Apple fasting day

yablochna-dietyAll nutritionists are similar in opinion that the most rigid dieting harmful to the body because generally we are talking about unbalanced diet and constant hunger. After this weight loss have to spend a lot of time and effort to restore health.

But fasting days are useful to everyone, especially if the day before was a gastronomic binge and series of events, full to the brim stomachs. Fasting days on apples is a magic wand which helps in the shortest possible time to return the piece to normal, effectively clean your body from accumulated fats and deposits of harmful substances. In addition, it is a good way to normalize digestion and metabolism.

We’ll show you how to correctly do a fasting day on apples, how many you can throw and how to maintain your body slim and long without exhausting diets.

Why apples?

Not by chance is considered to be sufficient to eat an Apple a day to further save on doctors. It’s delicious, inexpensive and fairly available to all fruit contains in its structure a large number of vitamins (B1, B2,B6, E, C, PP, etc.), minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, magnesium and more), as well as beneficial acids and antioxidants. Applying Apple fasting day, the harm to the excluded, on the contrary, in addition to improving intestinal flora, you will strengthen your immunity.

Not prohibited and fasting days during pregnancy, and even helpful, especially after 28 weeks when the baby is already fully formed and started to gain weight, along with adds significantly to the weight of an expectant mother. Therefore, doctors often recommend a day of fasting for pregnant to lose weight. But, as in any other case, all necessary measure, and pregnant women should not be fasting days once a week.

Several variants of Apple unloading

fasting day on applesBefore using Apple cider unloading, choose for themselves the most appropriate and favorite kind of fruit. Most often nutritionists recommend green apples. However, sour fruits are not all like it, and besides, such varieties are not recommended in large quantities to use for people with high acidity of the stomach, gastritis and ulcers. The calorie content of fruit of different varieties is slightly different. Therefore, important to choose the right, healthy and tasty product, all you have to eat them all day.

Only apples

For such monotonic unloading, you need to stock up to 1.5 — 2 kilograms of apples. Throughout the day you will need to eat them, divide the whole volume should be 6-7 meals. Need to eat apples raw, but for variety you can and bake a few fruit in the oven. Not prohibited during the day, to drink pure water or green tea, however, if aim possible to rid the body of fluids, try to limit its use.

Fasting day on yogurt and apples

If an Apple a day was given to you quite difficult, ever-present feeling of hunger, try next time to hold Apple — kefir discharge day. In the opinion of many women, this method is not less effective but more gentle and varied. Before the day of discharge, prepare 1 kg of sweet and sour apples and a liter of fresh yogurt (the optimum fat content of 1-2. 5%). During the day, as needed, eat fruit, and later to drink fermented drink.

Fasting day on apples and cheese

Apple fasting dayThe most soft option of discharge, does not require special moral training. This cleansing will seem very pleasant. It is recommended that a fasting day on apples during pregnancy, if the woman too is gaining weight or swelling. The menu includes a kilo of apples and 500-600 grams of low fat cottage cheese. Cheese you need to eat 3 times, Breakfast-lunch-dinner. Apples can be eaten throughout the day as a snack. Allowed to drink all beverages except coffee, but without sugar. It is better to prefer mineral water, tea and herbal teas.

Fasting day on apples reviews and results

If we talk about the desired effect, it is likely that the result will depend on the individual person, some only for one day unloading quietly get rid of the 3 extra pounds, while others lose 200-400 grams. But, it should be noted that the volumes will melt at the sight of every next discharge. Nutritionists recommend to arrange fasting days once a week, 3-4 times per month.

To save the results, try in the following days, limit the consumption of fatty and carbohydrate foods.

Have you tried Apple cider unloading? If so, then you are welcome to share impressions and results.

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