How to choose the right hula Hoop for weight loss? How to use it properly?

Usually hula Hoop for weight loss endowed with almost magical powers. Supposedly, it can help you sculpt the waist, where before was the stable rectangle. And «show» die press where the waved body fat? If we talk in terms of types of training, hula-hupigon — is cardio. Contrary to common opinion, it can be quite intense. If used in the trainings not only spins, but also various aerobic steps and elements of the choreography plyometric. But maybe the rotation of the Hoop and be combined with, for example, reading a book or watching friends.

I think, to comment on how this action will be effective for burning fat not worth it. In General, competent person and wrap practice, and wishing to imitate a flurry of activity — and with him will slip up.

How to choose the right hula Hoop for weight loss?

In the United States, among other things, there’s a whole League of Hula-Hupigon. They prepare instructors, produce training videos and have a website full of wonderful educational materials. If you believe this esteemed organization, rotation of the Hoop on the waist can:

  • to help you defeat physical inactivity and stress.
  • to improve coordination and help to burn extra calories;
  • to promote blood circulation;
  • to speed up the recovery after a power load;
  • to improve sleep and to normalize the response of the nervous system.

All these features of regular aerobic exercise. And it can’t be a lie or a mistake. On the other hand, hula hupigon does not build sports a slender figure in itself. If you turn the Hoop on the waist, it will only increase the flow of energy in the day when you will spin. But will not speed up the metabolism to the deferred term.

The effectiveness of the training, in fact, does not depend on what kind of hula Hoop is best for weight loss and how you twist. To choose the most sports equipment, it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes and go to the nearest sports store. Try different types of hoops — weighted and conventional, metal and plastic, with attachments and without. Take only one, the rotation of which you personally accelerating pulse. So, try to have quite a long time and intensively, to understand it.

Remote advice on the benefits and harms of hoops for weight loss, and methods of their choice, often do not make sense. The people believed that the most effective the hula Hoop, the rotation of which causes more pain and discomfort. In reality, better than one that just allows you to move actively, and off the sides.

Makes sense massage Hoop?

a simple medical encyclopedia says that massage improves circulation, promotes correction of inflammatory processes and recovery after exercise. And all this is doing absolutely nothing with fatty deposits. Breaking fat massage there is, unfortunately or fortunately, only in the imagination of those who do. Judge for yourself — if mechanical effects are so worked, we would lose weight every time we spent time in public transport at rush hour or standing in the crowd at the concert.

But the damage from the massage may be enough. View reviews from the hula hoops for weight loss. There is a certain part where people write honestly, which is faced with serious pain and discomfort from what began to turn the Hoop. Those interested can find photos of bruises and other horror.

Doctors warn that such a format of exercises with hula Hoop for weight loss is strictly prohibited at:

  • any gynecological diseases of inflammatory nature. Even during the beginning of the cycle it is not necessary to roll a Hoop, it can amplify pain and cause microtrauma;
  • varicose veins, but the problem here is caused not by the massage, and static posture practice;
  • diseases of the hip and knee joints, especially inflammatory;
  • pregnancy and the recovery period after childbirth. If this is your option, be sure to consult with your doctor about wrap

Why do people lose weight from hula-Hoop?

To this question answer reviews about Hoop for weight loss. It’s very simple — you can lose weight from anything, but if you reside in the area of energy deficit. Let’s say you spend on hula hupigon of about 100 kcal a day and about 400 the «do not eats», as ruled out the mayonnaise, and sugar in tea and coffee, plus cake after lunch. Then you will lose weight. But even if you spin for half an hour a day, and «zhzhot» conditional 600 calories, but skipping lunch, so eat dinner 3 servings of healthy chicken breast with the same healthy buckwheat, anything you have, most likely, will not work with weight loss.

Yourself workout fat-burning effect do not possess. The waist is also impossible to «pump». The amount of genetic value, and he doesn’t change games.


How to hula-Hoop?

the most efficient Protocol in this case — in the morning on an empty stomach. Low-intensity loads, shock loads at all. Which is the only way to somehow increase the capacity of this exercise. Exercise for 30 minutes a day about 5 times a week to meet the standard of the who physical activity.

Well, to figure «revealed» faster, go further, though, exercises without weights — Pilates, yoga kalanetika and ready to give a little physical activity, even those who absolutely do not want to buy any equipment.

Gymnastics in addition to hula-Hoop will help to return the muscles tone faster. But if you really want a «lot of smoke» diorite minute rounds with a minute of jumping rope, or consult the lessons of «aerobics with a Hoop or Hula Hupigon».

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