Fasting diet

pic_13861Fasting days help our digestive system to get rid of excess toxins and decay products. The body uses excess fat stored in reserves, resulting in lost pounds. We have already told you how to make fasting day on the water and apples, and today let’s talk about unloading the bottom on the wrist.

To lose weight on buckwheat: use

Buckwheat is considered the Queen of all grains, its benefits are much greater than the disadvantages. Buckwheat contains a number of useful microelements, vitamins and organics:

  • Magnesium

Improves the growth and quality of bone, has beneficial effects on heart performance, normalizes blood sugar, etc.

  • Copper

The processes involved in metabolism, wound healing, normalization of blood flow, etc.

  • Potassium

Involved in the regulation of water-salt and acid-base balance required for normal functioning of the nervous system, kidneys, intestines, and metabolism.

  • Iron

Necessary for the formation of hemoglobin, which transportorul oxygen to the tissues and carbon dioxide back.

  • Iodine

Responsible for memory, hormones, beautiful appearance of hair, skin and nails.

  • Rutin (vitamin P)

Belongs to substances that are not produced by the body, which emphasizes the importance of the replenishment of its stocks or through food. Rutin stimulates the adrenal gland, is involved in the formation of bile, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and eases allergic reactions.

  • Lysine

Another substance that is not produced in the body. This amino acid helps to cope with viral diseases, to restore tissue to break down fats, reduce depression and to transfer energy to the body.

About the benefits of buckwheat can talk for a long time, but the presence of at least two substances that can only be obtained with food should persuade you in the direction of cleansing the body with buckwheat.

As for the useful properties of buckwheat for weight loss, it contains dietary fiber that positively affect the intestines and digestion. Buckwheat has a very low glycemic index – that is easily saturates, not putting off in the form of fat.

Fasting days on buckwheat

Before you eat one buckwheat, should be prepared.

First, the day before, do not overeat and do not lean on fat, spicy, sweet foods and flour. Limit yourself to, at least partially. For example, give up sugar and bread. So it will be easier to hold buckwheat fasting day, and the body to prepare for what will have to waste fat stocks.

Second, before bedtime pour 1.5 cups buckwheat 2 cups of boiling water, cover with lid or plate and leave it on all night, wrapping the container with warm towels to retain heat.

In the morning divide the ready porridge into several portions, consume throughout the day in regular intervals of time. This method of cooking compared to conventional cooking of buckwheat in the rump retains most of the nutrients. When cooking do not use salt and spices, they hold in the body all the water and about weight loss you can forget.

Of course, if the unloading of difficult, new to you, you will feel hunger. Throughout the day you can and should drink plenty of water, filtered, mineral or natural source. Water from the body will leave harmful substances. Also don’t limit yourself to herbal or green tea without sugar. But there’s also the option to combine buckwheat with other products: yogurt or apples.

Fasting day on kefir and buckwheat

First I must say that this diet for one day has a strong laxative effect. Consider this when planning their employment.

Yogurt helps the body get rid of gravity, bringing him products of fat digestion. It includes a lot of vitamins (A, B, PP, C, H, etc.), trace elements (Ca, Mn, Mg, I,2, Na, K, P, S, Fe, Se, etc.), beta-carotene and so on.

Yogurt can affect digestion and stool: fresh yogurt relieves constipation and strengthens the two-day Vice-versa.

Yogurt helps prevent dysbacteriosis, problems with the endocrine system, obesity, osteoporosis, allergic reactions, skin problems, hair and stress.

Fasting diet with yogurt involves the ability to eat in times of famine. You can drink porridge fermented milk product, and you can drink a glass of yogurt separately. To lose weight on buckwheat and kefir is contraindicated for people with high acidity of the stomach. In General, any diseases of the digestive system include consult a doctor before carrying out unloading days.

Can I lose weight on buckwheat with milk?

More pleasant but less effective diet also includes buckwheat milk. In order to make the porridge, you need to fill with buckwheat before bed with boiling water as described above. During the day mix the buckwheat with milk and eat without salt and oil.

Used buckwheat with milk for weight loss and improve the condition, because the milk eliminates the headaches and normalizes blood pressure, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens bones. But such a diet has its drawbacks: in 15% of people the milk is not digested, it can also cause allergies, and the elderly are advised not to drink more than 1 glass of milk a day.

The main advantage of any discharge on the buckwheat – this is an opportunity to eat, feeling hungry. Do not suffer hunger, drink a glass of water, if that doesn’t help, eat another serving of buckwheat with milk, or drink tea.

Remember that this food will last only one day, but you will lose from 0.5 to 10 kg. by the Way, the question of how you can lose weight on buckwheat, is quite conditional, since it depends on the individual characteristics and initial weight.

Diet to buckwheat and apples

Another option for cleansing the body and losing weight one day is added to the diet of apples. The rest day is not different from the classic «buckwheat». Stock up on apples, preferably sour and grooving hunger safely eat a half or a whole fruit.

This method of unloading is also not suitable for people with gastritis.

A lot of positive reviews about unloading the bottom on the buckwheat will not replace the fact that for you he may act differently. Do not blindly trust the opinions of others, pay attention to its condition, the presence or absence of any disease. Remember that a cleanse will work on your body with even more positive side, if you are positive and feel great. Do not «force yourself» if you don’t like buckwheat. There are other ways to lose weight.

Tell us in the comments, how are fasting days for weight loss on the buckwheat you have, and how often you brush your body?

Be healthy!