Fat burning exercises

The unpleasant result of active workouts – the muscle under the fat. This effect can occur because of incorrectly chosen set of exercises. In house conditions it is possible to achieve intense weight loss only with the correct training program, which must include certain elements.

Effective exercise for fat burning

To perform simple exercises is useful to both women and men who want to lose weight. The training program must contain elements of three categories:

  • Cardio activity. From the title it is clear that this type of fat-burning workouts is associated with the heart. The fact that the heart rate influences the efficiency of the training elements. Such loads occur with the direct presence of oxygen for breathing during each exercise, you need to follow especially carefully.
  • Power. If cardio are aimed at burning excess fat, you power form muscle mass. Limited this view is impossible, because you run the risk of build muscle underneath a layer of fat.
  • Press. To limit the loss of inches in the waist is not necessary, give his tummy a nice relief. To do it right only if you have a thought out program.

Circular Bosu workout

To lose weight always need a quick fix, but it turns out not always. Circular exercise program, this plan is a godsend for girls. Men don’t plan to actively swing, and wishing to lose some weight and tighten the body, this, too, will like. The essence of the exercise which the gym is optional, is to select multiple items from three main categories, usually 10 pieces missing. Fat burning exercises are performed in a circle, repeated twice and thrice, giving yourself a break of half a minute.

The girl pressed from the floor in the gym

Circuit training for fat loss for women

Girls still care about their appearance a little more than men, so getting rid of excess weight for them is especially important. At home you can carry out workouts consist of cardio and exercises for abs, including elements for processing a specific area. To lose weight only in the arms or thighs will not work, because this process turns the whole figure, but if you have problem areas, work them harder.

For exercise you may need additional equipment such as, weights or a Mat which can be purchased at any sporting goods store. Since circuit training, then do each element have at the minute, stopping at 30 seconds for a breather. Then have one or two more to do all the exercises in the same sequence. In the result of daily fat-burning workout will take no more than half an hour, while giving a noticeable effect.

Exercise to burn fat on the sides and waist

To influence hateful pounds intense fat burning methods, which include not only nutrition, but also sports, often in the waist area. Make it thinner will help the following exercises:

  • Side twisting. During this fat burning item considering oblique muscles, which not only enhances the waist, but doing little relief.
  1. Sit on the Mat in the following way: lie on your back with legs bent at the knees and laying them sideways.
  2. One hand should be free to lie on the opposite side. The second bent at the elbow and behind his head.
  3. Lift the body with a bent over head, hand diagonally to the opposite side. Go down on the Mat and rise again.
  4. Change the position of the feet, putting them in the other direction. The position of the hands must also be changed: bent at the elbow should be free to lie on his side, and the second bend. Repeat the third paragraph.
  • The twists and turns. With this exercise you can remove the flabby side.
  1. Place your feet next to each other. Hands put on the belt, bending them at the elbows.
  2. With straight back do active twists and turns, not taking the feet off the floor.

Girl does exercises for the abs

Exercise to burn belly fat

Special fat burning workout think of often struggle with unsightly deposits in the abdomen. To burn fat you must use the cardio elements, but the treatment special exercises will enhance the effect. Among the successful are the following:

  • Strap. In addition to getting rid of belly fat, this option is good coaching and will power, as beginners there is an overwhelming desire to finish the class.
  1. From a standing position take a horizontal, leaning toes and straight arms to the floor. Must be visible diagonal: do not bend the shoulders or stick out buttocks.
  2. So you need to stand for a minute still.
  • Press. Classic fat burning option for anyone who wants to lose weight. Need to perform some simple manipulation.
  1. Sit back on top of the gymnastic Mat.
  2. The shoulders should be straightened and the knees prosohnut and slightly splayed. Hands clasped behind your head, you need to bend.
  3. Raise your upper body towards the knees and lower back.

Exercises for weight loss on thighs and buttocks

To help oneself to get rid of extra inches not necessarily visit a gym with exercise bikes, you can work on training at home. Effective fat burning exercises for thighs and buttocks might be the following:

  • Bike. In addition to the development of the hips is work on the lower part of the abdomen.
  1. Lie down on the Mat, keeping your buttocks and shoulder blades to the floor. Hands should be stretched along the body.
  2. 45 degrees, lift your legs and make a motion similar to pedaling a Bicycle.
  • Attack. This exercise has the ability to perform work on the outer and inner thighs.
  1. From this position, step forward with your left leg, bending it at the knee at a right angle. The back must remain straight.
  2. The right leg, which has a diagonal location, several times lower down the elastic motion.
  3. Stand up and do the same with a change of feet.

A girl performs an exercise Bike

Exercises for fat loss on the arms and legs

Hands usually lose weight more slowly, so work on them should be more actively. Will help you the following options.

  • Pushups
  1. Take a horizontal position as for plank.
  2. Lower your body towards the floor by bending your elbows.
  • Squats with dumbbells
  1. Grab a dumbbell, taking a vertical position with slightly spread legs.
  2. Shallow squat, simultaneously bending the arms with dumbbells at the elbows.

Video: fat burning exercises at home

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