Exercise for weight loss arms and shoulders

Women love to show off in front of the mirror, but sometimes it is evident that the muscles of the shoulders and arms has lost its elasticity, and the skin was hanging. You can close your eyes to it, replacing in the wardrobe of revealing clothing, dresses and blouses with long sleeves, but it is better to start by making regular home exercises.

How to lose weight in arms and shoulders

Various rotator cuff exercises for weight loss not only strengthen muscles, but also reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat. Before proceeding to the comprehensive classes, you should know that from the fat layer located in the upper part of the body is not so easy to get rid of. This is due to the fact that women’s hands are less developed than men, since genetically that all the hard work, makes a strong half of mankind.

Some girls are afraid to do exercise for weight loss arms and shoulders, because I think that you should start working with dumbbells, as their feminine hands turn into massive. This fear is groundless: to acquire a strong relief in the upper body, the woman should be to work muscles up to 6 times longer than the male, because it emits small amounts of testosterone, which promotes muscle growth.

A set of exercises for hands

To at home to tighten flabby arm muscles, you need to do an exercise which involves the load on the three main muscle groups: deltoid, triceps, biceps. Problem women that saggy skin hiding fat layer. To obtain good results of weight loss, you need to:

  • strength training combined with a half-hour of aerobic or cardio;
  • to use dumbbells or weights;
  • low fat diet for drying the body, which to eliminate from the ration sweet, flour, grapes and bananas.

You will not achieve good results of weight loss, if you every day to swing the biceps and triceps. Muscles a recovery time of about a day, so training will be enough and three times a week, to figure look most attractive. If the complex of exercises is carried out at home and dumbbells with light weight 1-2 kg not available, then take the plastic bottles, fill them with water and get the weights (1 litre = 1 kg).

Girl with dumbbells

How to make the hands look lean in the gym

In the gym is easy to build muscle, after exercise for weight loss arms and shoulders you can do at the gym. Beautiful humeral belt will allow to create a rowing machine: this is a great option not only for improving hands, but also to maintain the tone of the press. In the process of exercise for weight loss the upper part of the body is minimal load on the ankle, so the legs will not get tired.

To work the biceps on the simulator is called Thrust. In its configuration there is a set of weights. An interesting model of new equipment Climber, the aim of which is to exercise all muscles. Classes for weight loss resemble the process of climbing. For the relief of the biceps and triceps of the best assistants will also be:

  • bars;
  • a Scott bench;
  • block frame;
  • biceps-car.

Exercise for weight loss hands at home

To start any exercise for weight loss shoulders and arms need a workout. Tune in to a workout will help jump rope or running in place. To the upper part of the body to prepare to stress, you need to do some simple exercises, familiar to all from childhood:

  • rotation direct hand in opposite directions at the same time for 15-20 times;
  • the slopes of the body left and right 10-15 times;
  • jumps in one place with the simultaneous strikes of the palms above the head (30-40 seconds).

Girl jumping rope

How to tighten hands

The most effective exercises for the shoulder girdle called the direct and inverse push-UPS. They are performed both with weights and without:

  • Take the emphasis lying down, feet on tiptoes, arms spread wide, but the hand should be at chest level.
  • Lower the body on the floor, slowly bending your elbows.
  • Buttocks keep all the time in tension, pull your stomach, hold your back straight.
  • Do the exercise 10 times for 3 replay.

No less effective are reverse pushups. They need a chair that will be back:

  • Lean on the edge of a chair with your palms so that the thumbs were located inside.
  • Pull the Legs forward, then bending your elbows, inhale lower the pelvis down. On the exhale come back.
  • Do 15 dips repeat 3 – this is the best training for the triceps.

Exercise for weight loss hands without dumbbells

If you are unable to spend much time on special exercises for weight loss arms and shoulders with dumbbells or heavy, every morning exercise that will strengthen the shoulder girdle:

  1. Circular motion. Become straight, feet apart, hands pull on different sides. Do the first 5 spins forward, then 5 spins ago. Do exercise 4 repeat.
  2. Vertical push-UPS. The task is to do push-UPS maximum number of times from the wall. Leaning on the wall with his hands, press your chest. Exercise on the same principle, as from the floor.
  3. Hands behind his head. Stand straight, raise your arms to shoulder level and spread to the sides. At the same time make the brush for the head, then come back. Do this exercise until you feel pain in the shoulders.

Girl does vertical pushups from the wall

Exercises for tightening the arms with dumbbells

To lose weight fast your hands, shoulders and the area of the forearm will help dumbbells:

  1. Push UPS lifting weights. Take in the palm of dumbbells, take a position with an emphasis on socks and knees. The stomach should be tucked up, back straight. Make an exhalation, simultaneously bending your elbows and lowering torso parallel to the floor. On the inhale lift the body backward, straightening the arms. Then on the exhale the barbell to your chest, exhale – put it back on the floor and do push-UPS. Do the exercise 15 times on the two sides of the 2-repeat.
  2. Pulling up a dumbbell. Bend your knees, feet wide, torso to tilt forward with a straight back. Inhale lower the dumbbells down to the knees, as you exhale raise up to the stomach. Do the exercise slowly 25-30 times.
  3. Flexion of the triceps. Lean to 45 degrees, right angle, bend the elbows, let the dumbbells are at the belly. Inhale – bring back the dumbbell, hold for 4 seconds. Exhale – the hands return to the starting posture. Do the exercise 30 times.

Relaxation of the muscles after a workout

Clean up after strenuous workout pain the shoulder girdle will help some relaxation exercises:

  • palm interlock in the lock, lift them over your head, stretch up maximum;
  • with one hand hold the arm, gently pressing it to the chest, then do the same in the other direction;
  • behind the castle interlock hands and stretch to the maximum at the top.

A girl performs an exercise - hands in the castle behind

A set of exercises in the gym

Anyone that wants to look physically attractive, you should combine two types of loads in the gym: power (with additional weight) and insulating (in the gym). For young Athletes it is better to train with an experienced coach, not to get hurt. If not, there are universal exercises that help the comprehensive development of the upper body, especially shoulders and triceps:

  1. Bars. Take the emphasis on direct arms stretched along the body. Bend the elbows, leaning forward to get a 30-degree angle. Elbows while tilting dilute to the sides. Softservices for 3-5 seconds, then make a back (rear) of the trajectory of movements. Do this exercise 5 times.
  2. The bench press. Take the barbell straight handles, narrow grip and slowly lower until it touches the neck chest. Then slowly turn back, not spreading to the side elbows. Do exercise 3 to 5 times.
  3. French press sitting. Seated on a bench, take one dumbbell, grasp it with both hands and lift over head. Then slowly lower your head until it stops, hold for 2-4 seconds, then return the dumbbell back. Do exercise 7-10 times.

Video: how to lose weight in arms and shoulders with elastic band

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