Fast carbs: foods list, the table for weight loss, especially their «work»

Foods contain two types of carbohydrates – simple and complex. Fast carbs have the ability boost blood sugar levels because they have high GI. Many believe that they are harmful to health, and in order to weight loss from diet foods with simple carbohydrates should be excluded. Is this true, and how can «accept» fast carbs? We will discuss list of products with them and here you will find a table for weight loss on fast carbohydrates. First recommend video:

The main reasons why it is impossible to abandon the carbohydrates, which lose weight

  1. While maintaining a diet is not to completely abandon the consumption of carbohydrates, including simple. The reason is that they are the main source of energy for the body, without which mental and physical activity is impossible.
  2. Carbohydrate food is satiating. Nutrients found in many foods, which have a pleasant taste and high satiety. The consumption of these products allows quickly filled and eliminate the discomfort of hunger, which usually, accompanies the diet. Just need to replace simple and complex carbohydrates.
  3. Fasting metabolism – ketosis – is virtually impossible in normal conditions, it is fraught with negative consequences for the organism, which is very difficult to eliminate. To engage in such harsh carbohydrate-free diet only under the supervision of an experienced person.
  4. Proper weight loss requires moderation. Going to extremes is not necessary. When it comes to health. Transition completely on protein foods leads to violations of metabolism, breakdown and the result of the diet will be minimal or zero. This person will experience constant stress.

It is impossible to achieve long-term positive results, if you strictly stick to the diet, drink excessive amount of tea for weight loss or eating a miracle pill. To properly organize your meals. In the diet you can find a place and fast carbs, the key is to know when and in what quantities they can be used.

What is fast carbs and where they «live»?

Monosaccharides – simple connection, the processing of which the body spends energy minimum. A large part of the carbs goes to muscle and liver, they are stored there in the form of glycogen. Part of energy expended to maintain life. Lack of physical activity excess safely deposited as fat. The body does not consume all the energy goes, and he puts an extra carbohydrates in reserve.

We can say that only an excess of carbohydrates negatively affects the figure. And people get fat not from eating fatty foods and high carbohydrate. The number of fast carbs, it is desirable to reduce, but not abandon them altogether.

If competently approach to the ration formulation, you can not limit themselves in their favorite dishes, and reasonably distribute the energy «comes from food. It is possible to change habits and lifestyle. So, what contains fast carbs?

A list of products, table for weight loss features

Large quantities of simple carbohydrates are in these foods:

  • Sweets: sugar, honey, jams and berry syrups, condensed milk, chocolates and biscuits. This group does not apply stevia and sugar substitutes;
  • Dried fruits. According to the expert of food products, the concentration of sugar in dried fruit is higher than fresh;
  • Fruit juices also have a high sugar content, this would include sugary drinks that are any good do not bring and do not satisfy hunger;
  • Baking: cakes and gingerbread, cakes and muffins, white bread. All foods containing flour or sugar. These products can be safely excluded from the nutrition people who exercise and want to lose weight. They can be easily replaced by foods with a moderate GI:
  • Fresh fruits are advised to eat more apples and citrus fruits;
  • The berries, and the carbohydrates are in a lower concentration of acidic berries;
  • Vegetables. Even potatoes can be included in the diet menus, but only boiled or baked form.

How to lose weight fast carbs?

If you read a grocery list and table for weight loss, you probably have questions — how? Why such a seemingly high-calorie foods help you lose weight? However, they are nothing to be considered enemies of the female figure. Fast carbs you need to eat right, then any threats to the waist will not. Few are able to give up entirely on your favorite chocolates or cake for birthday colleagues. In order not to experience problems, it is necessary to use following rules:

  1. Time. Sweet lovers can play such products, but only in the first half of the day. Up to 12 hours the body simply metabolizes sugar, and closer to evening, the body puts excess carbohydrates into fat.
  2. The company plays a very important role. If you eat along with sugars cellulose, pectin and protein, the absorption of the carbohydrate will slow down. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to such treats like jelly, marshmallows, cottage cheese desserts baked fruit.
  3. Not to get involved! And after eating sweets in limited quantities necessary to load your body physically. For example, take a walk at lunch in a cafe far, to give preference to up and down the stairs instead of the Elevator.

When you need to eat fast carbs?

There is a scheme of eating simple carbohydrates, and it consists in the following:

  • Proteins and fast carbs should be consumed after exercise! In this case, they will benefit.
  • Physical activity a must for those that lose weight, especially when people are not able to give up sweets. If a woman suffers from a large excess weight, heavy load, it is contraindicated. The best and safest solution in this case will be swimming. After three months of regular exercise you can move on to more serious exercises, and the woman will feel renewed.
  • Sweet after school – the best way to support the body, restore lost energy. Experts recommend to consume fast carbs within an hour after the end of the lessons. A great option of sports nutrition – protein-carbohydrate cocktail, which is a protein shake with added banana or honey.

And finally, learn more about carbohydrates and the glycemic index:

To abandon the sweet very difficult, so you should wisely use fast carbs. Stick to the allowed foods list and tables for weight loss, then they will not bring harm, but rather, will help to preserve the shape and good mood!

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