How to lose weight through fasting

The restriction of food helps to rapidly reduce weight and to clean the intestines from toxins. To hard diet gave the result, it is necessary to properly process. Only in this case the fasting will not harm our body. If you want to get stunning figure as pictured, and does not harm your health, follow the instructions.

The main principles of losing weight with fasting

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If you don’t know how to lose weight the methods weight adjustment will help to solve the problem. There is a belief that fasting is harmful for our body. In fact, if you approach the question correctly, you will not only lose weight, but also to achieve the recovery of the body. Excluding certain foods, you force the body to break down the accumulated reserves of glycogen and fat. The main condition is to clearly observe the periodicity.

Known methods and types of therapeutic fasting

The number of lost kilograms depends on the duration of fasting for weight loss and its types. There are the following approaches:

  1. Day. Within 36 hours the person is prohibited to consume food. The next day after the fasting day you can drink juice diluted with water or taking a cocktail Energy Diet. You can go through a short diet is much easier than either prolonged fasting.
  2. The three-day. Common method, which yields tangible results. To deprive the body of food for 3 days only with the permission of the doctor. Otherwise the malaise of the body, pain in the stomach.
  3. Week. Seven days of fasting is allowed only after medical examination. The body receives the stress that triggers the processing of excess weight. However, not every digestive tract, and cardiovascular system ready to cope with such changes.
  4. Cyclical. Cascade starvation will lose weight and tighten the body. The common period of use is 21 days. The usage pattern may be different. The most inclined to «day after day». Provides alternating discharge with full fasting.

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The diet excludes foods, drinks, teas and broths. The maximum duration of fasting is 3 days. All this period, losing weight should be under the supervision of a doctor, otherwise there may be negative consequences for the body. During the diet it is better to stay home, as some of the possible ailments. Forces in the body can be supported with vitamin complexes, but not the dry food.


Ideally, throughout the period of weight loss is to use distilled water. Those who are given such fasting very difficult, you can drink the liquid the following types:

  • juices;
  • teas;
  • herbal decoctions.

The maximum volume of fluids a day must be at least 2.5 l of Drink when fasting is necessary to divide on 10 receptions. If you notice increased swelling of hands and face, the amount of liquid should be reduced. Natural juices it is recommended to dilute 1:1 with water or used in pure form, but not more than 1.5 liters per day. Best suited carrot, Apple, tomato and other savoury options.

Water and salad for fasting


This type of diet is the alternation of «hungry» days with days with a limited number of products. For the latter use vegetables, cereal or Energy Diet NL International from. Nutrition can completely replace products of natural origin. Composition Energy Diet from the «NL international» enriched with vitamins and minerals, not calories. The mixture, filled with water, you can safely use during the «days of food».

Cascade starvation is applied on a «one in one», «two by two» or progress, that is: the fast day, two eating, two fast three eat. When the number of days without food will reach 5, you must interrupt the diet. The main condition of weight loss is complete refusal of food and water «hungry days» and the observance of periodicity. The result is a cascade of weight loss achieved tangible results, the body gets rid of toxins.


This diet is used by athletes. The secret is that losing weight need to give up eating for half a day. Excluded Breakfast and the first meal is in the middle of the day. The number of calories you need to reduce due to the use of plant food or special food type Energy Diet. Periodic use of such discharges will allow you to quickly reduce weight without harming the body.

Rules of fasting at home

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Gentle to the body and psychological state of a person method of reducing body weight is considered a medium-term starvation. Just a couple of weeks manages to lose and start processes of detoxification. It is recommended to apply the interval method: few weeks hunger strikes, break, repeat. Restoring power after a period of dieting is an essential stage of weight loss. Do not forget about such cleaning procedures like enema. A light solution of manganese must be inserted into the rectum 2 times a week before fasting for weight loss.

Experts recommend starting to refuse food one-day or three-day deadlines. This will help the body to tune in to the right wave, to reduce the amount of food for satiety body. In order to facilitate the recovery process, you can drink cocktails energy Diet. The minimum number of calories with sufficient amount of vitamins will eliminate the feeling of hunger and will not disturb the process of reducing the weight and health of the body. After a couple of cycles you can easily bear fasting for weight loss in 14 or 21 days.

How to get out of starvation and not gain weight

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If you followed the rules of strict diets, exclude the forbidden foods, the result will be great: toned body, smooth skin and well-being. To maintain the effect, it is necessary very cautiously to emerge from hunger. It should be noted that this process takes as much time as you spent on the weight loss. Abruptly return to normal diet otherwise the body will get stressed and sick can break. This is especially true of those who have used 21-day fasting.

The first 5-7 days it is recommended to take 1 liter of juice per day, diluted in the same amount of water. It is considered the daily norm. Best suited tomato, Apple, orange juices. Avoid using the product of sweet fruits and vegetables. 2 l the resulting liquid should be divided into 10 meals of 200 g.

With 2-3 weeks you can use juices with pulp or functional food. Official website Energy Diet offers a large variety of bulk mixtures. Their composition allows to fully compensate for the deficiency of vitamins, to satisfy his hunger. Depending on the scheme of power, you can continue to drop the weight and return the body to normal mode. As before, the forbidden bread, dessert. Dieters should refrain from Smoking and alcohol.

Are there any contraindications and possible complications

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If you decide to use fasting for weight loss, you should consult with your doctor. This method of weight loss suitable only for those, who really has excess weight and does not suffer from diseases of the digestive system. Otherwise, such a diet will lead to undesirable consequences, ulcers or gastritis. Contraindicated fasting for quick weight loss and those who suffer from problems with the cardiovascular system, has chronic illnesses.

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Feedback about the results

Ekaterina, 27 years: My impression from starvation positive. At the beginning of each week after the weekend, make fasting day on the water. The next day, drink juices. The result is I feel great and quickly shed all of that gain over the holidays or weekend. If you starve the mind, the effect is super cool!

Marina, 35 years: the Most normal way to reduce weight is proper balanced diet, but a partial refusal of food. Tried to stick to «drinking the fasting, but not more than 2 days can not overpower. With regard to Energy Diet, the food helps to lose weight, but it taste good and is not cheap. Better just to eat normal food in small portions.

Elena, 30 years: Starving for 5 days, then, as you suggest, slowly returned to normal juices and plant food. In the end I lost 4 kg in 10 days and got the menstrual cycle, which was restored a few months. More this way of losing weight don’t practice and do not advise anyone.