Ginger tea for weight loss recipe with lemon, honey and garlic

Recipes and proportions of tea with ginger for weight loss

About the use of ginger tea for weight loss is known to everyone who is faced with the problem of obesity. This drink improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and helps burn fat. People who want to get slim, I drink it several times a day. To help make a variety of new recipes.

The benefits and harms of tea with ginger pieces

Ginger root and lemons

Like any other product, the ginger root has its positive and negative sides. Its a huge benefit, but there are also negative nuances. If you decide to lose weight with ginger tea, learn about its properties in more detail. For starters, check out useful qualities. These include:

1.Normalization of digestion.

2.Toning effect.

3.Strengthening of the cardiovascular system. For people who are overweight this is extremely important because the metabolism depends on the health of blood vessels.

Harmful properties of ginger tea are manifested in excess. It can be:

1.Sleep disorders.

2.Lesion of the mucous membrane of the stomach.

3.Disorders of organs of urinary system.

How to brew ginger tea at home: recipes

Tea with ginger root has a specific taste that not everyone will like. In the process of weight loss it you are not tired, alternate different ways of cooking. Adding new components, you’ll get a delicious taste. This diversity will bring more use and enjoyment. If you want to experiment, write down some common recipes for natural ginger tea for weight loss.

With lemon and honey

Drink from ginger, lemon

Acid contained in the juice of the lemon, promotes the breakdown of fat. Honey quickly saturates the body with carbohydrates, rescuing a man from abusing sweets. Combining these products with ginger root, you will get a great tool for weight loss! To prepare a daily supply of this drink, you need to:

  • fresh ginger root – 60-70 g;
  • lemon – 1 PC.;
  • purified water – 1 in 200 ml;
  • med – 40-50 g;
  • spices (fennel, turmeric, cardamom) – optional.

Prepare the natural ginger drink with lemon and honey:

1.Put a pot of water on the burner with a flame of medium intensity.

2.While the water heats up, clean and shred ginger root on a coarse grater.

3.Before boiling add the ginger into the water.

4.Cut the lemon and put in a pan.

5.Add spices.

6.As soon as tea boils, turn off heat and allow to infuse for about a quarter of an hour.

7.Strain the finished drink through a sieve.

8.Pour the drink into a Cup, add 10-15 grams of honey.


Natural compounds contained in garlic, kill germs, purify the blood vessels of the particles of cholesterol and improve the digestive system. Due to this, the body activates the process that helps burn excess fat. Adding a small amount of garlic to ginger tea, you get a wonderful drink that has incredible healing properties and excellent taste.

Ginger garlic tea for weight loss recipe:

1.Prepare 10 grams of grated ginger root and 2 medium cloves of garlic.

2.Pour into a saucepan the average volume of 1,600 ml of water.

3.Wash, peel, chop on a medium grater ginger root. Garlic to do the same.

4.Mix the grated ginger with the garlic, pour boiling water.

5.Let stand about a quarter of an hour. Drain.

6.To use portions of 150-200 ml


Drink with lemon and mint

Cinnamon is a delicious spice comes from the island of Sri Lanka, which is famous for the ability to improve the taste of foods. However, it helps burn calories. Ginger tea with cinnamon helps to lose weight without any harm. To make a Cup of this drink, you need:

  • black tea leaves (to taste) – 3-4 m;
  • fresh ginger root – 20-30 g;
  • cinnamon – 1 stick;
  • purified water – 220-240 ml;
  • sugar 7-8 g.

How to make natural ginger tea for weight loss recipe with cinnamon:

1.Place infuser in a glass of black tea.

2.Pour boiling water over. Cover with a lid. Let stand 3-4 minutes.

3.Meanwhile, prepare ginger root: wash, peel and chop on a medium grater.

4.Send ginger in a glass of tea.

5.Add a cinnamon stick. Cover, re-locate for 3 minutes.

6.Add sugar, mix well.

