Goji berries. What it is and how to use?

Goji berries photoIf in ancient times, the Goji shrubs are considered weeds and pesky plants from which it was not possible to forever get rid of, currently, Goji berry has been revealed to us from the other side. After many scientific experiments it was found that the plant, more specifically its fruit, have medicinal and healing properties. So after all, what is Goji berries?

Goji berries, what is it?

First of all, the fruit of the tree of the Solanaceae family. According to research, this plant has several names, the most common — Dereza ordinary. Where to grow Goji berries? The area of their growth can be any, this berry equally common in areas with subtropical and temperate climate. In most cases, this plant can be found near roadsides, on rocky soils, vacant lots and moderately dry soils. The plant is undemanding and is able to live a long time without moisture.

where to grow Goji berry photoGoji berries — a hedge. Those gardeners-gardeners who notice the splendor of plants, shrubs used as hedges. The combination of green and red fruits of many others results in a delight and affection.

It is believed that Goji berries is the barberry. Do native shrub is Asia, in the same homeland and barberry. So in Asia, Goji and Goji one and the same. Over time, Goji began to spread to other areas, changing and adapting under appropriate climatic conditions. But the fact that the useful properties of Goji berries and barberry are the same — known to many.

All about Goji berries, you can know if to ask about its composition, useful properties and negative qualities.

Useful properties

All berries of any shrub inside there is a lot of useful and medicinal substances. No exception, and Goji berries. What useful properties of Goji berries?

Goji berries can boast of its composition. They contain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, beneficial fructose, essential amino acids. But the main benefit of Goji berries is an incredible amount of antioxidants. As you know, this substance helps the body to absorb oxygen free radicals.

the Goji berry photoBenefits and harms of Goji has not been studied, scientists are still studying the composition and properties of this extraordinary berry.

Useful than Goji berries? It is proved that the beneficial properties of Goji berries can positively affect mental, physical and overall health of the body that help cells to deal with their own aging process. In addition, the beneficial properties of Goji berries help the person to remain in high spirits and effectively influence the quality of sleep.

Goji berries are essential for the prevention of liver diseases, cancer and blood diseases. Regular intake of beneficial product helps a person get rid of excess cholesterol in the blood. In addition, this berry is recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

If based on scientific thought, the Goji berry can be used in any diseases.

  • Internal and external bleeding.
  • Malaria.
  • Diabetes.
  • Disorders of blood circulation.
  • Cancer.
  • Diseases of ENT-organs (dyspnea, tinnitus, chronic rhinitis).
  • Diseases of the kidneys and liver.
  • The General strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Sexual diseases.
  • Breakdown.

It is important to remember that Goji berries benefits and harms for each person individually carries. What is the recommended one, is a contraindication for the other. So, if the use of this sour fruit from the human body is something negative, then he should completely refrain from the Goodies. It must be borne in mind that Goji berry reviews are negative.


what is Goji berriesWhat are the contraindications have Goji berries? The main harm of Goji berries is that they have the incompatibility with some medical drugs. If the patient uses this fruit for the treatment of any disease while a plant is treated by medication, something about the interaction with the latter he should consult a doctor. It is important to remember that in some cases the incompatibility of natural and drug medications and can cause excessive internal bleeding.

Also not recommended to consume Goji fruit in large quantities. Overdose natural drug can cause exacerbation of the disease and strengthening the main symptoms of the disease.

Currently, the Goji berry can be found on the shelves of most of supermarkets or in the pharmacy. They are sold in different forms: frozen, fresh, dried, in a juice or berry.

You can own dacha to grow a nightshade Bush, and enjoy your berries all year round.

How to eat fruit Gordy? It is good to brew tea with Goji berries, this healthy drink has healing and medicinal properties along with fresh and dried berries.

Goji berries for weight loss

With great benefit for the body used Goji berries for weight loss. Regular consumption of berries allows the body to build metabolism, burn excess fat and reduce the appetite.

Goji for weight loss are used since ancient times, but now has become a real hype use of this berry. In addition, the body begins to lose weight in a natural way, he also becomes self-purified. Regular consumption of dishes based on Goji berries will help a person to get rid of toxins, internal contamination, and stagnation.

What is the way to use Goji berries for weight loss? For this purpose, the dried fruit before the actual use razmeshivatsya in boiling water and added to food. It is recommended to use twice a day this product. Daily dose for weight loss is no more than 45 grams of Goji berries in a dry condition. The most optimal way to use the berries for weight loss — in the morning for Breakfast and during dinner. You can not use this product immediately before bedtime, it can lead to insomnia and nervous excitement.

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