Exercises for abs for women: the mistakes, correct, workout, video

Ask any qualified coach, and hear what exercises for abs for women the same as for the rest of mankind. The only exception — do not make inclinations in the parties with dumbbells, as they increase the waist. But today this movement no one gives to their customers. In addition to the waist it also can damage the spine, so it’s not always about beauty and aesthetics. In a professional environment movement on the abdominal muscles are divided into static and dynamic. And they work exactly the same way as any other — if there is no progression of the load, but performed some work in flight style, the particular results of the execution should not wait.

Why exercises for abs for women often do not work?

Few people do not know what is the movement of twisting while lying on the floor, bringing the legs to the midline of the body from the same position, different variants of «Bicycle». And few people even get a result from this. Well, except that the lower back can be rubbed and with a sense of accomplishment to end the day. Press shook. Why this is so:

  • during a workout, press you do not cut the muscle enough. As we curl? So that, thinking about how to quickly leave the gym since the move worth it in the end. Or how quickly to move to the main part of the lesson if it in the beginning. In General, we think about anything except the contraction of the muscle. Want something to pump up with traditional exercises? Pinch press at the top of the twisting like you want to «drown» the muscle in the stomach and hold for 3-5 seconds;
  • sorry, but you solve the task not the tools. Most body fat? It makes no sense to curl and lift your legs to exhaustion. The truth is that until you go on a diet, and by «diet» here refers to a balanced diet with a small deficit, no more presses you will have;
  • you completely ignore the static load. And happily it is not necessary to stick to the fact that the bar-which today performs each student. The nature of our presses are intended not to ensure that we in the planochki standing without encumbrances. And in order to move the weight to the back and shoulders, stretched over the head, too. And raised the weight on his chest and put him in his high support. You know, this is the main reason why some athletes weightlifting and gymnastics do not shake the press, and they have it at a high enough weight class. And you shake, and you know, what you press. We are not here to quarrel got out, just until it is a balanced plan of weight training, it is unlikely abdominal in isolation will generally have a meaning;
  • you do the same exercise is usually the easy part, the centrifugal mnogopotochnoy style, and I think that Smoking muscles and will burn fat too. In fact this is not happening, since that same feeling is caused simply by the release of lactate, and not the burning of body fat locally. But this style of training makes the muscles tough, capable, for example, help to wear the backpack for long distances, but…flat and not very elastic. So while the press is swinging without proper resistance, the results can not be expected;
  • you just have too much swing, not allowing the muscles to recover, and working through them under 100 different angles. In the end, a slight but persistent swelling does not give your press to appear.

A progressive range of training at the press for women

Movement, the data in the order in which they should learn. It is necessary to choose one exercise from the first list and one from the second. Do 3-5 movements, swing slant and engage in other artistic initiative is not necessary. Better work on movements that you can not. Know how to do push-UPS? So, here they are, the most effective abdominal exercises for women…

Static stabilization

  1. Conventional strap. Palms under shoulders, toes perpendicular to the floor plane. Tighten hips, abdomen strongly retracted inward, the spine as if «rolled» on the back, but the blades are pivoted and lowered to the pelvis. You need to slightly straighten the natural curve in their lower back by pushing the abdominal wall inside. In this position stand from 30 to 90 seconds. Has reached the upper limit? Go to the next level
  2. Plank with weights. On the back wear a backpack with 3-4 batches of buckwheat, or put a pancake from a bar, if there is scoliosis
  3. Strap unstable. Raise first the right leg and attach it to the side, in the plane of the hips, and then changing sides. Stand in each position and the total time of 30-90 seconds
  4. Plank with hand lift. Accept original position and removes one hand from the floor, my fingers touch the opposite shoulder. Stand the full time change.
  5. Strap with double screen lift hands and feet. Performed all the same, but now in the direction of a designated left foot and right hand is brought to the shoulder. Keep track of the position of the pelvis and shoulders. Distortions in different directions is not permissible.

Dynamic stabilization of classical exercises

  1. A simple twist on the fitball. The ball is positioned under the lower back, the body «hang down» a bit ago. It is necessary not just to raise it perpendicularly, namely, allow the lower ribs to the pelvic bones. This will work only if a strong pull and pinch the abdomen. The legs stand on the floor quietly, will not «go» and make compensating movements. It is very slow, literally 5 accounts up and down. No more than 10-12 reps. If you are tired during this time — stronger muscle grip and draw the belly.
  2. Lunge with twisting forward with the expander. Round expander (looks like a rubber ring, which models itself trying to pump up the buttocks) fixed on a high pedestal, «sasahivi» inside and hands grab at the top. Now otsasyvaet forward so that the rubber is stretched. Step the left leg back , drop down into the lunge, simultaneously causing the rib to the pelvic bone and leaving the arm straight and rigid, perform 10-12 reps with each side


Toe raise to the level of the waist line on the bar

No lying on the back, Roman chairs and other devices for the lazy will not replace the present movement. And it saves time. Total of 6-10 reps per set, and you will feel a press. So, hang on the bar, if the problem with the grip — use straps. First, we are withdrawing the shoulders from the ears and contractible blades to the spine. You should be able to pull your shoulders back, and simultaneously both. This is an important condition for proper posture.

Once the shoulders have gone from the ears, we begin to pull the belly. «Ending» where would he be if we put a very tight belt. And only now pulls the pelvis to the lower ribs. The legs may remain free and prisontime knees. Over time you will learn how to straighten them and pull down the socks, but it is in principle not necessary. As soon as the hips will be parallel to the floor, down the entire structure back. Remove the buildup in the shoulders (scapula to the spine, shoulders back and down), repeat.

Toe raise to the bar

The whole «staging» is the same as in the previous movement. But when the thighs reach parallel with the floor, we need to further involve the stomach and to reduce the muscle so that the socks turned out a little higher and gradually was able to rise to the crossbar. Down from the top point should run smoothly, so that the swinging in of the sides were completely excluded.

Such exercise for weight loss belly and sides is rational to run women no more than 3 times a week, with the specified reps, 3-4 approach.

Abdominal exercises for women: video 5 minutes