How to do a stomach vacuum

Among the exercises that promote weight loss, special, whose name sounds like a vacuum. His technique is based on proper breathing, and retraction of the abdomen. Many reviews confirm the positive effect of such exercises. The main thing – to adhere to the technology to correctly do the vacuum. You can read more below.

How to do the stomach vacuum – technique

Almost all dieters in the abdomen, it has a fat layer of varying thickness. It conceals the muscles during the crunches are still increasing. As a result, the belly is only getting bigger. For this reason, today vacuum gymnastics became a full-fledged competitor to strength training. In addition, it brings back a lot of good:

  • improves functioning of internal organs, holding them massage;
  • normalizes digestion, stools;
  • tightens the muscles, making the stomach more flat;
  • straighten your back, align your posture;
  • it reduces the waist;
  • oxygenates all organs and tissues.

All these beneficial effects you can feel, if you know how to do vacuum belly. The exercise is performed in different postures: lying, kneeling, sitting or standing. In this sequence, and it is recommended to introduce the vacuum to your regime, gradually moving from one level to another. Each method has its own characteristics, but in General the technique of each of them is a quick, deep exhale through the mouth and inhale fully through the nose. At a time when the abdominal wall is maximally pressed against the back, holding my breath that the oxygen has penetrated all bodies.

The girl performs the exercise, the vacuum is lying

Exercise vacuum belly in the prone position

First the vacuum level in the stomach is performed in the supine position. Correctly to accept the position, should be placed on flat surfaces, better on the floor. You need to lie on your back, bending the knees. You need to stretch your palms to the floor, but if you want to control the operation of the transverse muscle you can put them on the abdominal wall. You can then use the manual how to do a stomach vacuum:

  1. Exhale all the air from his lungs, but not dramatically. This process should be gradual and smooth.
  2. Next, as deep as possible to pull navel to the spine. Try to stay in this position for at least 15-20 seconds. Who will be first difficult, you can reduce this time to a value of 5-10. Breathing is not present and the abdomen remains stationary.
  3. Exhale, relax your belly. To return to normal breathing.
  4. It is advisable to repeat this cycle 2 more times.

How to make a vacuum press to all fours

The next level of the vacuum press is performed at a different initial position – on all fours. Correctly to accept the position, you need to lean on hands and knees. The latter should be at a right angle, as shown in the photo. Much to arch your lower back and neck are not worth it – even if they remain in the neutral position. After taking the position, do the following:

  1. Breathe in the usual way, then to do a full smooth inhale to the lungs had no air.
  2. Tighten the belly to the back as possible.
  3. Hold your breath and this position for 10-15 seconds, and if possible, even more.
  4. To make a normal exhale, relax the muscles.

A girl performs an exercise based on outstretched arms

Exercise the vacuum stomach sitting

In the penultimate method, how to make a vacuum in the stomach, use the sitting position. There is already connect the back muscles, which maintain the adopted position. The vacuum in this position is much more complicated. First we need to sit down on a chair, or in the case of more difficult on an exercise ball. The angle between the femur and tibia shall be equal to 90 degrees. Feet fully pressed to the floor, back straight. Use the back of a chair as a prop in any case not otherwise benefit from the vacuum of gymnastics will not. Next you need to correctly perform the following:

  1. To make a short in-breath, then fully exhale all the air from his lungs, pushing it out gradually.
  2. Press the abdominal wall toward your spine, hold this position.
  3. Withstand voltage for 30 seconds. The following approaches to try to bring that time down to the minute.
  4. Relax, return to normal breathing mode.

How to make vacuum of a stomach to press technique of the yogis standing

To the latest technology, how to make a vacuum for belly, you can start only if all previous development. This technique refers to the yogis, who are capable of retraction of the abdomen up to 200 times in one breath. To strive for their exposure is not necessary, because to maintain muscle tone enough for these levels. To perform the vacuum gymnastics standing, you must:

  1. Stand up straight, feet should be apart at a distance equal to shoulder width.
  2. Continue to bend, but not the lower back and hip joint. My hands put themselves on the hip.
  3. To fix the back straight, legs slightly bend.
  4. Exhale all the air «stick» belly to back. Keep the chin lowered, otherwise there will be a cough.
  5. Then gradually rise, quickly relaxing and again tightening the abdominal muscles.

Does the stomach vacuum standing up

How useful drawing abdomen slimming

Before you try to properly make vacuum of a stomach, you should study the benefits of this exercise. So a motivation to keep technology gymnastics will be even higher. The vacuum exercise, as power, help to draw the relief of the transverse abdominal muscles by reducing body fat. The internal organs receive a Wellness massage, thereby improving their job: stabiliziruemost digestion, rarely leads to constipation or, conversely, diarrhea, and this is also important for weight loss.

Due to the retraction of the abdomen from the body leaving all the toxins and wastes that have accumulated for a long time. Cells and tissues are saturated with oxygen. These factors contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, and therefore the breakdown of subcutaneous fat is much faster. Vacuum tone the whole body, giving him strength to fight with excess weight, and certain diseases.

How to breathe properly during exercise

The maximum effect from the gym is not only if the right to involve the stomach. It is important to observe another breathing technique. If the exercises described only when to inhale and exhale, it is necessary to understand, through the nose or mouth to do it and what power should these exhalations. Technology is an important component of gymnastics. Vacuum breathing for weight loss properly is:

  1. You need to completely release the lungs via exhalation.
  2. Then again, to let in air, sharply breathing in the nose.
  3. Then sharply and to exhale so that the exhale was loud and the lungs quickly emptied.
  4. To hold the breath, pull the stomach, fixing him under the ribs.
  5. 15-20 seconds to return to usual relaxed position, to restore breathing.

The girl doing the exercise while sitting on the knees

Vacuum stomach – contraindications

Though it seems that if you just pull the stomach, no harm to the body will not exercise the vacuum stomach contraindications still has. Caution should be used for those who suffer from ulcers of the duodenum or stomach. In General, any disease that relates to the digestive system, oblige you with care to perform such exercises, watching his health. A number of vacuum contraindications of exercise include such cases:

  • the days of menstrual bleeding in women;
  • child bearing;
  • diseases pertaining to the lungs;
  • cardiovascular problems;
  • thyroid disease;
  • the presence of frequent syncope and dizziness.

Video: exercise vacuum belly


Natalia, 28 years

To correctly involve the stomach, I have learned not at once. On the first level of exercises I was about 2 weeks, but during that time my waist has reduced by 2 cm I felt better breathing and even rarer was the use of drops in the nose. Headaches I also visited not so often. And I recommend you to try.

Alexander, 35 years

Is a professional fitness trainer, so the question of how to make a vacuum for belly, you hear very often. All of my clients whom I taught this technique are satisfied. The figure is improving right before our eyes. I teach them to run the vacuum before every workout, because it helps to tune and tone the body.

Antonia, 42 years

I had no great desire to visit the gym, so I was looking for ways to remove belly fat at home. The technique of vacuum in such a situation very helpful. With this efficient method, I not only lost 5 kg in a month, but began to feel much better and 5 years younger, so I advise everyone.

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