How to lose weight in arms and shoulders fast with exercise and diet

What to do a woman to have thin arms and shoulders

To lose weight at home, it is important not only to start eating the right foods, but also to perform special exercises that strengthens a particular muscle group. Often the imbalance of the body manifests itself in the upper part, so you have to solve the problem of how to remove fat from shoulders and arms. To lose weight in this area will help you are listed below.

What to do to lose weight arms and shoulders fast

Full girl beats Libra

To remove from the hands of fat, you must first determine the nature of its origin. The first reason is physiological – on the rear surface of the shoulder can be impaired blood circulation. Then it is better to get checked by an endocrinologist. If the cause is heredity, the question of how easy it is to lose weight in arms and shoulders to be solved – will help you exercise for beautiful hands, and a special diet.

Diet and nutrition

Libra and foods for weight loss

Even when a large excess weight it is impossible to sharply reduce the number of calories consumed daily. The body and the muscles of the shoulders and arms need nutrients, i.e. carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, so you just need to keep the negative balance between the input and the received energy. In addition, diet for weight loss shoulders provides for the exclusion of harmful foods that are sweet, fatty, salty.

Sample menu for a week

Breakfast Snack Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
PN Oatmeal on the water, spoon of honey

Boiled egg

Tea without sugar

Any fruit The portion of soup to low-fat broth

A piece of bread

Vegetable salad

Fruit or cheese Braised cod with Broccoli



W Osamabin

Portion of buckwheat on the water

Coffee without sugar

Yogurt or kefir Salmon with potatoes for a couple



A Cup of yogurt or milk Steak Vegetable stew

Any fruit


MS Oatmeal with raisins

Portion of cottage cheese with fruit

Green tea or cocktail energy diet Soup vegetarian

Chicken cutlets

Beans on the side


Yoghurt or fruit Chicken in sweet and sour sauce

A piece of bread

THU Cheesecakes in the oven

A glass of milk

Portion of cheese Soup-purée with broccoli and chicken




Cocktail energy diet

Green tea

Skewers of salmon in the oven
PT Cottage cheese with honey or dried fruits


A piece of chocolate cheesecake Baked trout with potatoes

A glass of juice

A Cup of yogurt Steam hedgehogs Vegetable salad

A glass of milk or tea

SB Portion of buckwheat


Half of an orange

Fruit Turkey vegetables



Yogurt Pumpkin porridge

A Cup of yogurt


Sun Carrot pudding

Tea or coffee

Cheese Vegetable stew


Tea or coffee

Cocktail energy diet

Green tea

Pasta with seafood

A piece of bread

Physical activity

To reduce the hands above the elbow, it is necessary to include physical activity, and regular. There are several sports exercises that help develop muscle groups near the shoulders is a simple and reverse pushups. They need to repeat 10-20 times for women and 20-30 men. Charging for arms and shoulders should be carried out several times a week.

Girl does exercises with dumbbells

A massage or body wrap

Established in combating fat such a strong drink like coffee. A couple of times a week to do massage of the arms and shoulders using cream instead of coffee grounds. After 10 minutes of rubbing, rinse with warm water. For better results wrap your hands for half an hour with cling film. The massage start with stroking to warm up, and then posibilite the skin.

The procedure of slimming massage of the arms and shoulders

Effective exercises for arms, shoulders and back

Here are a few exercises that will help in solving the problem of how quickly to lose weight in arms and shoulders:

  1. Push-UPS. Take the initial position to the support position. Bend your arms, trying to make it to a right angle at the elbows. Lower yourself slowly, feeling the muscle tension, and rise sharply. Girls or teenagers, it is harder to perform, so they are encouraged to do push-UPS from knees.
  2. Reverse push-UPS. Lean back of the torso with the hands on a chair or sofa, lower yourself down to a right angle at the elbows.
  3. With the weighting. Take the dumbbells weighing 1.5 kg. Stand up straight, preferably in front of a mirror. Forward, alternately lift your left and right hand so that they met on the level just below the eyes.

A set of exercises with dumbbells for weight loss in the arms and shoulders

Video: how to get rid of fat hands

To solve the problem how to lose weight in arms and shoulders, you need to eat right and do exercises that will reduce muscle volume, muscular and strengthen the chest with forearms. Effect Supplement body wraps or massage, and the consumption of cocktails energy diet. They are delicious, contain a lot of protein that will provide a feeling of satiety for a long time, and not to allow the muscles to SAG, view helpful videos with the technique of charging.

The exercises with dumbbells

Without dumbbells

With elastic band

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