Exercises to remove belly fat

Slim waist, nice tight tummy – modern standards of beauty require women to possess all these parameters. However, remove fat from the abdomen and tighten the skin after pregnancy more difficult than we would like. What exercises to do and how to make a program?

What exercises to do to remove belly fat

Before come to study effective options for physical activity, is able to adjust the waist, remove the excess sediment from the sides and tighten the tummy, you need to focus on one condition: any exercise will be useless if you do not deal with the control diet. The wholesome diet is optional, but to review the range of products on the table will have. Proper home training should be of mnogokomponentnye and exercise to remove fat from the abdomen, are selected from several categories:

  • Aerobic. Most important, since only they can start the process of combustion the excess deposits. Ignoring this group of deposits, to lose weight you can’t. Aerobic exercise is essential even for men who prefer longer, do some crunches, but not to jump.
  • Static. Mostly gymnastics – «boat», «birch», «plank», etc. they also carry the «vacuum» – a simple exercise allowed even undergoing cesarean section women.
  • Power. In house conditions it is possible to execute only exercises that do not require a simulator, and presuppose the use of additional weight. Dumbbells are easily replaced bottles with sand/water. Help clean up the stomach, they can almost as effectively as aerobic, but in parallel with this is increasing muscle. With weight loss the number of power loads on the press should be less aerobic.

A girl performs an exercise boat

Exercises for belly tensile

Stretching most women underestimate, perceiving this burden only as to the splits. In fact, the contractility of the abdominal muscles also affects its appearance, so at home exercises to remove belly fat, stretching is also include. It should preferably be carried out after aerobic exercise. Before performing stretching exercises it is recommended to do a series of bending forward and backward: at first at a rapid pace, then with a delay.

Basic stretching exercises effective for cleaning the stomach:

  • To kneel, legs dissolve to a distance the length of a foot or a little wider: you have to catch the balance. Putting his palms on the front of the thigh, start to gently bend backward. To stay in a position where you can feel tension of a stomach. Count to 5, slowly return to the upright position. Repeat 3-5 times. Over time, it is desirable to increase the delay to 15 seconds.
  • Lie on stomach, put hands on floor, elbows at the body. Squeeze the body up to lie has legs from the hip. Try to bend and stretch at the same time, so as not to compress the lower back too much. Hold the position to a burning sensation in the abdomen, then gently return to the horizontal position. Repeat this 4-5 times.

Exercises for stomach torsion

Such exercises are recommended to be performed after aerobic, active pace. Men can do 30 reps, 20-25. The number of sets depends on the stamina of the body. Burning in the loaded muscle, the main landmark. Twist the most effective exercises to quickly remove belly fat:

  • Lying on your back, arms extended over head with hands firmly hold the ball (gymnastic or fitness). Without bending the elbows (they should be soft), to raise the body, reducing the muscles of the abdomen. Stretch the ball forward to the toes and gradually spin back.
  • From the same position, bend the legs, spreading them apart. Slowly raise the upper part of the body, pulling the ribs to the pelvic bones. Outstretched hands several times cpuinit, and then gently take its original position.

Girl doing exercise for the press

Exercises for a flat stomach

Classic pumping press conduct experts do not suggest, because the body fat she affects. It is better to try the following exercises:

  • The lower abdomen helps to remove the lift extended legs are brought together. An important condition – not to bend the lower back, i.e. to move only due to the abdominal muscles. 30 reps.
  • Men the lower part, it is desirable to pump on the bar, i.e. in vis to implement the same raising of the legs or knees up to the chest 5-30 times.
  • To remove the side helps such exercises for the stomach: lie on side, elbow emphasis. Exhaling to pull the body from the feet to the neck diagonally, severing the thigh from the floor. 10 seconds to fall. Repeat 8-10 times and make for the other side.

Exercise to burn belly fat

If the problem of excess volume caused by excess weight, cardio in the first weeks or even months is required. First, a long (about an hour) workout with a stationary bike or jumping, after a given local load. Which need aerobic exercises to remove belly fat? A couple of the best:

  • Active bending forward and to the side, first run points – forward-right-back-left, etc. after 2 minutes the case with the same amplitude, draw a circle. Exercise desirable to perform 5-7 minutes of every day.
  • Within minutes to quickly run in place, pulling knees up to your chest. Next minute doing the same, but bring left knee to right elbow and Vice versa.
  • Squat, focus your palms to the floor, body tilted. Exhaling, take the plank position, then back to regroup and jump up. To perform these actions quickly 1-1.5 minutes.

The girl does running in place

Yoga exercises to reduce belly

A way to get rid of abdominal sediments are predominantly used by men. However, it is desirable first to download aerobic exercise and only after coming to normal weight to perform strength exercises to remove belly fat. The best of them:

  • Pull the post from the vertical position: feet on width of shoulders, the body bends with a flat back.
  • Squats with barbell on shoulders, feet wide apart, feet outward. The knees should be displayed there, otherwise they could be damaged.

Video: effective exercises for slimming the abdomen

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