Exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss and muscle strengthening at home video

Exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss

Performing exercise at home is best done with dumbbells. This shell is best suited even for small apartments and allows you to work with all groups of body muscles. Exercises with dumbbells for women or strength training will help to correct your figure.

How effective exercises with dumbbells for girls

If you decided to lose weight at home, then the best option for training is the dumbbell. They take up little space, are relatively inexpensive compared to other exercise equipment and shells. Engage with them on any level, so they are used both by beginners and experienced athletes. Exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss are highly effective if you follow all the rules, right to choose work and weight training program.

To achieve the effect of weight loss, you can do without dumbbells, but this shell will help to get the desired effect much faster. This additional, unusual weight for our body, which will help him to work harder. These conditions force all the system to consume more energy, it will be fat. Besides, with the help of dumbbells you can effectively swing at home:

  • back;
  • of the thigh;
  • buttocks;
  • biceps;
  • triceps;
  • shoulders.

Girl with dumbbells

Workout with dumbbells at home for women

When performing exercises with dumbbells for women to lose weight it is important to define the purpose of classes. Someone just wants to lose weight, and someone at the same time to strengthen the muscles, to achieve the best relief. This decision is the required weight of the projectile, for example:

  1. For weight loss it is necessary to carry out high-intensity training, so are better suited with lighter dumbbells. They create an additional burden, but not bothering to do the exercises for a long time. An optimal 1-5 kg.
  2. If you want to not only lose weight but also to increase muscle size, terrain, it is recommended to stop the choice on heavier Ganesh – 7-10 kg.

For these purposes perfectly fit matched the model of the projectile. You can take pancakes or hang extra if necessary. During cardio (for weight loss) you should take light, and during the squats (to the relief of the buttocks, hips) – heavy. To conduct classes is recommended 3-4 times a 7 days (not more) to have time to recover the muscles and work as effective as possible.

The effectiveness of training will depend on the diet that you follow during fitness activities. For women it is important to balance the ration so as to obtain a food with fewer calories than their costs: this will provide an accelerated process of fat burning. If the goal of women –not only weight loss but also study the terrain, to dominate the diet has protein foods.

A set of exercises with dumbbells for women

As a rule, women work only on problem areas: thighs, buttocks, abdomen. But that figure was beautiful, you need to develop the muscles proportionately! Exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss should include work on the hands, shoulders, pectoral muscles. This projectile has a options movements for all of these parts of the body, even when practicing at home.

To do women for weight loss should be a high rhythm to heart rate is always kept at the top border. This fitness must last no longer than 30-35 minutes with light weights, suitable circular method of training: lack of 5-7 exercises in a single round, which you need to do 3-4. To work out the relief of the optimal split-training (when worked out 2 muscle groups with no break between sets), the duration of the course is 35-45 minutes with heavier weights.

Girl holding dumbbell

Exercises for arms with dumbbells for women

Girls are often afraid to train arms, fearing an increase in volume. This fear is justified, because in order to achieve a significant increase in biceps or triceps, you must work with greater difficulty, eat protein or gainer. The female body is not designed for serious building mass, so afraid that arms exercises with dumbbells for girls will increase their volume, not worth it. At home for weight loss to do the following:

Lifting dumbbells for biceps

  1. Stand still, lock the position of the body. During movement it is impossible that the body was swinging, it needs to be fixed.
  2. Take the dumbbells in hand, fully straighten their elbows slightly pull forward (to they were just before the stomach), bend elbows, raising the projectile to the chest.
  3. Note that you only need to bend the elbow. If the move involved something in addition to this joint, then you are doing the exercise incorrectly.
  4. You can perform the upgrade of both hands simultaneously or alternately each. Both are correct.
  5. For approach do 7-10 reps.

The extension of the hands in the slope on the triceps

  1. For the initial position you will need a surface such as a sofa, bed or joined together stools.
  2. In one hand, take the shell, opposite arm rest on the sofa, he also put the knee of the second leg. Your body should be parallel with the floor. Keep your head straight.
  3. Raise your elbow so that it was also parallel to the body, press it to the body.
  4. Start slowly straighten the elbow, the rest of the body should be motionless.
  5. At the end point lock the arm in 2 seconds and begin to lower the shell down.
  6. You can’t hand in a reverse movement, the exercise in both directions must be controlled.
  7. To not start to wobble at the start point and end your movement for 2 seconds.

