How to choose the right diet?

Usually how to choose the right diet, we suggest friend, neighbors and unknown people from the forums weight loss. Meanwhile, medical researchers developed a very effective algorithm. And it will allow you not just to get another low-calorie or low-carb meal plan, where in a few weeks all you will want is there in all situations, and to lose weight and improve health at the same time. And it has nothing to do with such things as diet according to blood type, food combining diet or a trendy «paleo». In General, you will have to spend some time on tests and trips to doctors, to form their diet.

How to choose a diet tailored to needs of the body?

First of all, go to the district physician, and to monitor General health indicators. You need to know:

  • do you generally weight medical standards, or you just invent the problem of confusing the received body fat. Tip — if no spare, you need not so much a diet as a competent training plan;
  • the condition of the cardiovascular system, and what blood sugar level. You need to go through a simple pressure measurement and test for glucose levels. If the indicators are something like 5 units, forget about the bad foods with a high glycemic index»;
  • get directions to the following tests, hormones T3, T4, TSH, total and free sex hormones, GH, prolactin (especially if there is swelling of unknown origin). Next, you need to make tests for vitamin deficiencies that can be associated with metabolic disorders is vitamin D3, and b vitamins we need to Understand and minerals — iron, iodine and calcium in the first place;
  • pass all this and make an appointment with the endocrinologist.

The doctor will give you recommendations according to what products you are missing in the diet. And a scheme of proper nutrition, organized on principles that are scientifically sound.

I will say, it is long and should just eat those foods you like in small amounts? Not worth it. So you will only aggravate the imbalance of nutrients, and will suffer it is unclear where there are desires, like I eat chocolate or cakes is diet cabbage. Besides, how many times have you heard or said yourself the mantra about slow metabolism? A visit to the doctor usually saves us from such illusions and discipline increases by itself.

What should be the factors of selection of diet?

But the list of useful products and the schema on which to build the breakfasts and dinners — that’s not all. How many hopes on losing weight crashed on trivial rules, like «don’t eat after 6″, be sure to eat Breakfast», «is that it accelerates the metabolism.» The truth is that no matter you eat in the evening or not. Matters how much you eat overall, during the day, during the week, month, year. Just fat will be delayed, if you eat more calories than your body spends on vital functions and physical activity.

And how much he spends? A rough idea will give you the following formula:

  1. multiply your weight in kg by 0, 3, if you don’t exercise, and at 0, 33 — if you perform strength exercises. Go to aerobics and run in the morning have, unfortunately, choose the first option. This figure is the average energy expenditure in calories. You will need to take away from him is about 200-300 kcal/day to obtain a figure for weight loss;
  2. you can also use the online calculators with more advanced formulas — Ketch McAdams, Mifflin-Saint Geor and others. Also the measurement of body composition with a special analyzer and then calculate the numbers of basal metabolism, and numbers of energy. This procedure can take place in almost any fitness club.

In fact, there are only three factors when selecting a diet:

  • its balance, its ability to meet the basic needs of the body. These figures usually gives the doctor. But if you want to «do» to lose weight fast need 1 g of protein per kg of body weight, as much fat, the remaining energy demand covered carbohydrates;
  • the ease of application. It is unlikely that you usidish» long, if the diet will make excessive demands like a uncomfortable diet, need to do fasting days, or something like that;
  • your responsibility for compliance. Should fit you not the diet itself, but also the ways report. Somebody better to cook for a week and put in portioned containers. Someone copes with weighing food and recording it in an app for counting calories. Others need a list of products and menus. But you never know which variant is yours, until you try.

Popular ways to choose the right diet

And then there are the so-called «folk dietetics». It’s all about what you read on women’s sites. Kefir, buckwheat, apples, and other mono when necessary during the week there is only one thing. The criteria are obvious — there is only what you like in principle.

The second advice given to calculate how much you financially wealthy for a certain diet. Also interesting, but here just want to remind you that the cheapest diet, like oatmeal and millet are poor in vitamins and minerals, do not correspond to the needs of the human body in the full protein, and too monotonous to sustain them long enough.

But no matter how you tried to select a diet, you shouldn’t even start if you’re just not ready to see her life circumstances. Doctors recommend to start losing weight in a relatively calm period of life, when you dominate circumstances. Suppose, you are unlikely to regularly brew a buckwheat with chicken, if you need to care for a sick relative, and any thoughts you have there. And almost nobody is going to go to the gym every day if you need to pass the graduation project.

in General, the best selection of the diet to turn to professionals who are your concerns with the visible. If this is not possible, there is only the path of trial and error.

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