With orange, mint and cardamom

Natural compounds contained in orange juice and rejuvenate the body and remove toxins from the digestive system. Mint dulls the feeling of hunger and improves bowel, and cardamom speeds up metabolism. Regularly drinking ginger tea with orange, mint and cardamom, you’ll be able to lose weight quickly at home without discomfort. If you are interested, write down step by step recipe for making a wonderful drink for weight loss. Step by step instructions:

1.To prepare in advance 1 orange 5 mint leaves, small piece of ginger root and a few grains of cardamom.

2.To put water on a fire of medium intensity.

3.While it will be hot, you need to peel the ginger skin and chop it finely.

4.Put it in a Cup of mint leaves, a few slices of orange, 3-4 grains of cardamom and chopped ginger root.

5.Pour boiling water over. Cover with a lid. Let stand 4-5 minutes.

How to prepare green tea with ground ginger

Tea with ginger, lemon and honey

Chinese green tea contains a lot of useful natural components, which provide a restorative effect and help to get rid of excess calories. Ground ginger root when brewed, completely gives all the useful components that it contains. Combining green tea with ginger, you have a powerful tool for weight loss. To extract the maximum benefit from this combination, prepare the drink according to the following scheme:

1.Put in a small metal container 7-8 grams of ground ginger root, add some lemon juice, cover with water and put on the stove.

2.When the water boils, a duration of 10 minutes and then turn off the heat.

3.During this time, brew the green tea in 100 ml of water.

4.Give a little brew, and then mix the tea with the tincture of ginger.

5.The drink is ready!

How to brew tea from ginger root in a thermos

If you don’t have time to brew ginger tea several times a day, cook it with stock. This will help a common thermos with a capacity of 1.2-1.5 L. This amount will be enough for the whole day. The main thing is to brew tea that it retains its useful properties. Write down how to do it:

1.Heat the required quantity of water to a temperature of 60-70°(boil is not necessary, otherwise the beneficial properties will be partly lost).

2.Pour into a thermos ground ginger root, 3-4 grams per 100 ml of volume.

3.Pour the hot water.

4.Add honey to taste, lemon, mint.

5.Let stand at least half an hour.

How to drink to lose weight

Ginger root and drink from it

If you want to get the maximum benefit from ginger tea, try to stick to simple rules. Nutritionists recommend:

1.To drink ginger tea for 30-40 minutes before meals. It is necessary for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

2.Alternate recipes for ginger tea that the body receives all the essential vitamins and minerals.

3.Drink a day not more than 5 cups. Should not be abused – this can lead to malfunctioning of heart, liver, stomach and the reproductive system (women).

Are there any contraindications to the use of

You need to lose weight so as not to harm the body. If you decide to enter in your diet ginger tea, speak to your doctor first about whether you can consume this drink. Doctors do not recommend it to people with such diseases/disorders as:

  • ulcerative colitis;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • diverticulosis /diverticulitis;
  • stones in the gallbladder;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • esophageal reflux.

Videorate cooking fat burning drink from ginger

Feedback about the results of weight loss

Alevtina, 34 years: a Few months was on a diet, but are unable to lose two pounds. The doctor has advised to add to the program of healthy eating ginger tea. I was surprised, but decided to try. Price of ginger root in the market is quite suit me, so I decided to buy stock in a few months. For three weeks, 4-5 times a day drink tea with honey, lemon, mint, milk and other additives. During this time, dropped 2.7 kg!

Vasilisa, 31 years: a Friend told how she helped to lose weight ginger tea Evalar. With him she drank cocktails energy diet. I followed her example. Village on a diet, learned to cook ginger tea, ordered a package of cocktails and joined the gym. The effect of this technique was already evident on the 4th day! Well-being has improved markedly. Developed vigor and vitality. In 5 weeks I lost 11.7 kg! Now don’t recognize myself in the photo! A figure like a model!

Marina, 26 years: came Across an article about losing weight with ginger drinks, but I didn’t believe that this is possible. Diet and exercise my figure is not corrected here than a simple tea… in Consultation with the doctor, I learned that with the help of ginger to lose weight – it’s real. Started to prepare natural teas and drink before meals. 6 days dropped 1.2 kg. too Early to draw conclusions, but this small result is happy. I will continue!

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