How to lose weight after childbirth nursing mother

The question of how to get in shape after childbirth, becomes relevant after the birth. Some mothers easy to get to lose weight while nursing, others continue to gain weight. Wanting to lose weight, it is important to get rid of excess, do not harm yourself and your child that you need a quality breast milk.

How to lose weight nursing mother without harming the child

The birth of a child is the beginning of a new period in the life of a woman. A young nursing mother falls into other conditions, it appears a lot of pleasant cares. If a woman decides after childbirth to lose weight, she needs to be particularly careful. How reasonable it is suitable to address this question, the wellbeing of the baby. How to lose weight after childbirth nursing mother? Super-fast funds with good reviews not suitable. Lactating woman are contraindicated for surgical intervention, strict diets, special supplements.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding? Weight loss in these conditions is gradual, natural way. To return to the old shape after giving birth, you need to:

  • To breast feed. Milk production helps get rid of excess weight gained during pregnancy puts the body before the need to spend on lactation of approximately 500 kcal per day.
  • Stick to a balanced diet. The right combination of menu, regular meals lead to a reduction in deposits of excess weight in the body of a young mother.
  • To move more. Appropriate physical exercise – walking. Hiking with the kid in a wheelchair help to get rid of a couple pounds. Good gymnastics, wearing baby in a sling «kangaroo». This class strengthens abdominal muscles, back.
  • Delete «stuck» negative emotions. The occurrence of fatigue, tearfulness, irritability, frustration speaks to the internal restructuring. It is important to find the strength to cope with postpartum issues, rather than trying to compensate for the disorder with something tasty, sweet.
  • To have sex. Sex life promotes the production of happy hormone, burns calories.

A woman with a child

How to lose weight after childbirth by mode

Nursing mother, absorbed in the care of the baby often forgets about himself. Diet goes astray, and the woman only eats during the baby’s sleep. Intense hunger leads to overeating. How to lose weight after giving birth? Much more useful, judging by the reviews, with little to moderate amounts at least 4 times during the day. Even taking care of a troubled child, a nursing mother can always find 10 minutes to grab some food. It is important not to eat for the child delicious porridge. You need to appreciate your health that much more expensive than the discarded products.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding without dieting

The task of removing the extra pounds during pregnancy is complicated by the fact that a nursing mom can not sit down to an effective diet. Such experiments can disrupt milk production or lead to its disappearance. However, there are recommendations on ration formulation. How to lose weight after childbirth nursing mother? Meals should be nutritious, beneficial for women and baby.

Nursing mother is useful to drink non-carbonated water, dog rose tea. Fried foods it is better to replace cooked in the oven or the steamer. You need to carefully monitor the child’s condition: at the onset of the Allergy, you should remove the source of irritation. The diet of a breastfeeding woman include:

  • butter, vegetable oil;
  • lean meat, fish.
  • sour cream, yogurt, cheese;
  • soy sauce;
  • potatoes;
  • greens;
  • cereals;
  • pasta;
  • vegetables;
  • bananas;
  • savoury biscuits, crackers, drying.

Meals for moms in HS

How to eat to lose weight after birth while breastfeeding? The approximate day menu nursing mother looks like this:

Breakfast Yogurt with biscuits or walnuts
Second Breakfast Cheese pie, green tea
Lunch A light soup, fish with vegetables
Afternoon tea Yogurt with banana or Apple
Dinner Steamed vegetables or porridge

How to lose weight quickly after childbirth by training

Nursing mother does not always have the opportunity to visit the gym and individual fitness instructor is not available to everyone. How to lose weight while breastfeeding? Need physical activity after childbirth can be achieved even with a baby. Baby to strengthen the immune system useful exposure to fresh air, and this time you can spend with the obvious benefits for the figure. On the street when the baby is asleep, you can move, Crouch on the spot. Brisk walking with a stroller also helps to lose weight.

Quickly come in the form of the mother helps morning exercises that you can do with a toddler during home cleaning. Crunches, twist wrap recommended six months after birth, and to Pilates, yoga can commence earlier. In the Internet you can find free exercises aimed at thighs, stomach. These places need to be put in order after the birth.

Exercise for weight loss after delivery

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Elena, 27 years

Scored for pregnancy is 15 kg, then I fed my daughter until 10 months. Thought will not return to their previous weight, I’m not even upset. Tried is helpful, varied food, no sports, had no time. Now my 3 years, and I’m a few pounds lighter than before pregnancy. I really like my belly.

Maria, 32 years

My figure was after giving birth, some soft, loose. For time was doing to the child. He’s asleep, I immediately to the refrigerator, load up very tightly. When my son turned six months, I took home work and ate with him. It is very comfortable, I felt much better, was able to lose weight.

Kseniya, 28 years

Gained 18 pounds in my pregnancy because I love to eat out, without denying yourself. When my daughter was 4 months old, we decided with her dad to get married, and I decided to lose weight. Just reduce the amount eaten twice, replaced the harmful products useful. At the wedding I looked great, now I weigh as much as it was before pregnancy.

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