Food after exercise for weight loss

It is very difficult to train intensively, but to sit on a rigid diet. For weight loss there are some rules that help to reduce weight. It is important to know how long after training you can eat what you can and can’t drink, what foods will help burn fat. This diet does not cause hunger and restores energy.

What to eat after workout to lose weight

Snacks after a workout

An important aspect for many girls and men – eating after workout to burn fat. The entire diet should be aimed at restoring the lost power supply damaged muscles. The main thing – to follow the scheme of eating which is discussed below. It is believed that the best food after a workout is:

  • boiled chicken, Turkey breast;
  • egg (without yolk);
  • any varieties of fish;
  • carbohydrate food: rice, sugar, bread, pasta, fruit, potatoes.
  • skim milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese.

Products, which you should give up

Harmful sweets

Those who doubt whether it is possible to eat cheese, can with a clear conscience to use it. It is especially useful to eat it in the evening, but from some other products should be abandoned. In the first 2.5 hours should be no kodeinsoderjaschie food: coffee, tea, chocolate and other restorative materials. This element affects the release of insulin in the human body, which is important for weight loss. Also should be avoided during the first 2 hours from:

  • fast carbs (flour, chocolate bars);
  • products with high sugar content;
  • food with a high content of TRANS and animal fats;
  • mayonnaise, butter, fried;
  • alcoholic beverages.

What you can drink

Already installed, can I drink coffee. The answer is unequivocal – no. In the first 2.5 hours to eat anything. To muffle feeling of hunger can only be liquid. At this time it is allowed to drink any amount of still mineral water, drink fat-free yogurt. If absolutely unbearable, it is allowed to eat 1 banana and Apple. Any other drinks if they contain sugar or caffeine is prohibited.

Meal plan for weight loss

Fitness nutrition depends on sportsman set before the task. For example, those involved in the recruitment of muscle mass, needs to close «carbohydrate window» within 20-30 minutes after training. For those who picks up food after a workout for weight loss, a sense of aging – the first 2-3 hours is necessary. Physical activity in the gym starts the process of weight loss, which during this time is particularly active.

It is important that the energy was due to fatty deposits and not receive again the consumed food. This is the basis of the need to abandon food in the first hours after rocking. Without prejudice to the process of losing weight is to drink kefir or eat an Apple. It is impossible to prevent overeating after the expiration of 2-3 hours after a workout. You need to choose the right strength exercises, aerobic and cardio load, which do not Deplete the body completely, but started the process of weight reduction.

For men

Husband cooked foods for a snack after a workout

Food after exercise for weight loss in men and women is slightly different. The differences are connected with the fact that guys love more than to train hard, spend more energy and need more calories even while weight loss. Most classes of men focus on the growth of muscle and reduction of body fat, so you should carefully choose what to eat after a workout.

The best option is any low-carb diet, which is accompanied by a high consumption of protein foods (chicken, protein shakes), fiber (buckwheat, oatmeal, whole wheat bread). Dinner should be light, better suited for that cheese, contains casein (a»slow» protein) that is digested to build muscles during the night. Men food after an active workout for weight loss may include:

  • seafood;
  • cereals;
  • honey (replace valuable product regular sugar);
  • plenty of fluids;
  • dietary meat.

For women

Girl eating a salad after a workout

The diet of girls differs from the men lower-protein calories. As a rule, women’s workouts do not involve weight training or a lot of energy. This simplifies the recovery process, reduces the need for protein, which men need to immediately after the training. To compile diet after workout for weight loss need to calculate the number of calories expended during the day. The slimming process will start, when consumption will be less than the costs. Menu plan men’s and women’s diet is the same.

Video: protein-carbohydrate window after workout for weight loss

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