your body. Unbend hand with dumbbell. This movement strengthens the triceps.
  3. Classic exercises for the shoulders – chest press up. Take the shell with both hands, lift from your chest up, then back to original position. The movement should be repeated at least 12-15 times.
  4. Breeding in hand. Another simple mechanic, but effective exercise for the shoulders. Take the dumbbells, raise hands through the parties, it is necessary to bend them slightly at the elbow. Bring to shoulder level, perform the movement slowly. Do 12-15 repetitions.

Girl does exercise with dumbbells

How to make the hands look thinner using wraps

This procedure can be considered as an additional means to achieve this goal. To lose weight only with body wraps will not work, you need to combine with diet, exercise. The procedure will help:

  • to speed up the excretion of fat, toxins from the body;
  • to improve skin tone;
  • saturation of tissues with vitamins, oxygen;
  • to improve the microcirculation of the skin.

The main objective of this procedure is to create a greenhouse effect or «sauna effect». To do this, use food film. Often it is wound onto the problem areas even during the execution of physical exercises to raise the temperature in this area and accelerate the metabolism. To improve the result, using tools like the honey cream mix with coffee or seaweed. Here are some of the options for wraps:

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee, honey, drip into the composition 6 drops of essential oil (grapefruit, orange). The composition, apply to problem areas, massage not necessary. Wrap hands with plastic wrap, from top to wear warm sweater. You can continue to go about their business, and less than one hour rinse with warm water.
  2. To improve the effect, you can use any anti-cellulite cream with a warming effect. Apply a thin layer on your hands, wrap in cling film. If funds are too many, then it will burn much. In such cases, remove the wrap better in 30 minutes. When used properly the cream, the procedure should last 1 hour.

She makes wraps

How to lose weight in the shoulders with power

There’s only one way to lose weight in arms and shoulders fast to fulfill all three points of this program at the same time. Proper nutrition is as important as physical exercise. It is very difficult to quickly abandon the sweet and starchy foods, but these restrictions will help to get rid of excess weight. To lose weight will not only shoulders, but the rest of the body. There are certain rules of nutrition that will help you lose weight:

  1. There should 5-6 times per day. Do small portions, not to overeat, but do not experience feelings of hunger.
  2. Reduce or completely eliminate fried, starchy, fatty, sweet. Carbohydrates will only fit the slow types: cereals, fruits, vegetables. If you’re quick to give up everything sweet difficult, you can pamper yourself with a piece of dark chocolate. All meat dishes (fish, chicken, Turkey, beef) to cook only for a couple of pork to eliminate completely.
  3. Drink more water. Different kinds of carbonated beverages, pasteurized juices are not good for to lose weight. You can sometimes drink unsweetened Cup of coffee.
  4. To lose weight, the last meal 4 hours before bedtime. Better if he will be held until 18.00 PM.

Video: exercise for weight loss hands at home


Valeria, 32 years

With age, began to receive the excess weight in the upper body. It was very interesting, how to lose weight in arms and shoulders fast, but I realized that the process would take at least 2-3 months. Completely eliminated the sweet, began to perform the exercises. The shoulders have a lot of weight quickly, but the hand still looked bad. To correct the situation helped wraps with honey.

Elena, 28 years old

I have a slim figure, but the hands seemed to have a extra skin. In the gym said that the decreased muscle tone of the shoulders, arms, so you need to perform the exercises. Diet I need, so I concentrated on training. After 2 months, the muscles come in tone and skin along with them, began to look much better.

Irina, 35 years

I’m a girl skinny to diet or train hard I don’t need, but the shoulders began to appear on the skin folds. Salvation for me was wraps with honey and mustard. The tool is well warms the skin, improves cell nutrition. Exercises I was doing 2-3 times a week to improve the tone of tissues. The result was fast.

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