How to lose weight children 10 years old

With obesity increasingly faced not only by adults but also children today. Like any disease, it is easier to prevent than to cure, however, if the problem is already there, parents should help the child to cope with it. Children do not fit tight, effective diets because they are harmful to the growing organism – this is the main difficulty.

Causes of obesity in children

Child eating a hamburger

Before you look for methods how to lose weight children 10 years old, you need to identify what caused the development of obesity at such an early age. The most common factors that can cause overweight:

  • an unbalanced diet;
  • inactivity, passivity of the child;
  • the abuse of sweets, foods high in fat, pastries;
  • the development of hormonal or other diseases.

Before taking any measures for weight loss child of 10 years, you need to visit a nutritionist. Obesity may be the cause of any disease, to diagnose which can only be a specialist. Often problems with excess weight arise for children 10 years of age for diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, hormonal imbalance, etc. Ignore the pathological process of weight gain is impossible, because in the future it threatens the child with the emergence of more serious health problems: infertility, varicose veins, heart failure.

Can I lose weight in a week the child is 10 years of

This age is a preteen, the child’s body needs complete and balanced nutrition, so you can use any restrictive diet at this time is prohibited. Impossible to lose weight at home in 1 week, what would be the effective methods you’ve used. If the child is 10 years for some reason gained excess weight, we must act carefully and as gently as possible:

  1. Take him to a doctor-a dietitian to determine the cause of obesity. The doctor will determine if all is in order with the metabolism, thyroid gland and, if necessary, will prescribe medications that normalize the state of health and, consequently, will help your child to lose weight.
  2. Often pay attention to the daughter or son to track the rate of weight gain. This should be done at least once a month.
  3. Try not to focus on the fact that the child has a weight problem, not to develop it systems. Never blame the child excessive fullness.

How to help reduce the weight of the boy or girl is without dieting

Athletic children

Regardless of gender, the child is not allowed to go on a diet or severely restrict the use of certain foods to lose weight. Instead, parents should:

  • to set for a child 10 years of clear diet;
  • conduct joint training;
  • to provide psychological support to the son/daughter in the process of slimming;
  • to organize more hikes and walks.

How to lose weight child 10 years without regular exercise? Experts believe that this is impossible. However, parents should not over-burden your child, it is better to conduct classes of medium intensity, but often. Boy you can give to any sports section: wrestling or football. 10 years old girl might like gymnastics, aerobics, dancing.

Do not expect quick result or to get the child to do what he does not like. Better to try a few different sports to enable your son or daughter to choose something for the soul. The ideal option to lose weight, there will be joint training: a child will be inspired by the example of their parents and more willing to do sports. These classes not only will have a positive impact on health, but also will allow to establish relations in the family.

How to eat

The child chooses between sweets and fruits

Obesity usually occurs later malnutrition of a teenager. How can I lose weight child 10 years without harm to health? Cutting portions and starvation in this case is prohibited because growing body requires receipt of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Instead of adhering to a strict diet, parents have to balance menu, son or daughter. How to lose weight child:

  • exclude from the diet fried, replacing it with boiled, stewed or baked dishes (lose weight without this will not work);
  • minimize the amount of sweet (if sweets are on the menu, it is better to give them in the first part of the day);
  • cook easy on the stomach food for dinner: salads, vegetable stew, other (meat is strictly impossible);
  • refrain from the consumption of fast food, snacks, canned food, carbonated water;
  • menu every day for a child of 10 years who need to lose weight should include a lot of fiber and vitamins (each lunch and Breakfast is to Supplement with a lot of fresh vegetables, berries, fruits, greens);
  • for Breakfast you should give her son/daughter dairy dishes, and in the second half of the day to refrain from them;
  • as snack fit fresh fruit and some yogurt;
  • store-bought sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise) you need to replace the home.

Sample menu diet for a week

Boys and girls 10 years to lose weight, doctors are advised to adhere to dietary menu «table # 5». The emphasis was on fiber, proteins and liquid. Below is a table that contains a menu for the week:

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Dinner
1 Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and greens, bread, tea. Cheese with a minimum fat content, natural juice/compote. Vegetable soup, slice of rye bread. Oatmeal on the water, vegetable stews, or sautéed, fresh juice.
2 Buckwheat with milk and raisins. Baked Apple with honey, sandwich with cheese and vegetables. Soup broth, salad, or stew. Vegetable salad, fish steamed or baked, compote.
3 Oatmeal with milk and dried fruit, tea. Vegetable patties with sour cream, tea or compote. Hash, rye/branny bread. Steamed zucchini, bread, mashed potatoes.
4 Dog rose tea, scrambled eggs, vegetables. Potato pancakes with sour cream, lettuce. Chicken cutlets steamed, beet caviar, citrus. Oatmeal, tea.
5 Pancakes with curd, natural juice. Cheese, baked pumpkin or Apple. Milk soup with buckwheat or oatmeal. Boiled potatoes, vegetable stew, dog rose decoction.
6 Fruit smoothies or purees. Omelet with greens, bread, vegetable salad. Vegetable soup, rye bread. Potatoes, vegetable salad and butter.
7 Oatmeal with milk. Beet burgers with sour cream, berry compote. Boiled chicken/Turkey, salad. Baked fish, vegetable slicing.

Effective exercises for weight loss

Any method that allows you to lose weight adults or children, will not be effective without regular exercise. Practice them at home. Each lesson should take no less than half an hour. To the child it was fun to play sports, pick up the background music. The training program may consist of arbitrary, but to lose weight faster following exercises will help:

  • stretching;
  • walking on the spot;
  • jumping;
  • squats;
  • push-UPS;
  • attacks;
  • lifting mild dumbbells.

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