How to go on a diet?

How to diet and lose weight«Tired to be complete and is dependent on food, then you here…» — are full of various advertisements, offering many new-fangled diets. The desire to be not resistible and attractive as the needles permeate every woman. Reasons why you have gained weight, are numerous, ranging from deviations in health, to simple laziness. How many reasons are there as many ways to lose weight, for every taste and color. I know for myself, if I want to, will find any opportunity, if not a bunch of reasons.

Separate power option

In this embodiment, it is necessary to take proteins separately from carbohydrates, vegetables separate from fruits. Foods containing protein should be consumed with vegetables. Pasta, cereals, potatoes contain carbohydrate, as well with vegetables. Eat fruit only on an empty stomach or two hours gap after a meal. There is a varied menu of that food, so to develop it for yourself will not make you any difficulties.

Option – vegetable salads

All vegetables contain fiber, which is essential for our body. When we eat vegetables, we not only lose weight but also bring our body back in order, to sweep all possible toxins from the bits. All sorts of greens and raw or cooked vegetables are the basis of salad seasoned with sunflower oil or olive oil (unrefined ) oil. Vegetables can be cooked in a double boiler or microwave. Vegetable dishes should before eating, thus you will not overeat.

If you love coffee and wine

Black and green tea is better to replace tea, coffee chicory. Many people when losing weight coffee, inhibits the production of insulin, which can lead to diabetes mellitus. The same may be feeling of hunger, and this can lead to gluttony. Alcohol is a good stimulus for the pancreas and liver, resulting in increased appetite and again may be overeating. In those cases where alcohol is not enough, mostly red wine, of course within reason.

Semi-finished products, products of fast food, all of the cured meats is the first enemy to a slim figure. Good and valuable for our body’s in them or what not. To use these so-called «utility», in the first half of the day, when our body is working very hard, and none of this is going on your sides and waist. And if you have made the first steps to harmony, first try to change your habits. Replace the sausage meat will be much more useful in combination with vegetables. A good replacement for the sweets (candy, cookies, sugar), natural honey, nuts, fruit, both fresh and dried fruits.

Fasting is not a diet

Starvation is not the answer. When the body does not get the right amount of food, then begins to rebel, that can lead to failure. And then everything you eat will go to the reserve on your hips and sides.

Forward to your dream!

The first step, it is the most difficult, but it needs to be done and tune to win. Do not pay attention to the different smiles and smiles to your address. Then make sure that all those smiles would turn into envy. The month your efforts will be reflected on your face and figure, and most importantly you will come confidence. Your girlfriends and friends overwhelm you with questions as you lost weight, would be to ask for advice. And most importantly you need to love yourself, even if your body is not quite. To believe in yourself. We have a goal, and this is the first key to your success.

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