Exercises to remove sides

Many girls and men familiar with the problem of excess body fat in the flanks and abdomen. There are special exercises to retract laterally, which will help to make your waist smaller. All activities that are aimed at burning fat, are complex, include proper diet, exercise.

How to remove Boca

Before you start training you should understand the fact that will help to quickly reduce the waist, get rid of the sides. For starters the person needs to lose weight is the first and most important step in the fight against excess fat. In women this process may take more time due to physiological features. Next you need to tighten, strengthen muscles, so they were in good shape and did not give a «blurred». It will have to swing not only lateral (oblique) abdominal muscles, but the press in General.

An important condition during fitness activities – press need to be strengthened, but not to download. If the muscles start to grow, visually the waist will be more, but this is the opposite effect from the desired. An effective set should include to a greater extent static exercises to quickly remove the sides. The person who wants to burn fat on belly and sides, should focus on two things:

  1. Low carb diet to reduce your overall caloric intake. It is advisable to consume more protein.
  2. Perform regular high-intensity loads, to speed up the metabolism. Work on problem areas.

Girl doing exercise for the press

Exercises for the sides without causing

Work without the additional weight helps bring the muscles, improving their blood supply. This kind of exercises or gymnastics, which will prepare your body for more serious loads. At home you can do these exercise options:


If you want to remove the sides, then this exercise should be a mandatory and basic for you. It creates a static load on the muscles by training them, but not increasing in size. The complexity of the exercise high, the first time to stand in position will only be 10-20 seconds, but try to continually increase this figure. Technique is this:

  1. Lie on your right side and go up to the elbows, it needs to be just below the shoulder. The second hand should be stretched along the body.
  2. The body should be completely flat. This may be withheld only if you stretch the side muscles.
  3. Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds, then do the same on the other side.


This is one of the variants of twists, which are purposefully working on obliques. Running exercise on the floor, so you need to prepare something soft, for example, Mat for fitness or yoga. The technique is this:

  1. Lie back, put your hands behind your head.
  2. Raise your legs so they don’t touch the floor.
  3. Do this motion like you are pedaling a Bicycle.
  4. At this time reach with your elbow to the opposite knee in turn.
  5. Such mechanical motion creates a static load on the bottom of the press and dynamic the oblique muscles.

Girl doing exercise Bike


  1. Place your feet wider than shoulders, arms extended.
  2. Do in this position, the forward tilt and lock position.
  3. Alternately rotate your body to touch the hand of the opposite foot sock. The movement will resemble a pancake.
  4. Do the exercise as long as possible.

Exercises on the side with dumbbells

To more efficiently perform home workouts if you have extra weight. It should be used during program execution to raise the intensity of training. In this case, the optimal choice will be free weights. Here are some easy exercises for home workouts:

The bends with dumbbells:

  1. Take the shell.
  2. Stand up straight, hands completely lowered down on the sides.
  3. Start to slowly lean to one side. The hands should slide along the thighs.
  4. In exercise triggered the principle of counterweight, causing the opposite of the tilting side strain. If you do it quickly, the effect will be.

Turns with weighting:

  1. Take the initial position: feet slightly wider than shoulders, dumbbells in hands hold at chest level, elbows out to the sides.
  2. Turn in different directions with fixation at the extreme points.
  3. The extra weight will force you to strain your hand to control the movement.
  4. You need to perform 20-30 turns in each direction.

Girl does the bends with dumbbells

Exercise for weight loss laterally on the fitball

Common option simulator home became a big rubber ball called fitball. There are several ways how to use it to perform exercises, to clean the sides. There are movements easier, there are options for advanced athletes, for example:

Tilts with the ball:

  1. This option exercise is for beginners. Sit on the knees, feet placed under the buttocks.
  2. Pick up the ball, lift overhead, grasp.
  3. Bend alternately in both directions.
  4. You must run at least 20-30 tilts.


  1. This option is more complicated and requires secondary preparation for execution. Put the fitball on the floor, lie down on it with your hips and rest your hands on the floor. It’s original position.
  2. Start alternately pull your knees to your opposite shoulder. The ball will roll under your feet.
  3. While driving involves all muscles of the abdomen, great lateral strains to the press.
  4. Start with 10 turns on each side, over time, increase the number.

Girl with fitball

Remove the sides with wrap

Known to each shell, which has long been used to combat mineral deposits on the sides of the Hoop or hula hooping. In the sale of this shell has additional massage balls of different weight. For the effective study of the desired heavy version with rollers. An additional massaging effect will stimulate the flow of blood, processing of body fat. Exercise with the Hoop won’t help to completely get rid of the sides: it can be effectively used as a warm-up before the main workout. Stick to the following rules:

  1. To do twice a day for 15-20 minutes. Try to keep the rotation was due to bending in the waist, not the movement of the pelvis.
  2. If you feel that the rollers leave bruises, first perform 2-3 workouts per week. When the skin gets used, go back to the recommended norm.
  3. The longer spin the projectile without interruption, the better for parties.
  4. Periodically change the direction of rotation.

Video: exercises from the sides at the waist


Alina, 28 years

Summer is coming, so it’s time to start preparing for beach season. My problem area is hips, so every year I struggle with them. First, completely eliminate from the diet all sweet, and then every day do exercises to take sides: use the bar and twist the wrap for 15-20 minutes. To get quick relief is not obtained, therefore, begin to perform exercises for 1-2 months before summer.

Victoria, 24 years

Before training you need to learn how to do a tilt to clean the sides. You can’t take the dumbbells with more weight, because the waist will only increase. I was doing tilts and noticed that progress in reducing the sides not only increase. The result changed when I took less weight and did more reps.

Karina, 23 years

Always take care of their belly and sides. To prevent the growth of the waist is easier than to remove excess. I try to eat as less as possible carbohydrates. Before the summer you should completely remove sweets, you begin to perform the exercises. I like the exercises with the fitball. A great result after strap.

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