Exercise bike — how to work out to lose weight at home

Exercise bike — how to run to lose weight

Using the exercise bike at home is convenient because it helps you to train all the time and weather, unlike two-wheeled companion. It’s easy to do it by yourself: simply configure the simulator, choosing the right load. It will be useful to know how to engage with the device to lose weight.

The benefits of training on a stationary bike

Home exercise bike set up like a conventional Bicycle. The device brings many benefits due to similar load type is convenient to install and use. There are several varieties of the device – magnetic, belt, elliptical, and a solenoid, but they all have the same effect on the body. The benefits of training on a stationary bike does not depend on the price and type of sports instrument, because it is achieved with regular training.

Will help in losing excess weight instruction how to lose weight with exercise bike home:

  1. Need to engage regularly with a high load level, to pay attention to the resistance level of the pedals.
  2. Should prepare prior to conducting training on a stationary bike, because at low training muscle have pain, stretching the muscles.
  3. For weight loss the perfect setting load will be slightly below average.

Right to pedal smoothly and easily to the exercising woman or man is engaged in actively sweating for at least half an hour. This time you need to initiate the splitting of excess fat. If you put the load above the average, then pedaling will swing the leg that losing weight is not necessary. It is important to maintain the body and force it to waste the calories.

The benefits of home exercise bike is this:

  • the development of the muscles of the lower extremities;
  • improvement of mobility of joints, strength of ligaments, hardening from injury;
  • strengthening the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • increase in overall fitness, increase stamina;
  • helps to lose weight, eliminate cellulite, pumps gluteal muscles;
  • correction, improvement of the proportions of thighs, abdomen;
  • care training to the health of the joints in the knee and the ankle;
  • if you pedal the bike monotone, it calms the nerves.

The girl on the bike and the guy on the treadmill in the fitness club

How to do spinning to lose weight

There are special tips on how to train on a stationary bike to lose weight. This includes the organisation of classes, which helps to avoid errors, prevent injuries and sprains. The basic rules, how to do spinning to lose weight:

  1. Keep the body correctly – the back should be straight, not bent like on the bike. It is important to follow the rules: pay attention to the posture, to be guided by analogy with a seat on the chair.
  2. Before training to adjust the seat height – my knees can’t stick out above the steering wheel and your feet should be easy to stand on the pedals.
  3. If spin class is set to high speed, it is necessary to hold on to the handle.
  4. Need control of breathing is to breathe through the nose, not the mouth. Do not shift your weight on your hands – it is better to keep them relaxed.
  5. To workout is not that efforts were not in vain. The stay may last no longer than 2 minutes.
  6. An easy warm-up before exercise does not hurt – you can squat, rotate the neck, thighs. To finish the training delay to calm heart and normalization of abbreviations.
  7. To engage in sports clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. It can be narrow in that its length does not impinge on the mechanism.
  8. Barefoot pedaling banned it should be done in sneakers or light running shoes.

Devushka on the bike

How to do spinning to lose weight

Interested in the correction concerned with the question: how to do spinning to lose weight. It is possible, but must abide by the rules. As for those who finds out, can I lose weight on a stationary bike at home, doctors and trainers will find tips. For good result you need to abide by the terms. Weight loss home on the treadmill and fat burning possible, but only with a responsible approach and the right distribution of the load:

  1. To result need to exercise for at least half an hour, and a maximum of 40 minutes. at low load level.
  2. For effect you need to properly track the pulse, so that on average no more than 75% of the maximum. The peak load can be calculated as: 220 minus age.
  3. Beginners classes are three times a week, for intermediate level – up to 4 times, and professionals can train 5 times a week.
  4. If the average level is allowed to increase the duration to 45 minutes, and professionals can train with intervals.

Exercise program on a stationary bike for weight loss

Correctly completed training on exercise bike burns excess fat even after finishing – even for a couple of hours. It is better to do at high speeds (35 km/h), because they spend more calories. To combine it with proper nutrition to maintain the results. Workouts start with a warm-up to prepare your body for exercise – squat, bend, pull shoulders, knees.

For beginners there is the entry level program, which is held in a sparing mode. For this lesson, go three times or four times a week at the third hour (but no more than an hour) with an intensity of 60-70% of maximum heart rate. The approximate speed of 50 rotations of the pedals per minute. Try to use an exercise bike: how to do, to lose weight, you need to know and average. The program of this stage consists of 3-5 sessions per week with a duration of 20-45 minutes 70-80% of the readings of the pulse to the maximum. Speed – 60 turns of the pedals per minute.

The girl warming up before a workout

Interval training on a stationary bike

Alternating medium and high load involves interval training on a stationary bike. It helps hard to burn fat than classic cardio. After the interval load the body loses weight harder fat is burned in for 2 days. For beginners, interval training consists of alternating 20 seconds of high speed 1 minute average.

The average level of preparedness corresponds to the program 2-3 minutes to warm up, 25-35 minutes alternate intervals with a minute of increased pace and 2 minutes in slow, 2-3 minutes to stretch. After the warm-up training begins with a five-minute pedaling in slow motion with a gradual increase of speed. So my knees and joints get used to the load and not get injured.

Bike: contraindications

To correctly use an exercise bike losing weight, contraindications should be remembered by all. This:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • unstable pressure;
  • thrombophlebitis or varicose veins;
  • diseases of the joints, injuries of the legs, back;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Oncology;
  • a lot of extra pounds.

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