Exercises with a rope for weight loss: how to run, proper training, mistakes

Why often exercises with a rope for weight loss don’t work? It’s simple — you do not know how to jump so that the calorie consumption was quite substantial. But it’s not a big problem until you are not able to do push-UPS, squat and do other exercises. In addition, it happens that the jumps work, but people expect a completely different result, so quickly disappointed. Let’s not to confuse. Skipping is a cardiovascular system that allows to increase the consumption of calories and work on endurance. No «ballerina feet» and «buttocks fitness virgin» it does not build. How to properly jump?


How to perform the exercises with a rope for weight loss?

In theory fitness jumping rope considered vigorous-intensity load. Performing these every day can cause specific problems with ligaments and joints, and even injury. Follow the jump workout no more than 3 times a week For most beginners it will be enough 2 sessions. On other days try to do without the shock — stationary bike, elliptical machine, swimming or walking will become your best helpers in weight loss.

The second big mistake is to jump, and do weight training. Unfortunately, no amount of rope is not able to change our metabolism like strength training. In addition, jump and not to raise into adulthood is dangerous. Power help to strengthen ties and increase range of motion in the joints, which increases the safety of the jump.

The third point — ignoring the rules of healthy eating. So, the rope burns 900 calories in an hour if you are able to quickly jump, do double jumps and all the time not stopping. Then, most likely, articles for weight loss you don’t need. In all other cases, controlled diet is still necessary.


Correct jumping technique

You have to control their body at such «points»:

  1. ankle joints «soft», any drawn ballerina socks in the jump shouldn’t be;
  2. the lap is also soft enough to absorb the push of the patella is therefore invalid;
  3. the landing also soft, «reflections» socks from the earth is not running; press tucked up, shoulders in hand, «tie» the pelvis back (protrusion of the buttocks) can hurt;
  4. exercises with a rope for weight loss are performed with the same frequency, the swing rope according to the average amplitude, without «drifting» hands forward;
  5. if possible, choose the interval method of training. For an Amateur with average physical training that allows you to burn more calories than long jumping rope, half of which fatigue is performed on a truncated amplitude.


Approximate set of exercises

Find a flat piece of land in the Park, children’s Playground with rubber coating or buy a home rubber Mat under the trainer and jump on it. Do not remove athletic shoes, prefer running shoes, but not sneakers and not shoes for power.

Important! Even if you are good to jump, avoid exercises with a rope for weight loss on concrete, hard surface with a linoleum top and the pavement.

In training with the jump rope always wear a heart rate monitor. Avoid modes in which you will gasp for breath, feel pain in chest and discomfort. Set the beep of the heart monitor on the indicator about 85% of your maximum training heart rate for your age, and do not exceed this figure under any circumstances.


Start to warm up with the circular rotations in the joints. Move from the ankles up to the knees, pelvis, shoulders, elbows, wrists. Perform 10-12 spins in each direction in each joint, and work gently, do not allow clicks.

10 minute jump in the style of «leg», trying not to bounce off the ground as high as possible.

The main part

Next set the timer for 20 seconds work and 10 seconds of pause or download a TABATA app. Work 4 minutes. Follow a long interval quick jumps on 2 feet, «short» — from foot to foot. Can you repeat this segment, bringing the time to 12 minutes, but no more.

Then there are 2 options:

  • you 20 minutes just jumping from foot to foot, breathing deeply;
  • you work interval training with a rope

Intervals with skipping rope

Alternate 30 seconds of jumping with one foot to the other and each of the following exercises without the rope in order:

  • jumping from a deep squat. Descend into the squat, pushing with legs, you jump up, actively straightening the knees;
  • jumping into a pair of scissors. Do attack back, jump out upwards and change legs in the air sometimes;
  • some burpees — jump will be in the rest position, press, and jump well give legs to your chest, straighten up, jump up;
  • skaters — jump, shift your weight to the right on right foot,hold cross left behind, balance the hands, repeat with the left leg;
  • climbers — guide-blank for push-UPS and alternately bring your knees to your chest

This small complex of exercises with a rope for weight loss abdomen and legs will allow you not only to train the heart, but also to tone muscles. If you are doing interval training, it is possible to perform the power in the gym 4 times a week, and 3. Give yourself a day of complete rest after interval training. When you choose just a straight jumping, the next day to go to the gym too.

Don’t forget to do stretching of all major muscle groups after strength training, and be careful while jumping.

Exercises with a rope for weight loss: video

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