Exercise for weight loss at home

To accelerate weight loss and to consolidate the achieved result, by increasing the degree of physical load and stepping on the throat addiction to Goodies. Time for the sport to spare or got sucked into a financial quagmire? Home workouts for weight loss are designed to burn extra weight in familiar surroundings, quickly, cheaply, at the appropriate time.

What exercises help to lose weight

Not every training program in the home can lead to the cherished goal – weight loss. If you only perform exercises aimed at strengthening and growth of the muscle corset, then it may happen that the weight will not go. When the heart rate heart rate, which is the execution of strength exercises, significant weight loss occurs.

In the best case will be to melt away the fat enveloping internal organs, and subcutaneous and remain, very sorry of the body to release stored. Hence the unwavering silence of the arrow in the balance and far from ideal dimensions of the body, muscle mass increases, body fat in a hurry, weight loss stopped. What to do? Here’s what:

  1. Be sure to include a set of exercises for weight loss at home rhythmic gymnastics – aerobics.
  2. Swimming, Jogging, Cycling, disappear, but jumping or dancing exercise, and the music fits well with the theory and practice of losing weight at home.

When aerobic exercise is maintained high speed of the heartbeat for a long time, an increased saturation of the tissues with oxygen, which promotes oxidation and destruction of subcutaneous fat. This cardio, busy exercise for weight loss at home benefits the health of the heart. Plus accelerates a slow metabolism – a common culprit of excess weight gain.

Girls do aerobics

The basic principles and rules of exercising at home

  1. Strict condition for weight loss systematic training. Frequency of exercise is at least 3 times per week with a duration of 15-60 minutes.
  2. If exercise for weight loss include power, cardio perform after them for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Aerobic exercise better for weight loss plan in the morning than in the evening. It speeds up the metabolism for the whole day and on an empty stomach the result is obvious.
  4. Before training mandatory small workout warms up the muscles, kneading the joints.
  5. Exercises for fast weight loss at home efficiently while respecting the rules of nutrition. Advantage is a diet restricted in simple carbohydrates, animal fat, is baked with high-grade flour, sugar and all the gastronomic delights based on it, fatty meats.
  6. Not superfluous will be daily tracking of the energy component of the diet is to start weight loss calorie level should be below the standard (including the individual) of 300-500 kcal.

The girl in the hall on the Mat doing exercise

Complex home exercises for women

Body fat gradually disappear from any point, depending on inherent genetic characteristics of the organism. If you want to simulate, it is advantageous to emphasize certain part of a body, you can strengthen, tighten and help with targeted exercises for weight loss at home. Do not forget about aerobic exercise food rules for weight loss.

Slimming abdomen and sides

A few exercises that will help to accelerate the farewell to fat waist:

  • Portray running in place, helping hands, bent at the elbows, maximum lift your knees to your chest. Movement intense, fast.
  • Lying on stomach, perform the upper arms, cross your legs, placing one foot to another. Torso pull the right in a horizontal position, resting the toes of one foot into the floor. In a fast paced start pushups on your hands.
  • Lie down on the shoulder, the hands crossed on the chest, legs slightly bend in the knee joints. Quickly lift the body of the body towards the feet without touching them. After 5-10 times, put your hands behind your head, bending at the elbows. Repeat the lift of the hull without touching the top of the knees, but with alternate turning right and left.

A girl performs an exercise Strap

For buttocks and thighs

The most problematic in terms of weight loss area of the female body – the buttocks. To create a soft, beautiful shape takes perseverance, because «the fifth point» the slowest amenable to training. Special exercises:

  • Easy – squats. Do it a little differently than you imagine. Spread your legs as if ephemeral sat on a chair, feet slightly apart in the outer direction. The hands connect to the castle, pull out in front of him. With straight back, start deep squats. To work the gluteus Medius, a necessary condition for the deflection in the lower back, buttocks pulling back and up.
  • Attacks. Standing position, feet shoulder width apart, toes straight. Inspiratory set aside one leg back as far as possible, shift your weight to the other leg, do squats arched lower back back and maximally stretched gluteus Maximus. Switch legs.

For arms and shoulders

Slimming the shoulder girdle, arms in the home is achieved by making intensive swings with his hands, using the power of the load. Light exercise for example:

  • Sit on a chair or other stable surface, gently press your bent at the elbows with your hands over the edge. Shift your weight to your hands, lower your upper body down, then lift and repeat. To complicate it is possible to straighten the legs.
  • Raskinte hand in hand at shoulder level, the rotten hand up toward myself, straining muscles, do a few short swings upward, then behind your neck, repeat the exercise.

Girl does push-UPS

For slender legs

Weight loss, providing slender legs shape occurs through a variety of squats, jumps, swings:

  • Squats front lunge: take a side step, sit down, stand up, expand housing 90º, squats with the load on the foot, trapped in front. The second concerns the floor with his knee. Stand up, turn right, repeat in the other direction.
  • Jumping. 20 seconds jump in place (rope –real or imaginary), then back and forth, without a break move on to leg swings: standing on one, the second move to the side and forward (within 30 seconds, repeat with the other.

Bosu workout for men

Severe muscles is a sign of strength and courage, so workouts for home weight loss for men is different from women’s focus on physical exercise, after which be sure of cardio. Nutrition rules are the same, but for the growth of the desired muscle diet should contain vegetable and animal protein foods. Separate groups of muscles is recommended to train at least 2 times a week, otherwise the weight loss comes at the expense of loss not have time to recover muscle fibers.

Video tutorials for beginners

In the video below you will find information about what daily 15-minute exercises for weight loss at home bring more tangible results than many hours of debilitating. What are the nuances you need to consider, such classic exercises like lunges, push-UPS, squats, jumps and other fast led to weight loss and a beautiful, slim, patanatomy body.

How to lose weight quickly at home

The most effective exercises for weight loss at home