Girl does exercises for the arms with dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells for girls on breast lift

When working with this part of the body should understand that train the pectoral muscles that are directly under the Breasts. It only helps a little bit to adjust its shape, but definitely not significantly increase or tighten. When working with dumbbells most effective exercise is the chest press. To run it you will need to make two stools to create a makeshift bench. The technique of the following exercises:

  1. Take the dumbbells. You need to work weighing at least 5 kg.
  2. Lie with your back on the «bench», head drooping should not, legs are pretty good on the floor.
  3. Perform a dumbbell bench press so that your elbows, you had a right angle. Hands should be at the level of the upper chest.
  4. At the highest point of the elbow to completely straighten, the arm should stay slightly bent.
  5. Lower your hands down so as to stretch the muscles.
  6. Repeat 7-10 movements.

Girl does exercises with dumbbells in the gym

Exercises with dumbbells for leg slimming

The legs lose weight, you need to maintain a high intensity fitness workouts. The female body due to the physiological characteristics are extremely reluctant to part with the inventory, so you have to actively and normal charge in the morning will not be enough to burn off the extra weight. The separation exercise for legs and buttocks rather arbitrary, because the mechanics of most of the movements involve both parts of the body. To adjust the shape of the hips you can use the following exercises:

Lunges with dumbbells

  1. Take the ball in his hands, the weight is 2-5 kg for beginners, 7-8 intermediate level.
  2. Do a lunge so that the front standing leg formed at the knee to a 90 degree angle. Keep your back straight.
  3. Stoop down, but the knee of the second leg to touch the floor should not.
  4. Push off and return to the original position.
  5. Repeat the motion for the second leg. Make sure that the case was always smooth and didn’t move.

Squats «plie» or «saddle»

  1. Take a dumbbell of 10 kg with both hands, lower them down.
  2. Place your feet wide (wider than shoulders), expand the maximum out socks.
  3. Keep your back straight, begin to squat down, your knees should go outward, parallel to the socks.
  4. When the dumbbell touches the floor, return to starting position.
  5. It is important to perform the exercise slowly. It is good considering the front and inner thigh.

The girl performs the exercise, Lunges with dumbbells

Butt exercises with dumbbells for women

Girls, as a rule, try to achieve the perfect shape and firmness of this body part. This involves working with weights at least 8-10 kg. If you take too light weights, then progress will not be. The most effective exercises are squats, to get the maximum result, it is very important to follow proper technique. Depending on the deflection of the back trajectory, the pressure on the buttocks can completely shift the quadriceps. The correct technique is this:

  1. Take your dumbbells, feet are shoulder width apart, keep your back straight, slight bend in the lower back.
  2. Start to go down, like sit on the chair.
  3. The knees should not go beyond socks. If this happens, then, broken equipment, and you train the thigh than the buttocks.
  4. If the first fails to properly squat, put behind a real chair and sit on it.
  5. It is necessary to descend until the knee forms a 90 degree angle. Then slowly rise back to the initial position.
  6. All this time the body must be keep straight with a slight curve in their lower back.

Girl doing exercise for the glutes with weights

Classes for weight loss belly and sides

Women slimming purposefully rock press is not necessary. Twisting will help to increase muscle mass, which will lead to a further increase in waist size. Slimming in the waist area you need to stick to a diet and to perform regular high intensity training will speed up metabolism and expulsion of excess deposits. To strengthen the abdominal muscles should be performed only two exercises – «strap» and «vacuum.»

The first option is the static load on the muscles of the body: all the muscles of the abdomen, lower back. You need to lie belly down on the floor and lifting the elbows. Strike a pose as if you’re about to do push-UPS. The body should be flat, taut. To maintain such a provision would seriously strain the press. Due to the fact that exercise provides a static load, the abdominal muscles will be strengthened, but not to swing. This exercise will make your tummy flat and smooth.

«Vacuum» was one of the main exercises used by Schwarzenegger. Unlike other bodybuilders, he never protruded belly. Technique is this:

  1. Exhale all the air from his lungs.
  2. Then sharply pull his nose again and exhale all without a trace.
  3. At this time, tighten your abdominal muscles. Must be feeling like the inside of the vacuum.
  4. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds. Longer is not necessary, because due to the lack of oxygen can become bad.

Video: exercises with dumbbells at home for women

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