Flap diet

Mono-diets are famous for their efficiency in getting rid of excess fat, but for many too complicated. If you break on the beginning of the path, then try an intensive method, its name conjures up thoughts of a lovely flower. Worked it for a female nutritionist from Sweden Anna Johansson, the fruit of his studies was diet 6 petal Daisy.

What is the essence and the General principles of dieting

In petal diet is the daily alternation of similar diets with the distinction of protein and complex carbohydrates. Within one day used a certain type of food. Swap the points diet, named petal, is impossible. Required:

  • use of clean drinking water 1.5-2 liters (for removing products of fat breakdown, and prevent constipation);
  • limitation, but rather a rejection of the use of salt diet;
  • moderate physical activity when dieting is lying on the couch, you can rest assured that excess weight will stay with you;
  • fractional meal – small portions but frequent approaches to boost slowing metabolism;
  • prohibition of exceeding the daily volume of food that enters the diet: proteins – 0,5 kg 200 g grasses in terms of dry matter and 1.5 kg of fruits and vegetables.

Woman at table with fruit and cakes

Permitted and prohibited products

Flap diet calls for the consumption of the following products:

  • chicken breast;
  • the raw and baked fruits (except bananas, grapes, dates, raisins);
  • vegetables, not starchy raw and thermally treated;
  • cheese with low percentage of fat content, kefir and other low fat dairy products as an addition to cheese day;
  • any fish;
  • porridge buckwheat, oatmeal, wild rice, and whole wheat bread;
  • vegetable oil (very little), unrefined for salads, cereals.

To exclude, in a diet you need radar products:

  • sugar;
  • white bread;
  • pastries, bakery products;
  • sweets;
  • butter and other animal fats;
  • semi-finished products purchased;
  • seasonings, additives to improve the taste.

Products for diet

The menus and recipes of petal loss diet

A day on this diet you can lose an average of 800 g of weight for the body is a lot. Abuse it more than a week not worth it – blade diet for weight loss is monoethanol, though with some diversity. The following modifications of the flap of the diet: the classic Daisy for 6 days, Tsvetik-Semitsvetik for 7 days on the easiest diet Plate for 5 days.

Mono-diet 6 petals — the menu for each day

The classic version from Sweden. Special nutrition support for 6 days with a gradual exit from the diet. Menu:

Day Products
1.Fish Fish in any form except smoked. If you taste salt, you must soak it in water.
2.Vegetable Vegetables raw, boiled, baked. In salads, soups, side dishes, just like that.
3.Chicken Lean chicken breast – boiled, baked, steamed.
4.Cereal Porridge buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat germ, whole-grain bread.
5.Cheese Cheese can be diluted with low-fat dairy drinks, to include low fat cottage cheese.
6.Fruit Citrus fruits, apples, berries – all gifts of summer. Predominantly sour, moderately sweet.

7 petals – a menu for the week

Analogue spade Swedish – with the same menu, but on the final day seventh, used one water – ordinary or mineral, freed from gases. There are more fun diet Seven petals. It is called «Tsvetik-Semitsvetik», a principle reminiscent of the cheerful rainbow – every day used products of different colors. Menu:

Day Meals
1 2 3 4 5
1. White Granola on low-fat milk or fermented milk drink The yogurt is fat-free Chicken breast, garnish buckwheat The white cabbage salad Cheese
2. Red The berries of the corresponding color, red tea (karkade) Garnet Beef stew with beans Tomato juice, red Apple Salad: tomatoes with sweet pepper
3. Yellow Millet porridge, boiled in water Apricots Egg-white omelet, cooked with yellow peppers The juice from the peach, yellow Apple Salad: corn, cheese, grated pepper yellow
4. Orange Mango Orange Salmon, grated carrot Sea buckthorn juice, Mandarin Stewed pumpkin, carrot juice
5. Green Cucumber + greens, pine nuts Apple green Braised green beans, cucumbers Lettuce, greens, seasoned with vegetable oil Zucchini baked
6. Purple Prunes or plums dark Berry: black currant, BlackBerry, blueberry Stewed eggplant juice of purple berries Honeysuckle, juice of currants Salad of raw beets
7. Transparent Herbal Tea Chicken broth Fish broth

Five petals

Option flap diet for 6 days, but designed for a shorter period. As in the classical diet in petal for 5 days, you cannot rearrange the order of menu, often excluded fruit day. The distribution of products in terms of food:

Day Permitted foods
1 Fish of all varieties – boiled, baked, steamed, fish soup with greens.
2 All vegetables, except potatoes. Beets and carrots are best consumed in raw form.
3 Chicken – not fatty parts of the carcass without skin (wings, breast) boiled, baked, steamed. To make the meat softer, you can soak in unsalted marinade with citric acid.
4 Cereals low-calorie cereals on the water, whole grain flour products.
5 Cottage cheese, yogurt, milk (low milk fat).

How to get out of the diet

With any mono-diet, which applies to radar, you need to go gradually, otherwise banal indigestion. In the diet at least a week must be present products that is used for weight loss, with the addition of new. You can repeat the second round by days, entering something half-forgotten by the body, but in small quantities. Follow the ratio of the number of calories coming in to expensive – if they will be less, the result has soon come to naught.

A girl holds a lemon


The influence of such a diet as a flap, on the body of pregnant women has not been studied, so pregnancy is contraindication the number one. Caution should be lose weight with its help, breastfeeding – possible Allergy in a child, especially if he has not reached half. Diet flap can stick to only after consulting a doctor for diseases of the digestive system, urinary, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular.

Video: what a diet Six petals


Alexander, 38 years

Perhaps a mono-diet is not my case. Tried the petal, from fish with the haunting smell of sick on the first day. Scored a diet cereal day, lost only a kilo of favorite photos of «before» and «after» – without any changes. But got dizzy for the whole next week. Maybe the body is acting up – have not checked.

Lydia, 25 years

I passed all the circles of petal weight loss for 6 days. Lost 2.7 kg, but for me to go anywhere – the weight is relatively normal, a little on the sides it was necessary to remove. The feeling is beautiful. Perhaps thanks to the fresh air, which I absorbed in large volumes on long walks. The cool thing – no hunger!

Power, 21

Best diet – excluding unhealthy but tasty (!) products. Just to make this very difficult, but petal for 5 days helped me to develop the habit of healthy eating. I dropped a little – about 2 kg, but gained invaluable experience. Now there is no pathological craving for kebabs, pastries and chocolates. Reduced weight – though slowly, but without any diets!

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