Home fitness for weight loss: exercise and video tutorials for beginners

Home fitness slimming

The goal is to have a beautiful and slender figure is trying to reach every girl. Just spending a lot of time in the gym and spend a lot of money is not available to all. There is a way to conduct fitness workouts at home. Effective exercises for weight loss better to do? You will find the answer in the instructions below.

The benefits of fitness for your figure

Girl doing exercise ball for weight loss

Not to say that fitness classes at home for weight loss will be less effective than in the hall under the guidance of a coach. To perform some of the exercises do not need special equipment. It is enough for a small space, a set of dumbbells, expander, jump ropes, massage Hoop and pad. Although you can easily do without them, because fitness classes at home with her own weight also benefit:

  • increase the body’s resistance to various infections and physical endurance;
  • strengthen the spine, a beneficial effect on the joints;
  • strengthen the heart;
  • promote weight loss;
  • strengthen muscular corset;
  • elevate mood, relieve a person from depression.

What types of fitness help to lose weight

Side bar for weight loss

Home fitness for weight loss may be different. The base is a kind of aerobics, jumping or based on steps. For such sports does not require special equipment. The movement derived from dance, but they are a little less stressing the muscles and help in losing weight, coordination, endurance training and speed the metabolism. In a broad sense to include such aerobic types of physical activity like walking, Cycling, swimming, running, skiing and skating. At home it can be a set of exercises:

  1. Separate. Each exercise is performed separately with breaks between sets.
  2. Supersets. Two or more approaches are performed without rest, for example, twisting, and immediately behind them press.
  3. Circular. The most complex program, where all exercises are performed in a circle without rest, the exercise will involve all muscles.

Rules of exercising at home

Like any sport, charging at home can have a negative impact, if not to follow some rules. The main thing is to warm up before exercise to avoid possible muscle injury such as a sprain or a tear. Warm-up in the form of a simple walk in place ensure regular fitness at home that weight loss is very important. With regard to the frequency, the recommended number of workouts 3-4 times a week, because muscle without loads quickly recovered. Only a month effective and free classes, and the result will already be visible.

Here are a few tips for fitness at home:

  • try to choose to workout one time;
  • follow the training duration more than 1 hour;
  • in chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system pick a set of exercises for weight loss together with your doctor;
  • do not make too long pauses between sets;
  • follow the technique of performing exercises;
  • engage in a well-ventilated area to fresh air;
  • pick the type of fitness given the amount of free space that you have.

Home fitness mom and baby

Effective exercise for weight loss at home

With the complexities in the selection of exercises you can resort to online resources. A lot of video tutorials reflect not only technique, but also what muscle groups worked in this exercise. Fitness classes for weight loss can include the following exercises:

  1. Push-UPS. To load the chest muscles, back, press, and predplechye take the emphasis lying down, placing hands shoulder-width apart. Keep the body straight, try not to cave in. On the inhale lower yourself. The angle of the hands should be straight. Go back to the original position on the exhale.
  2. The riveting. Exercise for study press. Take supine position, with outstretched and slightly raised his hands with his feet. On the exhale raise your legs and simultaneously with the torso, trying to reach them with hands.
  3. Twisting. Contribute to the elaboration of the rectus abdominis muscle. Take the following position: lie on your back, bend legs at the knees. Across retighten to the floor, hands interlock behind his head. Try to reach the chest to the hips, exhaling on the lift and inhaling when lowering.
  4. Jumping. If you have a small stool or a stool – use it for the next exercise. Stand in front of your «shell» at a distance of about 30-40 cm, the hands pull back. Then jump onto it, making a wave of the hand.

How to eat before and after exercise

If you follow the regular classes, but will not change your relationship to food, weight loss you will only dream about. Nutrition for fitness for weight loss not just has to be right – it needs to consider both before workout and after. To the man or woman to build muscle, about 1.5 hours before the fitness classes you need to provide the body glucose:

  • banana;
  • Apple;
  • raisins;
  • Fig;
  • berries;
  • a piece of dark chocolate;
  • dried fruit or tea with honey.

This same meal is recommended to include a dose of protein:

  • boiled fish;
  • eggs;
  • poultry meat;
  • cheese or yogurt.

To secure the result after 20 minutes after fitness the body needs protein component. Full to eat only after 1.5-2 h after exercise. The diet must include vegetables, meat, fish, porridge, eggs, seafood, low-fat cheese, fruit and dairy products. Calorie portions should be half of what you spent during the occupation of fitness so the body will use its own fat reserves.

A girl performs an exercise Strap

Training video tutorials for beginners

In addition to the aerobics fitness at home for weight loss presented by kallanetika, Pilates, shaping, triplostegia, fitball-aerobics, all kinds of dancing. How to deal with them not in the gym? Need to buy CDs with tutorials or find them on YouTube, where a lot of different workouts for weight loss even offer professional trainers, and all muscle groups.

Morning exercise for quick weight loss

Fitness program for weight loss by Julia Bogdan:

Super-burning exercise for belly

A set of exercises for the legs

For beautiful hands and shoulders

Fitness dancing to the music


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