How to drink green coffee

How to prepare and drink green coffeeGreen coffee, which recently appeared in stores and heavily advertised, is breaking all records of popularity and level of comments on the Internet. This product is marketed by manufacturers and sellers as a powerful tool for weight loss. Among the users opinion on green coffee sound different. Many actually noticed fat burning effects, some people drink just not like the taste or did not help in the fight against excess weight.

There are people who have green coffee has caused pretty nasty side effects. A large percentage of negative statements sounds from people who, not knowing how to drink green coffee and how to cook, used it too often or in large quantities. A lot of negative reviews from people who bought the fake. Let’s try to figure out how to make green coffee to drink has benefited and did not bring harm to health. So, here’s the usage instructions green coffee.

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How to grind green coffee?

Soluble green coffee is better not to buy — most likely it will be a fake. In specialized coffee shops for sale coffee bean and ground. The second does not have a fully useful properties, the ideal option would be still coffee bean that is ground in the morning in a quantity necessary only for the current day.

photo how to grind green coffeeTo cope with solid coffee beans that have not passed the process of roasting, maybe not every grinder. The question of how to ground green coffee, bothers many, faced with this problem. It is better to use a manual mill. Many useful in this situation grinder in which there is a tip for spices. Electric grinder Bosch 6003 also copes with the task well. You can soak the beans for a while in water or heat it in the oven for 2 minutes – this will facilitate the grinding process and leave the useful properties available.

Grinding green coffee beans to a powder is not necessary. Enough to reach dimensions equal to buckwheat. In this form the green coffee suitable for brewing.

How to brew green coffee?

As mentioned above, excessive use can cause side effects. I recommend to read to begin with what are the contraindications of green coffee. For beginners, a single serving is 1 tsp of coffee per Cup of water. If all goes well, in a week you can increase the concentration up to 2 tsp per Cup. The question how to cook green coffee, the answer is simple. Exactly the same way as roasted and ground.

How to brew to make green coffeeIn Turku, you need to pour 1-2 tsp coffee, add water and cook on low heat until boiling. As soon as the coffee starts to boil, quickly remove the pot from the stove and let the drink cool a little. You can brew in the Cup, the same amount of water is poured boiled water and infuse for 8-10 minutes. The drink can be strained through a sieve and drink. French press ground coffee beans is also filled with boiling water and insist. Then it only remains to lower the filter down, pressing the stem and pour the prepared drink into the Cup.

There is much talk about mixing green coffee with ginger to enhance the effect. This should be done very carefully, excessive intake of ginger can have a negative impact on Your body. 1 tsp added to molotow coffee right before brewing. To drink green coffee with ginger can most once a day and discontinue use immediately if there is any discomfort.

How to drink green coffee for weight loss?

In the green coffee beans have to be described by way of the use of green coffee. If it’s not there, think about it, most likely it is a fake. Drinking green coffee should be no more than 2-3 times a day. Better to do it 30 minutes before a meal, the first Cup is very good to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Recipe of green coffee allows for the addition of juice of lemon or orange. Before exercise can make green coffee with pepper, this will help to exercise. Sugar with green coffee is better not to use it. Specific taste is better neutralized by using citrus juice. View another article how to drink green coffee /kak-upotreblyat-zelenyiy-kofe

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