The food guide pyramid

Under the food pyramid understand schematically illustrates the principles of healthy eating. The scheme was developed by American nutritionists in the early 1990s, and since then is the basis for human consumption, who wants to be healthy. In the pyramid take into account the principles, following which you can achieve longevity and normalization of body functions.

Harvard healthy diet pyramid

The first food pyramid looked like a classic shape blocks, each of which were food products. According to the scheme, in the diet need to include a number of products with the base of the pyramid, at least – on top of it. Special attention is paid to additional products required vitamins, moderate consumption of alcohol as red wine.

The key principles of the Harvard pyramid:

  • regular monitoring to maintain weight and health.
  • replacing saturated and TRANS fats for healthy unsaturated fats;
  • replace processed grains to whole grains;
  • eating healthy sources of protein in nuts, legumes, poultry, fish;
  • rich in fruits and vegetables diet.

How to build a food pyramid

7 rational units includes a food pyramid, each of which carries image products and recommendations on the number of daily servings. The blocks look like this:

  1. Front of base is marked, provides the recommended daily exercise and weight control.
  2. The base is divided into 3 parts, include vegetables, fruits, berries, whole grains. The latter are sources of slow carbs, which include brown rice, wholemeal bread, pasta made from flour obtained by grinding whole grain cereal. Also included are vegetable oils included in their composition in polyunsaturated fatty acids: olive, sunflower, rapeseed. A day are allowed to take 300 g of fruit, divided into 2 portions, and 450 g of vegetables, divided into 3 doses.
  3. The second stage contains vegetable proteins: nuts, beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower; animal protein: fish, seafood, poultry, eggs. Recommended intake is up to 2 times a day.
  4. The third stage is limited to 2 servings per day, this includes milk and dairy products. If a person suffers from lactose intolerance, this step is replaced calcium-rich products.
  5. Upper stages include products, the use of which should be minimal. It’s animal fats, red meat, butter, sausage, fast carbs. The latter include white bread, pastries, pasta, white rice, sodas, sweets. A couple of years ago in the upper tier moved the potatoes, which once stood on the lower unit along with whole grain foods.

The man in the background of the pyramid products

American pyramid of proper nutrition and its principles

In 2000-e years, after many adjustments of the Harvard food pyramid was born on the American version, called MyPyramid. This modern, rational version expands the possibilities to losing weight, offering a menu of proper nutrition. Unlike Harvard, it blocks located horizontally and vertically, have different width of the basis color. It provides for an independent selection of products from areas of different colors in the right quantity.

The wider the base of the unit, the more products can be taken daily. To the left of the pyramid depicts a person climbing the stairs as a symbol of the sport. From left to right are: cereals, vegetables, fruit, fats, dairy products, meat, legumes. The narrowest width segment into fats. The pyramid is composed, considering the special principles: variety, proportionality, identity, moderation, physical activity.

The principle of diversity

According to this factor, all the products important for a person, but each of them should be taken according to the norm. The variety’s power is manifested with colored sectors corresponding to the group of rational elements:

  1. Orange power supply – cereals. This includes the bran, coarse whole-grain products: flour, cereals, bread, brown rice. Daily should take them 6 servings.
  2. Green block – vegetables. The recommended intake is 3-5 servings, and 1 portion must consist only of yellow, orange or green colors that serve as a source of beta-carotene and minerals.
  3. Red block – fruits and berries, which are considered a source of vitamins and organic compounds. Should eat 2-3 servings daily, 1 of which should be rich in vitamin C. it is Better to eat fruits with a low glycemic index.
  4. Yellow power pack fats. The most useful of them are considered a vegetable contained in nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, fish. Solid saturated fats from margarine, butter and confectionery fat should be kept to a minimum to avoid the risk of heart disease.
  5. Blue block – milk products. These include cheese, milk, yogurt, you need to daily drink up to 3 servings. It brings to the body proteins, vitamins, minerals and useful lactobacilli flora.
  6. Purple unit – proteins. These include red meat, fish, eggs, poultry meat, you should eat up to 3 servings per day for the production of amino acids. Legumes and nuts belong to this category – are the source of protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Dairy products

The principle of proportionality

According to this factor the width of all sectors shows how much per day a person should consume foods from a particular block. Different width, evidence and proportionality to each other. Visually, you can understand that vegetables, grains, fruits and milk is paramount in the diet, meat, fish, eggs and nuts – minor, and fat are given minimum percentage.

The principle of individuality

Human nutrition must take into account its individual characteristics – this is the principle. The developers of the pyramid emphasize that the scheme is universal, but non – standard- is to approach him with regard to gender, age and food preferences. In this regard, has developed an exemplary pyramid for pregnant women, nutrition for children and vegetarians.

The principle of moderation

Use the food pyramid should be reasonable – this is the principle of moderation. Should comply with the daily requirement of calories to maintain health, but don’t need to abuse food. Even if the diet is calorie-reduced products, but in large numbers, it will not help with weight loss and support weight. This increases body weight, what is unwholesome.

The girl measures the waist an inch in front of the table with vegetables and fruits

The principle of motor activity

It is no coincidence that the main principle of the physical loads imposed on the schematic illustration of the pyramid in the form of a man coming up the stairs. This picture reminds all that only daily exercise in an hour you can support your body in normal condition. You may choose any sport or physical activity for weight loss.

The healthy diet pyramid for children

The child’s diet ideally contains all the necessary for the growth and development of products that relates to a healthy menu. The food pyramid child nutrition is no problem, because here the emphasis is on a wide sector. They should be guided in the choice of food, but not to exclude other blocks to vary the menu and maintain health.

Video: the pyramid of proper nutrition

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